Michael Flynn got Jammed Up By The FBI

MICHAEL FLYNN GOT RAILROADED BY THE FBI At least that's how it seems to me after reading this very thorough analysis by Andrew McCarthy at National Review.  This editorial in the Wall Street Journal puzzles the question I have, which is why did Michael Flynn plead guilty when the FBI had no case against him? Was it spare his son from the harsh glare of the investigation? (The FBI was sniffing around him too) Was it because he didn't have the funds to fight?  (He should have taken the Andrew McCabe GoFundMe route) This is a mystery but at a bare minimum demonstrates how the FBI has been shaking people down and getting them to plea to crimes they did not commit.  Hardly seems like a fair and impartial FBI to me.  But who do we call to investigate the investigators?  Where's Matlock when you need him?  

I HAVE A LISTENER WITH A MESSAGE YOU NEED TO HEAR IF YOU ARE DRINKING TOO MUCH And I hope everyone has a few minutes at 3pm to hear Roman and Charity Maddix story.  I don't normally (because I get a thousand requests to do so, so please don't ask me to share yours) share GoFundMe pages but I feel very connected to this story and you'll understand why at 3.  Here is the family's GoFundMe page. 

SOME ILLINOIS COUNTIES ARE FIGHTING STUPIDITY WITH LAWLESSNESS Some rural Illinois counties have declared themselves gun law sanctuary counties.  Several counties have decided to make the declaration as a way to tell the Illinois legislature that they simply won't comply if any more gun laws are passed in the state.  They might have the Constitution on their side (that remains to be seen) but if we are a rule of law nation, we can't have this going on.  


Who Is the Real Enemy?

Who Is the Real Enemy?

MORE PROOF THAT HYPNOSIS WORKS FOR YOUR HEALTH! Medical doctors and major hospital groups are now using hypnosis to treat a wide variety of gastrointestinal disorders like IBS, Colitis and even Crohn's disease.  Hypnosis works, people!  

ABORTION FOES ARE MATCHING THE VIOLENCE OF THE FAR LEFT And it's not a good thing.  When far left groups throw tantrums and break stuff and hurt people (Antifa, I'm looking at you), we all shake our heads in disgust.  To the people who are doing those things, it's just the means justifying the ends.  And they are "battling" against capitalism.  Now imagine the people who believe they are battling for the lives of babies believing the ends justify the means and you have an explanation for the uptick in blockades and violence at abortion clinics.  This is not the way to go, people.  If you're pro-life, you shouldn't be planting bombs and throwing bricks.  

IT'S OFFICIAL, WE'VE RUINED THE MILLENIAL GENERATION Because they don't even like to have sex.  This article throws around several ideas of why this generation is the least sexually active in some time, but I have to believe at least part of it is because of the availability of porn.  Porn sets up very unrealistic expectations of what sex is and isn't, plus it creates a dopamine feedback loop that is tough to compete with.  But don't think it's not damaging.  Check out some of the info on this website to have your mind blown completely about how damaging it can be, especially for teens.

THE DENVER POST IS NOT A PERFECT PAPER, BUT... I believe in the importance of a free press, even one that shows it bias on a semi regular basis.  This column by Chuck Plunkett, late of the Denver Post, in Rolling Stone makes a very compelling case for you to cancel your subscription.  Oh, he doesn't say that, but what other option is there if the ownership group is only interested in making money?  Hit them in the wallet, I say.  We may have to kill the Post in order to save it.  

SOMEONE TELL JOHNNY DEPP HE'S NOT AN ACTUAL PIRATE Because he's sure acting like he thinks he's one.  It seems he tried to punch a location manager after drinking on the set of his new movie all day.  I fully expect him to be homeless at this rate.  Paging Robert Downey, Jr, Depp needs an intervention!  

PLUTO WAS ALWAYS A PLANET IN MY HEART And now it's BACK to being a planet according those jerk scientists who tried to make it NOT a planet.  This story explains the logic and why other celestial bodies are also referred to as planets.  

AND NOW, THE DAY'S LEAST SURPRISING STORY ABOUT COLLEGES Nearly 40% of top liberal arts colleges have ZERO Republican professors.  ZERO.  

BUILDING A NEW HOUSE?  YOU MAY NOT GET MAIL DELIVERY At least to your door or personal mailbox.  The new rules being put forth by the Post Office are demanding that new neighborhoods put in community boxes with all the boxes in one location.  I've lived with this and it's not horrible.  Sometimes inconvenient, especially for older folks with mobility issues, but not horrible.  


SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL JOHN KERRY HE'S NOT SEC OF STATE ANYMORE Because he sure thinks he is.  It seems Mr. Kerry, private citizen, has been engaged in "shadow diplomacy" with the Iranians trying to save the Iran Nuke deal he and his boss negotiated.  Isn't this what the Trump transition team was accused of doing?  

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