Starbucks is a Homeless Persons Paradise now.

GREAT, NOW ROBOTS ARE GROWING OUR BODY PARTS And they are doing so way faster than scientists can.  We're going to owe them big if they can grow a liver we need lickity split.  It's a real thing.  Read it all here.

I'M READY TO TALK ABOUT FRIDAY'S SCHOOL SHOOTING And I waited until today because I really wanted to LISTEN to the conversations that began on Friday and are still continuing.  I've heard pretty much everything being blamed for our current situation and I've heard pretty much EVERY solution offered, from guards in schools, to complete gun confiscation.  But you know what I haven't heard?  No one is talking about the spiritual desert that these kids are being brought up in.  God matters and God could provide something for these lost and disenfranchised kids who are shooting up schools.  And I'm going to talk about it.

TRUMP IS GETTING ANSWERS FROM THE DOJ About whether or not there was a specific political motive to the FBI's decision to insert an informant into his campaign.  I'm not sure why the FBI has decided to cave now, as they have been fighting any kind of Congressonal oversight for some time now, but I do find it interesting when the Washington Post throws this caveat in:

That could be viewed as something of a concession from the Justice Department, which had been reluctant to turn over materials on the source to GOP lawmakers demanding them. But it also could be a bureaucratic maneuver to buy time and shield actual documents. (emphasis mine)

Got that?  The FBI could be conceding, but they could just be stalling to hide documents.  Shield, hide, is there really a difference?  Here is a story by the NY Post that isn't as complete at the WaPo story, but it's not behind a paywall. 

IS THIS THE END OF STARBUCKS AS WE KNOW IT?  The decision to open Starbucks to anyone, including non-customers, seems like it could be a real problem, especially in big cities.  If you've ever been to the Downtown Denver branch of the public library, you understand what I'm talking about.  Homeless people need a place to use the bathroom and bath in the sinks, I get it.  But they are also injecting drugs and passing out drunk in the library. Is Starbucks inviting this into their stores?  I think so, especially in highly populated urban areas.  The real kicker is now Starbucks has put it's modestly paid baristas in the position of having to ask those people, who may be drunk or on drugs, to leave.  If the people won't, they are supposed to call the cops.  Regular visits by the police will certainly disrupt the vibe, don't you think?  Seems to me they should have asked themselves why the customer only policy was in effect in the first place.  And I'm wondering if the same open door policy is in effect at Starbucks Corporate Headquarters, pictured below?  I doubt it.

Starbucks Corporate Headquarters

Starbucks Corporate Headquarters

DOES THIS MEAN I'M TWICE AS LIKELY TO NOT DIE?  I can't live without eggs.  I eat a LOT of eggs.  At least two EVERY day.  And now I know that Chinese people who eat at least an egg a day are far less likely to have a heart attack or stroke.  What does this mean for me?  I have no idea but I'm going with I'm at least twice as healthy as Chinese people who eat one egg a day.  

PROJECT VERITAS EXPOSES THE OHIO TEACHERS UNION AND IT'S UGLY If you haven't watched the latest videos by Project Veritas, you really, really should be.  And you should be asking the wonderful teachers in your child's school who blindly support teachers unions to watch it too.  Just watch this. Then go here for more.  

TRUST ME, MY KID IS COMPLETELY SAFE FROM THIS SITUATION Are clean freaks putting their children in danger?  A new landmark study by a leading pediatric leukemia specialist says that keeping kids cocooned in ultra clean homes away from other kids and other germs could actually trigger pediatric leukemia. 

YES MS-13 IS FULL OF ANIMALS.  DENNIS PRAGER BREAKS DOWN WHY IT'S OKAY TO SAY THAT. I am a full on Dennis Prager Fan Girl and this column simply illustrates why.  

NO MORE AMAZON FOR YOU! It was only a matter of time.  Once Amazon crushed all retail shopping with their free shipping and free returns, now the hammer drops.  It's already started as some shoppers Amazon has deemed "Return Happy" have now been banned from  I am now terribly worried that this could be in my future.  I have to believe that my final balance at the end of the year does buy me some goodwill in this department. 

BIG LOVE TO THE CU BOARD OF REGENTS FOR PROTECTING FREE SPEECH! They are actually working out how to codify into their bylaws the notion that ALL speech should be treated equally and fairly on college campuses.  I LOVE this and hope it spreads to other Boards as well. 

I LOVE THEME PARK RIDES!  Orlando has some REALLY cool rides coming in the next year or so, read about the nerdiness and fun here.


HOW BEING IN FOSTER CARE SHAPED THIS FORMER FOSTER CHILD'S CONSERVATISM This column shows two things.  How one person can shape the way a child sees him or herself simply by telling them they are in charge, and how little it takes to make a kid feel safe and loved, even temporarily.  This is fantastic

AND NOW, YOUR SORT OF HEARTWARMING STORY OF THE YEAR About a paramedic who gave a Tweety bird CPR and brought it back to life?  Sort of.  

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