Netanyahu's Power Point And Victor Mitchell

SO I WATCHED BIBI'S PRESENTATION And came away feeling...well...somehow unfulfilled.  The entire crux of the thing was that Mossad has recovered a HUGE treasure trove of documents showing Iran had a fairly robust nuclear operation in the near past.  And there's where I get unsatisfied, as there is NOTHING in this presentation to indicate that Iran is in violation of the nuclear agreement NOW.  I know that Netanyahu wants Trump to do away with the Iran nuke deal, and I would at a minimum like to see it given more teeth when it comes to inspections, but I'm not sure this is enough evidence to shelve the whole thing.  Of course then there's this.  According to the policy wonk quoted, we made the deal with Iran KNOWING they were lying, so finding proof now that they were lying isn't a revelation.  Is this much ado about nothing?  Watch it here.

VICTOR MITCHELL WANTS TO BE YOUR NEXT GOVERNOR And he joins me at 2pm today to talk about why he believes he is the man for the job this year.  Find out more about Victor by clicking here.

FOR A GUY INVESTIGATING COLLUSION, THERE ARE VERY FEW QUESTIONS ABOUT THAT The New York Times says they have obtained the questions that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has for President Trump.  There are lots of questions about real estate deals in Russia, whether or not Trump knew Kushner tried to set up a "back channel" during the transition and whatnot, but NONE on collusion during the election.  None.  Regardless of what you think about Trump, doesn't this give you the slightest pause as to what this Special Counsel is really doing?  I think it should.  

JUST AS I THOUGHT.  SEATTLE OFFICIALLY SUCKS EVEN FOR LIBERALS I used to LOVE going to Seattle, but honestly, the city has become insufferable.  Not the city itself per se, but the residents.  They pride themselves on their impeccable progressive street creds and shun and harass anyone who disagrees with that day's dogma.  Now a 14 year resident is leaving and he lays out the reason why.  Seattle is just too angry for him anymore.  Boulder would do well to take note. 

BY THE WAY, THE MINIMUM WAGE HIKE IN SEATTLE IS COSTING WORKERS MONEY NOW And as the increase happened in stages (and we're not even to $15 an hour yet) the University of Washington has been studying it's impact in stages.  Now Seattle is at $13 an hour and food workers are LOSING $125 a month in wages because of cuts to their hours.  From Bloomberg:

This morning's data gives ammunition to the mayor's opposition. The University of Washington released its second study, this one covering the increase from $11 an hour to $13. And this study found huge effects: For every 1 percent increase in their hourly wage, low-wage workers saw a 3 percent reduction in the number of hours worked. As a result, they lost about $125 in earnings a month, clawing back the entire gain from the earlier hike and more.

Hmmph.  Who could have seen this coming?  

I'M NOT SAYING WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE BUT IF THE SUPERVOLCANO AT YELLOWSTONE ERUPTS... We're pretty much done for.  And now one of the parks most sporadic geysers has been erupting regularly, and some people are raising an eyebrow

PEOPLE ARE FLEEING ILLINOIS AND THEY CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHY Okay, maybe they are starting to realize that high taxes and an overbearing government might be to blame.  As people leave the state faster than they are moving in, Illinois demonstrates the real genius of the Federalist system.  By allowing each state to make it's own choices, the Founders knew that people in our nation had the greatest gift of all: portability.  Is it only a matter of time before the people of Illinois start voting to make their state more fun to live in?  We'll see who is left to cast a ballot. 

THE SAD SEXUAL CONNECTION BETWEEN TERRORISTS Remember that guy who murdered 10 people in Toronto with a van?  He was part of a sad, lonely club called "incels" who are celibate involuntarily because women are horrible.  The case is made in this column that this murderous guy suffers from the same issues as many jihadists: lack of sex.  For different reasons, of course, but the lack of close relationships of a sexual nature seems to have a seriously detrimental, and homicidal effect.  The case is very compelling. 

MAYBE THEY HEARD THERE WERE GOING TO BE SNACKS SERVED Pelicans showed up at Pepperdine University's graduation ceremony. 

REMEMBER KIDS, LIONS ARE WILD ANIMALS, NO MATTER WHERE THEY LIVE The video in this story is not bloody, but it is HORRIFYING.  A lion living in an animal preserve decided he was tired of being preserved and went after the owner of the preserve.  

HOW DID I NOT KNOW CERTAIN LANGUAGE WAS RESERVED FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE? Leave it to a college student to tell me about language that is "reserved" for certain populations AND MAY NOT BE USED BY OTHERS.  The case here is conservatives and their minority status at the University of Oregon.  One person (don't want to offend by assuming gender) writes this claptrap:

“By referring to themselves as minorities and taking the language reserved for marginalized communities, conservatives are drawing attention away from communities who actually experience discrimination, or prejudiced treatment, and oppression, or ‘unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power,’” 

Got that?  If you are white, or straight or conservative, you are not allowed to call yourself a minority even if you are the only such person standing in a room full of gay people of color.  I reject this.  And I will reject this wholly and completely today on the show.  

WHEN YOU'VE LOST THEHILL.COM YOU'VE LOST...WELL NOT THAT MUCH The lofty folks at are drawing a red line in the Correspondence Dinner sand by declaring THEY will NOT attend future Correspondence Dinners unless MAJOR REFORMS are made.  GOT THAT?  MAJOR reforms.  

HILLARY CHANGED HER TWITTER PROFILE AND PEOPLE ARE TALKING Why did Ms. Clinton feel the need?  She was called out by a feminist for putting "wife" first.  Said feminist also pointed out that Bill didn't list "husband" first.  Anyone who has been following the Clintons knows that Bill never thinks of himself as a husband first, as evidenced by his sexual aggression and misconduct over the years.  

WOW, IT'S NOT JUST THE ROCKIES WHO CAN'T SCORE THIS YEAR Baseball is in a bit of a slump when it comes to scoring, as pitchers are throwing WAY more strikes than batters can hit.  This is not the first time this has happened, but it's the culmination of a long arc in this direction.  This is a great column on the whys and whats and it's seriously inside baseball. 

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