Bye Bye Iran Deal and the NY AG is a total scumbag.

TRUMP JUST BOWED OUT OF THE IRAN DEAL And as we just watched his press conference I can't answer the question of what comes next.  Except I'm guessing John Kerry hurled a tennis racket through his tv.  Trump gave an extremely Presidential speech and I'm grateful he stayed on prompter.  

HOLY HYPOCRITES, BATMAN, THE #METOO ATTORNEY GENERAL FROM NEW YORK IS A SCUMBAG This story is unreal.  Eric Schneiderman, the now former Attorney General of New York, has been a champion for the #metoo movement.  He's an aggressive anti-Trumper and has used his office to file lawsuits against oil and energy companies to signal his moral superiority.  And now he's accused of four women that he dated of physical abuse.  Non consensual rough sex, if you must.  He's also accused by a different former girlfriend of West Indian descent of demanding she call him "Master" as he called her "brown slave".   How many more scumbags are lurking in the ranks of the seemingly "woke" liberals?  I have said before those guys who are all in for 3rd wave feminism are either just crying to get laid or have plausible deniability.  

CDOT'S MICHAEL LEWIS IS ON AT 3PM.  I've got some questions about rocks flying on our roads but you can ask yours by emailing me at

WHAT WAS THE WORST FIELD TRIP YOU'VE EVER BEEN ON?  Two of my close childhood friends and I were chatting and the subject of field trips came up.  One of my friends went on a field trip to the State Mental Hospital with her girl scout troop.  When I was in high school my criminal justice class went to Florida State Prison and visited Death Row.  Some adult thought that was a good idea.  What were some of your loser field trips?  

EXPECT A TWEET ABOUT HOW THIS IS THE BEST MOST BEAUTIFUL SQUARE EVER SOON  The Mayor of Jerusalem is naming the square near the American embassy in Jerusalem the " "United States Square in honor of President Donald Trump."  THIS SQUARE IS HUGELY THE BEST! 

DAVE RANTS ABOUT THE NEWS MAY HAPPEN TODAY And I think Dave may have hit his head because he wants to defend Hillary about this story and *GASP* Tom Brady about this one.  

THIS STORY IS JUST WOW.  JUST WOW.  A woman was scheduled to be married when she and her fiance went on a canoe adventure.  During that adventure, they were attacked by a crocodile and her arm was bitten off.  And yet, she still got married five days later.  With no arm.  Dude.  

WE REALLY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THE BODY IS CAPABLE OF in terms of who some people can recover from devastating injuries that may kill someone else.  Like a 13 year old boy who died, was in a coma and then woke up as his parents were getting ready to donate his organs.  He's now fully recovering.  


HILLARY VOTERS LONG FOR THE GOOD OL DAYS OF 1968 At least that's what recent polling seems to show.  What this really shows is that there are a good number of people on both sides who are only happy when their team is in charge.  I'm not saying I don't understand why, but it does seem to be a bit pouty.  

MY BAD, JOHN KERRY'S EGO IS BIGGER THAN HIS CHIN I compared them evenly yesterday when I talked out egomaniac John Kerry's shadow diplomacy with the Iranians.  But now we have a story which alleges that Mr. Kerry, Private Citizen, told Mahmoud Abbas to simply buy time with the Trump administration until He, Mr. Kerry, could ascend to the Presidency and solve the Middle East's problems from the Oval office.  

MAYOR HANCOCK'S KID ACTED LIKE A JERK BUT THE "COMMUNITY" DOESN'T NEED A LESSON Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's 22 year old son is a real piece of work.  He got pulled over and hit the cop with the old "my dad's the f*****g mayor" and then followed up by calling the officer a fornicating gay slur.  How charming.  His father taught him well about how to handle an interaction with authority after he allegedly broke the law.  The kid got a ticket after yelling he was going to get the cop fired.  My favorite part of this whole story though is the Mayor's BS tweet of apology. 

We've addressed our son's behavior at a traffic stop w/him. He's apologized to the officer. While we don't support nor condone his inexcusable actions & words, we love our son dearly & will work w/him to turn a personal mistake into a valuable lesson for himself & the community.

Your son acted like a complete ahole.  HE NEEDS to learn a valuable lesson.  The community just learned that your son believes he's above the law because his dad is the Mayor of Denver.  I wonder where he got that idea?  


THAT GREEN ROOF INITIATIVE PROVES NOT EVERY CITIZEN INITIATIVE IS WELL THOUGHT OUT The city of Denver is finding out that the citizen run ordinance to require greenery on the roofs of new buildings is really, really hard to implement.  Why?  It jacks up costs on many, many people and makes new building super expensive.  Can they fix it?  They are going to try

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