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THE PALESTINIANS ARE DYING THROWING A FIT RATHER THAN COMING TO THE TABLE I'm sorry the Palestinians are living as conquered peoples.  I'm sorry they want to return to land that is now Israel, and I'm sorry they don't have a true homeland of their own.  But the events of the last few weeks, where Palestinians are massing on the border of Gaza and Israel with the intent of doing harm make me pity them less and ask more frequently why they squander the considerable foreign aid on weapons and tunnels rather than creating an economy.  But I can't claim to understand a people who bring their children to the front lines of this in the hopes they will be killed and can be used as propaganda.  I'm sure if ANY overtures had been made about seeking a peaceful solution, we would be seeing something constructive.  But as Hamas doesn't believe Israel even has a right to exist, this is what we get instead.  

I'M PRETTY OKAY WITH THE NOTION OF A ROBOT CARETAKER WHEN I'M OLD Of course the robots will have taken over by then and I'll be forced to serve THEM, but this story intrigues me.  After being involved with the care of my father in the last year of his life, I know it takes a LOT to take care of someone with health issues at the end of their lives.  And though most of his nurses were wonderful, some were NOT.  At least robots will never be grumpy, they won't get sick of the same stories and there would always be enough of them.  Mark me down with this idea.  

THE MEDIA LANDSCAPE IS CHANGING AND TV IS NOW IN THE CROSS HAIRS Before anyone accuses me of hiding this obvious fact, I work in a medium in competition for television ad dollars.  That being said, I still find it interesting that from the outside looking in, I don't see a lot of innovation happening when it comes to television advertising as of late.  I'm not talking about clever commercials, those will always be a thing.  I'm talking about how to get me to WATCH tv commercials.  I don't watch anything live except sports, and sometimes I start a game late on purpose so I can fast forward through the spots.  I DVR everything and skip the commercials.  And I'm not alone, as fewer eyes because of increased competition is creating an unfavorable trend right now.  

THE SUPREME COURT JUST MADE IT EASIER TO LOSE MONEY GAMBLING ON SPORTS Because they knocked down a law that was designed to prevent the spread of sports betting.  The unintended effect of this law was the rise of off shore betting sites online.  Now, you bet your money with American company! 

IF PRIVATE CITIZENS CAN DO IT, PRISONERS SHOULD NOT BE DOING IT. I heard this story this morning on KOA and got irritated.  The tolling authority for E-470 is outsourcing license plate verification to prisoners.  The logic is that E-470 "ran out of room" to bring on more people to do this, so they hired prisoners who will work remotely.  I'm sorry, what?  Prison labor should not be used outside the prison.  Period.    

BUT WHAT DID THEY DO TO GET PUNISHED MORE FREQUENTLY?  Following on the heels of our conversation with Heather MacDonald about this very issue, Boulder County is making adjustments to how punishment is meted out to Hispanic students after there was shown to be a large disparity in how many times Hispanic kids were suspended and referred to police.  


SUPERMAN COULDN'T SAVE HER FOREVER And Christopher Reeves' Lois Lane is dead.  Margot Kidder is dead at 69 after a long struggle with bipolar disorder.  

HERE IS HEATHER MACDONALD ON HOW POLITICAL CORRECTNESS WILL HURT SCIENCES She referenced this in our interview last week, but she really lays it out here.  And it may be the only thing that holds back the Robot Apocalypse.  

OH MY GOSH I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME But apparently I was not the only one who say Donald Glover's "This is America" and wasn't impressed.  I thought it was a really self conscious attempt to show how blase we are about death and violence.  Maybe it's because that's not my America.  But here are some other people who weren't dazzled either.  

AND NOW, WHAT IF BABIES COMPETED IN THE OLYMPICS?  It's super cute, that's what.

HERE ARE SOME DISGUSTING THINGS ABOUT YOUR FOOD YOU SHOULD KNOW Because I can't be the only one to know them.  As Dave says, ignorance is bliss on this stuff.  Spoiler Alert: YOU'RE EATING BUGS!  BUGS I TELL YOU

10 NIFTY WAYS I WOULD PROBABLY KILL MYSELF Also called 10 Most Amazing Vehicles. 


NOW YOU GET TO PAY MORE TO SEND YOUR GARBAGE TO THE LANDFILL I know this is behind a paywall, but people should read it.  From the article:

U.S. recycling programs took off in the 1990s as calls to bury less trash in landfills coincided with China’s demand for materials such as corrugated cardboard to feed its economic boom. Shipping lines eagerly filled containers that had brought manufactured goods to the U.S. with paper, scrap metal and plastic bottles for the return trip to China.

As cities aggressively expanded recycling programs to keep more discarded household items out of landfills, the purity of U.S. scrap deteriorated as more trash infiltrated the recyclables. Discarded food, liquid-soaked paper and other contaminants recently accounted for as much as 20% of the material shipped to China, according to Waste Management Inc.’s estimates, double from five years ago.

The entire recycling racket is collapsing and you'll be paying more to help create a product no one wants to buy.  

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