Friday Means Doug Robinson and Temple Grandin

DOUG ROBINSON WANTS TO BE OUR NEXT GOVERNOR! And he's on today to talk about the issues facing Colorado.  Find out more about Doug by clicking here.

TEMPLE GRANDIN KNOWS ABOUT INVENTING STUFF Because she invented her "hug box" when she was just 18.  She's got a new book out that is a call to arms for budding inventors and those who think inventing isn't for them.  She joins me today at 3 to discuss it, buy it here

WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE GOVERNMENT REGULATES THE WEB?  Just go to the EU where new rules about privacy and customer data have lead many websites to simply shot down in Europe completely.  If you visit many media sites you get a "sorry, you can't see this" message rather than the companies dealing with the new onerous restrictions.  Think of how bad they must be for companies to decide that locking out 500 million people is the BETTER option.  

CAN ESPN COME BACK FROM THE DITCH? Depends on who you ask.  I remember when I was in college my guy friends would watch the SAME episode of Sports Center three times in a row.  Now with the internet, you can just pull up that amazing highlight on your phone.  Coupled with ESPN's unfortunate foray into (mostly liberal) politics it's been a disaster for the network.  This article says they have turned the corner and are now making a comeback.  Good for them, but I just don't care anymore if they do or not. 

FREE SPEECH CONSERVATIVES HAVE BECOME THE OPPRESSORS WHEN IT COMES TO THE ANTHEM And David French at the NYTimes takes them to task over it.  I agree with him wholeheartedly.  That's not to say you can't take your marbles and go home rather than supporting athletes with whom you disagree, but demanding people be fired or leave the country over what they say is simply totalitarian and conservatives and President Trump should be ashamed of themselves.  

NORTH KOREA IS ALREADY BACKTRACKING AND SAYING WHOOPSIE After President Trump cancelled the upcoming summit over the nonsense and bluster coming from the rogue regime North Korea quickly and immediately began backtracking and saying they were ready to talk if the US were willing.  For all his incompetence over foreign policy, Trump seems to be winning this diplomacy thing.  

HARVEY WEINSTEIN IS FACING CHARGES And they perp walked him this morning in New York City.  Not that anyone feels sorry for him for being perp walked because I think he might actually be more hated than Donald Trump at this point.  This trial should be an absolute circus and there is a zero percent chance he isn't convicted.  Sorry Harvey, you shouldn't have been such a scumbag! 


I KNEW MY COMPLETE PARANOIA ABOUT ALEXA WAS WARRANTED An Amazon Echo recorded a families' conversation and then sent it to a person in their contacts list.  WHAT???  Amazon says this was a total fluke that occurred when the family HAPPENED to utter the correct series of commands to make it happen.  I'm not so sure.  As for now, no Alexa for me. 

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT LOST 1,475 CHILD ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS You read that right, and lest you think it's because of the overwhelming number of children they were dealing with, it's not.  They were only dealing with 7,000-plus children.  And THEY LOST 1,475 OF THEM.  I'm guessing that some of them weren't the "children" we've been lead to believe, and have simply evaporate into the diaspora.  But some of them are children, and where are they?  

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE DOUGHBOY STATUE IN MANITOU SPRINGS?  There is no plaque.  I know because I looked for it once.  I was not so motivated to dig and find out who that statue was based on or honors, but this man did and it's really cool. 

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