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JEFFERSON COUNTY AND DOUGLAS COUNTY SCHOOLS ARE SHUT DOWN TODAY So the people who claim to care more than ANYONE about our CHIIIILLLLLDREN can throw a collective hissy at the Capitol today.  The Wear Red for Ed movement even has nifty shirts for teachers to wear.  Look at the logo I just grabbed from the CEA website:

Commie Teacher Shirt

Commie Teacher Shirt

I thought it looked familiar, so I did the Google.

Commie Fist

Commie Fist

The translation is "Choose Communism".  But I'm sure this is a TOTAL coincidence.  Because all teachers really want to is have PERA remain exactly as it is, with an archaic retirement age and ridiculous investment assumptions and NO option for a defined contribution program.  Oh and one more thing, they want to the taxpayers to pay more into it with THEIR money.  Nope.  Nopity nope nope.  Oh, and these walkouts will cost taxpayers about $12.7 million bucks

OH, AND THAT STAT THAT COLORADO TEACHERS RANK 46TH IN TEACHER PAY...IT'S GARBAGE And none other than Kyle Clark dispelled the myth.  So what we have here is another example of the NEA pushing pure propaganda to ramp up the sympathy train so the teachers unions make more money. 

BILL COSBY IS GUILTY.  THANKS #METOO MOVEMENT!  I don't say that cheekily, because women were sexually assaulted here.  But it's hard to make the argument that the #metoo movement didn't have an impact on this jury.  The last trial ended in a hung jury, which I think was directly connected to Cosby's celebrity.  But since #metoo demonstrated pretty clearly that Hollywood is full of scumbags willing to prey on women, it became far more plausible that America's Dad could be one of them.  Cosby faces up to 30 years in prison. 

WE HAVE ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THE FBI NOT FOLLOWING THROUGH Although perhaps again this time, they didn't have the legal means to hang onto the man who eventually went on a shooting rampage in a Tennesee Waffle House murdering four people.  The shooter's old boss here in Colorado told the FBI after he was arrested outside the White House that they should "hang on to him, and help him"  They appear to have done neither.  

DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU WHERE THE GOOD LORD SPLIT YOU, CHIEF Chief Robert White is retiring.  Oddly, the only people who seem to be sad about that are the Mayor and the Chief's inner circle, which will likely have to suck up to the next guy to remain in favored status.  Here's an interview with 9News.  

DOUG ROBINSON IS ON THE PRIMARY BALLOT As a judge has now validated a disputed 40 signatures on the petitions he submitted which had earlier been tossed. 

CREEPY CHARLIE ROSE PROPOSES TO INTERVIEW OTHER CREEPS AS HIS BIG "COMEBACK" But unfortunately Tina Brown passed on the project but shared it with others.  Apparently Charlie Rose wants to interview the other men outed by the #metoo movement.  Who is going to watch this?  A bunch of dudes sitting around acting contrite in a very calculated effort to rehab their self inflicted wounds?  Sign me out on this one.  

MAYBE HE EATS A LOT OF FIBER This story about Rand Paul talking about the Dalai Lama requiring that the entire bathroom at the National Prayer Breakfast to be cleared before he could do his business made me laugh.  I always find it odd when anyone (remember Hillary doing this?) can't just go into a stall and do his or her business.  Go to another floor or something if privacy in the loo is so important.  My favorite line:

“What’s he doing in there, reincarnating himself?”


RONNY JACKSON BOWS OUT.  And I genuinely have no idea if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it's a thing.  Trump's personal physician has come under fire for past behavior that's pretty bad if it's true (handing out drugs like candy is not a good idea) but now he's removed himself from consideration.  Don't we have a veteran in the private sector now with significant business experience who can take this job?  Anyone?  Bueller?  

ARE AMERICAN CARS GOING THE WAY OF THE DODO BIRD?  Ford just announced that it would be ditching production of all cars, save the Ford Mustang and a new Ford Focus Active hatchback.  Why?  Because American consumers don't like American made sedans.  Trucks and SUVs are where the big profits are, and it seems that ALL the big American car companies have recognized that foreign automakers just do sedans better than they do.  

HEY BRITS, DON'T FORGET THE UK OWNS YOUR CHILDREN As has been brutally underscored by the legal battle surrounding little Alfie Evans.  Alfie has a degenerative neurologic condition and has been on life support for over a year.  The NHS has decided to withdraw life support and Alfie's parent sued.  And lost.  So they don't get to make an end of life decision for their toddler.  Such is life under socialized medicine, amiright?  But that's not all!  The government has now ruled that Alfie's parent MAY NOT leave the country with him for treatment.  GET THAT?  The British government has decided that Alfie WILL DIE and his parents have NO RIGHTS to seek care elsewhere.  I always knew socialism was compassionate!  

THE MIGRANTS ARE AT THE BORDER, READY TO INVADE I realize some will take umbrage with my use of the word "invade" but what is this, other than a planned invasion?  When you have busloads of people massing at one border crossing with the intention of breaking into the country, as they have announced, what is it?  We'll see what happens next.  

YETI INJECTED POLITICS INTO THEIR BUSINESS PLAN AND IT'S BACKFIRING When are corporations going to learn?  How's Target doing since it's very public decisions to embrace Progressive politics?  Yeti, which makes really, really good insulated products like coolers and mugs and cups, stepped in it when they sent the NRA a snotty letter ending their merchandising agreement over "recent events".  Do you know who uses Yeti products more than anyone else?  Committed outdoorsmen and women, most of whom also staunchly support the 2nd Amendment.  We'll see how this turns out. 

I DON'T THINK LONELINESS NEEDS A GOVERNMENT SOLUTION, BUT.... I'm glad people are talking about the devastating effects of loneliness on our collective psyches.  Studies have show that loneliness might be more deadly than obesity.  And our increasingly disconnected lives mean that some people have little to no human contact.  But I'm not sure a Ministry of Loneliness is the answer, but they have one now in the UK.  

I WONDER WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF THEY DID THIS SOONER This piqued my interest.  It's just a video of a couple who are divorced looking at their wedding pictures.  Too bad they didn't do this before the divorce.


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