The White House Correspondence Dinner Fail

NOW I KNOW WHY CONSERVATIVES ARE NOT AS "FUNNY" AS LIBERALS And it's on display at the White House Correspondents Dinner.  The headliner was ruthless as she took personal shots at White House Spokesdame Sarah Huckabee Sanders and because the event was supposed to show just how "Above It All" the Press Corps was, they were mortified.  Or at least we're supposed to believe they are.  I have the whole thing below, so if you want you can watch it.  I can't say it will enrich your life, but it's supposedly historic or something.  

And now there is talk of ending the dinner altogether.  Talk about making America Great Again!  And please note, everyone clapped at the end of her remarks.

OF NORTH AND SOUTH KOREA FIND PEACE, DOES TRUMP GET A PEACE PRIZE?  Hahahahaha!  Gotcha!  You don't really think the Honey Badger of the World will ever get CREDIT for that, do you?  You're adorable.  Really, you are.  

MY FRIEND ROSS KAMINSKY IS HAVING A THING AND YOU SHOULD GO He's on at 1:35 to talk about it, and here are all the details:

On Friday night, come meet USMC Maj Scott Huesing (ret) who commanded 250 Marines in Ramadi, the deadliest city for Americans during the Iraq war. His new book, “Echo in Ramadi” is a thrilling, gripping and sobering look at war through the eyes of an American hero – though he will never call himself that. Ross Kaminsky, host of the Ross Kaminsky Show weekday mornings on TalkRadio 630 KHOW, will introduce Maj Huesing for a book signing, story-telling, and Q&A on Friday, May 4th at 7 PM at the Tattered Cover Historic LoDo location at 1628 16th Street in Denver. And who knows…maybe we’ll grab a beer afterwards as well! Follow Maj. Huesing on Facebook at

MSNBC'S JOY REID IS  MASSIVE AND HUGE LYING LIAR And if she were a Fox News host, this would be on the front page of the New York Times.  Someone went back and unearthed Joy Reid's late blog and found all kinds of homophobic slurs and jokes, and she has been spinning so hard she's forgotten where she is.  After saying at first she was hacked! (has this story EVER worked??) she is now admitting that she wasn't but she COULDN'T have written the horrible things she wrote.  If MSNBC has any integrity left, they can't let her have the airwaves to continue lying.  Just a thought.  

ONCE AGAIN, THE LEGISLATURE IS DOWN TO A 10 DAY TRACK MEET Because God Forbid we could get the IMPORTANT things done first.  Now we're going to fix PERA, Roads, Gerrymandering, the liquor bill AND the civil rights commission in ten days.  I'm sure nothing could go wrong.  

THE MIGRANT CARAVAN IS STUCK AT THE BORDER And they vow to remain there until they are all "processed" for their asylum claims.  The US lets in about 40,000 asylum seekers a year.  I hate to say it, but if we let these people in, there will be a flood more of them.  The only way to do this is to turn them away at the gate.  

GOVERNMENT CREATE A PROBLEM, A FREE MARKET APP STOPPED IT.  SO IT MUST DIE. The app in question is Waze, a traffic app that alerts people to traffic issues and suggests street level workarounds that take drivers through formerly quiet neighborhoods.  You'd think that the people in the neighborhoods would be mad at government for screwing up traffic so badly.  But nope.  The government has them mad at Waze.  

CANADA FINDS OUT AN UNFETTERED FLOW OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IS HARD And it has officially asked the US to screen Nigerians more carefully before they give them visitor visas, as many of them are walking across a northern border and seeking asylum in Canada.  I actually find Canada's request rather entertaining, as I totally remember this.  And this heartwarming video of the smug PM doing some epic moral signaling and announcing all the benefits refugees get in his country. 

COULD YOU LIVE CHEAP?  THIS COUPLE DID, AND IT'S RATHER INTERESTING These people are like Dave Ramsey to the extreme and other than the claptrap about how being cheap is only possible because of privilege, this is a very cool story.

AND NOW BAD LIP READING ZUCK VS. CONGRESS Y'all I laughed my fool head off on this one.

SURELY HE WILL BE ON TOP OF THE BURNING MAN WHEN THEY LIGHT IT THIS YEAR The man who founded the infamous Burning Man festival is dead after suffering a stroke.  It only seems fitting that they light him up on top of the world's most famous pyre, amiright?  Ah c'mon the guy founded Burning Man, he had to have quite the sense of humor.  

IS JOHN MCCAIN NEAR THE END OF HIS FIGHT?  His son-in-law posted a somewhat ominous tweet and then pulled it down shortly thereafter.  

YOU KNOW THAT CHEAP HOTEL SHAMPOO?  IT'S RACIST.  RIGHT?  Sometimes it's hard to accommodate everyone, but hotels make a good effort by providing the basic necessities that maybe you forgot.  Some people steal them to take them into their guest bathrooms, but honestly, most of us don't use them.  You know why?  They suck.  Pop star Halsey, who is biracial, says they are racist because they are not suitable for people of color.  Newsflash, they aren't suitable for most people of whiteness either. But things can't just suck, they have to be racist. 

DUDE.  This dude surfed an 80 foot wave.  Dude.  

NO ONE SAYS YOU HAVE TO BE BORING WHEN YOU'RE OLD I LOVE this story and I hope The Posh Club makes it over the pond soon.  Because even 80 year olds love to rave sometimes, even if that time is 2pm in the afternoon.  LOVE. THIS. 

THIS GUY ADAPTED TO OUR OVERLY LITIGIOUS SOCIETY RATHER WELL A Polish guy in Virginia for a summer jobs program is suing police for not doing more to save him faster when he had a psychotic break and almost drowned.  ALMOST.  Police DID help save him when he calmed down and passed out under water.  This Pole is suing to recover the medical bills incurred from his misadventure.  

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