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CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER IS ON AT 3 For another edition of "Please Tell Me I'm Right" with Charles Harrington Elster.  It's all about words and language and you can email me your questions to!

WHY IS A GUY GETTING ABUSED BY HIS WIFE FUNNY? This story about a PGA golfer being attacked by his wife is getting a lot of play on social media.  And a lot of people are making fun of Lucas Glover by saying things like, "I'd hate to see what he looks like if he comes home late" or some such stupidity.  This story is about a man being abused by his wife.  It's not funny.  The reaction demonstrates that there is a clear double standard when it comes to how we view abused women and abused men.  And it's wrong. 

STOP SAYING YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL WHEN YOU ARE CLEARLY NOT We have created a situation in the US with our obsessive focus on our own mental health.  Now people who are suffering temporary depression or struggle with anxiety rush to talk about their "mental illness".  Stop it.  You may have a mental health ISSUE, but you are NOT mentally ILL.  The distinction matters a LOT and this outstanding article from The Heritage Foundation should be required reading for anyone interested in true mental illness.  

SHOULD BASEBALL JUST GIVE IN TO THE ROBOT OVERLORDS?  Dave the Intrepid was talking about this the other day.  Baseball just needs to adopt the strike zone technology the tv stations use, tweak it a bit and let a robot call balls and strikes.  Does it ruin the game?  Not hardly.  


FOR PEOPLE WHO WISH TO LIMIT FREE SPEECH, HOW ABOUT THIS? An Austrian man is now in jail for owning bottles of wine with Hitler on the label. That is called "glorifying Nazism" and it's punishable by jail time in Austria.  Is this what the PC police want here?  

LIKE TO LISTEN TO A POLICE SCANNER?  TOO BAD NOW.  Police are trying to keep bad guys from listening to police scanners so they are using encryption to encode their broadcasts from end to end.  Is this the end of a hobby for many?  And how long before the bad guys simply get their hands on the encrypted scanners?  

AMERICANS ARE HAPPY WITH THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING And new polling data has to have some politicians worried.  Which is sad because Democrats need people to be very unhappy with Trump so they can win.  And yet, here we are, from Gallup:

Satisfaction now exactly matches the historical average of 37% dating back to Gallup's initial measurement of this question in 1979. On an annual basis, the percentage satisfied has been below 30% each year since 2005, including 27% in 2017.

YOU WON'T BE SITTING AROUND DURANGO ANYTIME SOON As Durango grapples with how to deal with homelessness they've passed a ban on sitting on the sidewalks or lying down in the downtown area.  This is squarely aimed at homeless people, but what is a city supposed to do?  

DAVE IS 100% #TEAMDB DB Cooper stole a bunch of money and then jumped out of an airplane and disappeared.  The mystery of who he really was and what happened to him is one of the late 20th centuries greatest stories.  Now one publisher says he knows who the real DB was.  And he's dead now after living to a ripe old 80 years old. 


WHY PEOPLE DON'T TRUST THE MEDIA, PART #455665 This is so ridiculous and I'm guessing that not ONE of these very prominent news outlets will correct what they got terribly wrong.  President Donald Trump was asked as a meeting about the gang MS-13.  He responded harshly about these horrible people by saying this:

“We have people coming into the country, or trying to come in — we’re stopping a lot of them.  You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people, these are animals, and we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before.”

He was referring to gang members of MS-13, one of the most violent gangs in the world.  But the media said he was talking about "illegal immigrants".  Which defies explanation.  

THE FACTS ABOUT FACT CHECKERS Are explained nicely in this column on as they introduce their own Fact Checking site.  

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