Forced Pooling, Rand Paul and Queen.

THERE ARE SOME CHANGES TO FORCED POOLING After this last legislative session anyway.  Tracee Bentley from the Colorado Petroleum Council joins me at 3 to talk about how this bill will affect mineral rights owners when it comes to forced pooling.  

RAND PAUL IS CALLING THE BLUFF OF SO-CALLED FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS Rand Paul's "Penny Plan" has been around since he was a candidate.  He puts it forth every year, and it gets no play every year.  This year, however, it will be debated on the floor of the Senate.  What is the "Penny Plan"?  It would balance the federal budget by 2023.  It involves freezing spending until we balance it, but he's worked out all the details for you. reports on it for you

WHY DO WE CARE ABOUT YANNY VS LAUREL?  If you missed the great "What Color Is This Dress" debate a couple of years ago, I've got a new way to waste you time.  We will play a sound bite for you today.  You will hear it as "Yanny" or "Laurel".  Which one?  It's up to you.

I HEART THIS OLD BATTLE AXE The World's Oldest Person is a 128 year old woman in Russia.  How has she managed to live this long?  She says it's punishment after her long life of not a single happy day.  At least she's honest.  

MEN IN THEIR 30s ARE HAVING TROUBLE IN THE BEDROOM At levels really not seen before.  HALF of men in that age group are having trouble with Mr. Happy and they blame stress and too much booze.  I blame the fact that we have told men they need to be more like women for so long that now it's affecting them in the bedroom.  

COMMON CORE MATH IS NOSEDIVING ACHIEVEMENT LEVELS And let this be a lesson to everyone who thinks the federal government has the answers to anything educational.  Common Core wasn't even tested before it was rolled out, and now new test scores from California show CLEARLY that Common Core isn't just NOT helping students, it's actually caused a DROP in test scores.  Common Core has successfully hidden it's failures by simply dumbing down the standards and then bragging about how many student now meet them.  Terrific.  

EVEN WHILE HIDING FROM NAZIS, THERE WERE DIRTY JOKES And they've been uncovered in Anne Frank's diary.  She tried to hide them by pasting brown adhesive paper over them, but with new technological advances, we now know she was just like any other teenager.  

BILLIONAIRE TOM STEYER IS BRING HIS IMPEACHMENT DOG AND PONY SHOW TO DENVER That's right, he can't win elections so he's going for impeachment. Today you can join him for what promises to be a bunch of people whining about how MEAN Trump is and how he needs to be impeached for....uh...something or other.  This as Steyer is still trying to back away from his comments calling Trump Hitler. 

WHEN WILL THE US PRESS STOP BELIEVING HAMAS?  Hamas has dropped the charade they usually hide behind when they foment violence with Israel so they can use their killing incompetence as a PR move. A Hamas leader admitted on Arab television that 50 of the 62 Palestinians killed were members of Hamas.  But that will be news to anyone working in the US media, where Israel is accused of genocide for defending it's own borders against an attack by Hamas.  This is by a reporter for the Telegraph:


Hamas also confirmed that they refused a shipment of Israeli medical supplies. "These trucks carrying these medical supplies are covered with Palestinian blood," spokesman said.  Comes as Gaza hospitals are pleading for supplies to treat the wounded.

SEGREGATION IS BACK AT EVERGREEN COLLEGE As the Social Justice Warriors are having their own No-Whites-Allowed events to show people how wrong segregation is.  No wait, that can't be it.  Because they are segregating themselves.  So why are they doing it?  I'm honestly not sure.  But it's happening! 

IF YOU'VE EVER DREAMED OF BECOMING A CHEERLEADER, I'VE GOT THE SCHOOL FOR YOU! A school in New Jersey responded to an angry parent who complained when her daughter didn't make the cheerleading team.  Now ANYONE who wants to be a cheerleader need only show up!  You're on the team!  Can't cheer?  No worries!  Can't tumble?  Not a problem.  Two left feet?  Okey dokey!  To say that the girls who did make the team are not happy is an understatement.  

PLEASE TALK TO EVERY KID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS STUPID DEADLY SO-CALLED GAME It's known as the "fainting" game or the "choking" game and it's got to stop.  A Utah boy is dead after trying to make himself ALMOST pass out by choking, only he didn't stop in time and now he's dead.  One of my very best friends buried her son when he was 14 because of this horrible, idiotic and stupid thing.  Please help spread the word because these deaths happen in waves.  

Y'ALL, REALLY?  DO YOU NEED TO DROP YOUR EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE AT UNION STATION? If you do, you can starting Friday.  It's part of an art installation designed to bring mental health the forefront.  



BOULDER PASSES A STUPID ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN WHICH IS ALMOST CERTAINLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL And now they get to figure out how to enforce it.  But hey, at least the Boulder City Council gets to codify it's moral posturing into law!  Expect a legal challenge as soon as possible.  

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