You Should Know This About the Iran Deal

WHAT, EXACTLY, DID WE WALK AWAY FROM IN THE IRAN DEAL? You will be surprised on how much was left to Iran's own devices in this deal.  My guest today Tzvi Kahn is a senior Iran Analyst at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and he joins me to explain the deal and whether or not walking away was a good idea.  He's on at 2.  His most recent article about the Israel theft of Iranian nuclear intelligence is here

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, YOU MOTHERS OUT THERE!  Enjoy your weekend and day of adoration and then it's back to the same old mom grind Monday.  

BEN SHAPIRO TRULY IS THE VOICE OF YOUNG CONSERVATIVES And if older conservatives want to get a handle on why some many young people lean way left and how to bring them back into the fold, this is required reading.  He does a brilliant job explaining what motivates the Millenials versus what motivated older voters in this last election.  Spoiler alert: it's partially the idealism of youth.  But it's more than that.  This generation is actually heeding the lessons of character they've had drilled into them since birth.  They want it, and they want to know they can vote in a way that demonstrates their compassion for other people.  Shapiro also offers VERY simple ways to discuss the underpinnings of small government conservatism in a way that puts people FIRST, not policy.  No one cares about policy victories unless you can explain why they are good for people.  It's a fantastic column.  

THE NEW GOOGLE AI IS FREAKY AND WEIRD AND THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF MANKIND Okay so maybe I'm a BIT hyperbolic, but have you seen this video?  

Will this replace actual human beings?  Some.  I want to know what happens when Hollywood types tee off on their Google Assistant.  Does it call Robot HR?  

IS THE FBI TRYING TO HIDE A SPY INSIDE THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN?  Kimberly Strassel at the Wall Street Journal makes a pretty compelling case for it, and she even states that she's pretty sure she knows who the source was but she hasn't been able to confirm it.  Yet.  If the FBI put someone into the campaign, they need to demonstrate NOW the WHY behind it.  Because it's unprecedented if it's true.  If they DID have a spy in the campaign, it raises further questions about why it's taking so long to prove Russian collusion by the Mueller team.  Good news though, Devin Nunes is pushing hard for disclosures and is finally getting them.  Rod Rosenstein is insane claiming that Congress doesn't have any right to oversee the FBI's work, but if he wants to make that argument on a Separation of Powers argument, fine.  Give what the FBI has to the White House then.  

THERE ARE THINGS YOU JUST DON'T SAY OUT LOUD WHEN YOU ARE A WH AIDE And this time it was a flippant comment about John McCain was "dying anyway" in reference to Gina Haskell's nomination for the CIA.  Not cool.  You can think it all you want, but don't say it out loud.  

THIS COLLEGE STUDENT DEMONSTRATES WHAT A CHILDISH MELTDOWN LOOKS LIKE.  IN HER UNDERWEAR. The college class was called PMA 3815 Acting in Public: Performance in Everyday Life.  The class seems to be designed to help students better present themselves in everyday situations to assist them in connecting and being successful in life.  Here is the course description:

Telling jokes to a friend, making introductions, guiding meetings large and small, constructing and delivering business presentations, legal arguments or formal speeches are all examples of public performances.  The purpose of this course is to increase the student’s effectiveness in meeting the demands and enjoying the opportunities of public performance.  The focus of this course is the student him/herself. What are the hallmarks of effective performance and how can you learn them? Employing techniques from actor/director training as well as dramatic writing, this course focuses the student on their own resources and self-imposed restrictions as a public speaker in everyday life. Subjects explored will include stage presence, audience connection, stage fright and mannerisms, speech making as storytelling, and gaining familiarity and finding comfort with one’s own voice and gestures.  Public speaking will be taught as a craft that can be learned through understanding and practice.Acting skill and experience are not required to take this course.   Students must, however, be willing to attend all classes and learn by doing.  Class size limited to 12 students. (EP)

One student didn't take kindly to the professor commenting that her short shorts and tshirt may not project the image she wanted to project for her thesis.  In response, the child left the room and came back and did her practice presentation in her underwear.  To tear down the patriarchy or something.  In a class taught by a woman.  This poor dear is going nowhere fast if she hopes to work in corporate America someday.  

GROWN WOMAN TATTLES ON A GROWN MAN'S AEROSMITH JOKE AND NOW HE'S IN TROUBLE This story is so stupid.  There was a conference of academicians somewhere and a bunch of them got in an elevator together.  One woman was pushing all the buttons and asked where everyone was going.  One guy used the all "ladies lingerie" line from this video.

She tattled on him to the International Studies Association who was leading the conference. They investigated this egregious breach and ordered him to write an "unequivocal apology".  He refused.  Good grief.  

IS KANYE WEST LETTING BLACK PEOPLE ADMIT THEY DON'T LIKE THE PLANTATION? And of course I'm speaking of the rhetorical Democrat Plantation, where African Americans are taken for granted by the Democrat Party as long as they keep enough black people dependent on the government in some way.  New polling data shows support for Trump, while still meager among black people, is rising.  In my many years on the radio, I have spoken with many African-American conservatives who keep their views to themselves lest they be ostracized by family and friends.  I do not for a second think that black people are looking to Kanye West to tell them who to like or not like, but perhaps his recent comments supporting more independent thinking in the black community has allowed black folks to feel COMFORTABLE coming out in support of Trump.  I think the popularity of the African-American duo Diamond and Silk and their unabashed support of Trump is also a good part of the new freedom to think differently.  Just a thought.  

DO WE NEED AN ISLAND JUST FOR WOMEN?  APPARENTLY, BECAUSE WE HAVE ONE NOW I'm not gonna lie, if I could go to an island where the women were all dressed up like the chick Army in Wonder Woman and we could ride horses and sword fight and stuff, I'd be down.  But I don't think that's on the agenda for the new Finnish island resort of Supershe.  Yep, a resort JUST for women.  And let's just say the Finnish nanny staters are NONE too happy with this inequity.  The most important part of this whole story is how the founder rips Finland apart for being so business unfriendly.  Why?  Because of it's overwhelming political correctness on equality.  

PREDICTION: STARBUCKS BATHROOMS IN BIG CITIES WILL SOON BE UNUSABLE Because reactionary bleeding heart CEO Howard Schultz is opening ALL the bathrooms to ALL the people!  You know longer have to be a customer, now you can a homeless person who wants to shoot drugs, or bathe in the sink, or have sex!  This should end well. 


I'VE BEEN SHUFFLING CARDS WRONG MY ENTIRE LIFE And I wonder if you have too.  Thankfully, there is this rather thorough article delineating the exact number of times you need to shuffle to achieve precise shuffling perfection.  

DEMOCRATS HATE FEDERALISM BECAUSE IT ERODES THEIR POWER So they try to federalize things over which the federal government has no justification for controlling.  States currently can decide who labor markets work within their borders.  Some states are friendly to unions, but many more states are adopting Right To Work laws which undermine the coercive abilities of unions.  Now a group of the hardest Left Senators are working to make Right to Work laws illegal at the federal level.  Because they want unions to be able to FORCE you to pay dues and prevent you from freely setting your wages for yourself.  

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