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IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION THAT I HAVE NO WIKIPEDIA PAGE So let's get cracking!  I need your help to come up with the most ridiculous stuff we can think of to put on my new page.   UPDATE: someone created one and Wikipedia already locked it down.  I'M BEING STIFLED BY THE MAN! 

SO HOW BAD IS PERA FOR TEACHERS?  MY 2PM GUEST WILL TELL YOU Joshua Sharf is a fiscal policy analyst for the Independence Institute.  He's on at 2pm to discuss why PERA in it's current form is always going to foment discord between teachers and the community-at-large.  

WHY ARE TEACHERS INCONVENIENCING PARENTS?  TO GET THEIR WAY, OF COURSE.  I want you to read this message posted on the "Speak for DCSD" Facebook page. (an unabashed business-as-usual, we-want-the-union-back page)

SPEAK Peeps,

Due to the overwhelming amount of teachers requesting April 26th off, Douglas County has decided to close schools for the day.

I understand there are many working families who will be scrambling to find last-minute childcare for the day. As a single mom of two, and owner of an extremely busy company, I completely empathize with you. However, as a supporter of public education, I support teachers 100% in this decision because I know they are doing this FOR kids.

When I started SPEAK many people were complacent because they were comfortable; their lives weren't inconvenienced, so they didn't see the need to knock on doors, pass out fliers, or talk to their neighbors about a school board election. Between 2014-2015 they began to see their children being negatively impacted, so many of them stepped up to help with the 2015 BOE election. I've learned that many people choose not to pay attention because they're not inconvenienced by the current situation. Folks, we're at that point. If it takes people becoming inconvenienced by needing to find last-minute childcare to pay attention, I'm all for it. It's time to wake up, speak up, and stand up for our kids. (emphasis mine-Mandy)

-Colorado is 46th in the country for teacher pay. -Colorado is 42nd in PPR (per pupil funding) in spite of being the 12th wealthiest state.

Your child's teachers are being asked to do more with extremely less. Not only that, but the list of capital needs in DCSD is alarming--just ask anyone on the Long Range Planning Committee. The Tier 1 High Priority items are between $59.1M - $82.5M (…/docs/mcp_201718_08142017_with_hyperlinks)

Teachers are coming together in support of your children. They are scheduling subs and using personal days to rally at the Colorado State Capitol. Let that sink in for a moment. They are using personal days--days they could be using to enjoy with their families, to rise up for their students.

Many of you know my backstory, and know that I left Douglas County so I could enroll my two children into LPS. The difference is night and day. Please hear me when I say that, yes, teacher compensation directly impacts your children. Per pupil funding directly impacts your children. Building maintenance directly impacts your children.

As I mentioned before, my business is slammed. That being said, if teachers can use personal days to stand up for kids, I can certainly take a day off to stand alongside them. It’s “Take Your Child to Work” day, so feel free to bring them to the capitol for a civics lesson.

It's time to rise up for public education. YOU be the change you want to see in this world. See you Thursday!

Yours in public education, Chérie GarciaSPEAK Founder & Admin.

Got that?  They WANT YOU TO BE INCONVENIENCED so you will vote to raise taxes and give them more money.  I want to expose this for what it is.  Extortion.  




  1. the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

    synonyms:blackmail, shakedown; 


    "arrested on a charge of extortion"

If the shoe fits.   Here is a list of all the school districts where the teachers care so much they aren't going going to be teaching students that day

SO THE ECONOMY IS DOING KINDA WELL RIGHT NOW, BUT I'M SURE IT'S NOT TRUMP As we know, Trump will never get credit for anything when things go well.  So there is a zero percent chance he will be given any credit for the news that the CBO is projecting annual GDP growth from 4th quarter 2017 to 4th quarter 2018 at 3.3 percent.  Which is HUGE.  Apparently the dude from the CBO didn't get the message, because he said this,

Hall testified that the tax law signed by President Donald Trump at the end of last year is stimulating economic growth.

“In our projections, the effects of the 2017 Tax Act on incentives to work, save and invest, raise real potential GDP throughout the 2018 and 2028 period,” he told the committee. “Over the same period, the Tax Act is projected to boost the level of real GDP by an average of 0.7 percent and nonfarm payroll employment by an average of 1.1 million jobs.”

Wha-huh???  You mean Trump's tax cuts may have spurred the economy to the best growth in 15 years?  This can't be true because we all know he's an idiot.

BOULDER'S NEW STUPID GUN LAW FORCES COPS TO MAKE DECISION TO NOT ENFORCE THE LAW During a protest on Saturday that is.  People who came out to protest Boulder's stupid new law prohibiting residents from owning otherwise legal firearms were not hassled by the cops for violating Boulder's law against Open Carry (unless the gun is holstered).  The cops decided to just sit by and let those open carrying rifles slung across their backs as a matter of public safety.  What?  I thought that rifles could spontaneously just start killing people!  

SPEAKING OF THE IDIOTS IN BOULDER They've filed a lawsuit against oil companies.  Seriously.  If I were an oil or gas company, I'd simply boycott oil or gas deliveries to Boulder.  See how long this idiocy lasts then.  I sure hope the Boulder City Council is going to stop using ALL products that come from petroleum  Here's a partial list, just for their convenience.  

NOW AN ASTRONAUT DISPELS SOME SPACE MYTHS And some of them are terrifying.

THIS HAS TO JUST BE STRANGE AT FIRST Did you hear about the Afghan war veteran who got a penis and scrotum transplant?  Don't get me wrong, I know how important having junk to adjust is to guys.  But wouldn't it be odd to have some OTHER dude's junk down there?  At least at first?  Again, I'm not saying this is a bad idea, but I've always wondered what the adjustment is like for any transplant patient and this one seems pretty...well...special.  He did NOT get the donors testicles to avoid ethical issues if at some point he knocked someone up.  I wish him a full recovery and many years of joyous adjusting!  

GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH IS IN INTENSIVE CARE And both Dave and I feel this may be the end of the former POTUS.  We also think it's connected to the death of his beloved wife last week.  And you can die of a broken heart.  Whatever God has in mind for HW, I hope he is not in pain and has a speedy recovery or a safe passage.  

BERNIE SANDERS ENDS THE CHARADE THAT HE'S ANYTHING BUT A COMMUNIST As he's now putting the finishing touches on his grand plan to provide a government job to anyone who needs one!  He's gonna pay them at least $15 an hour!  To do what?  There will be no follow up question.  Here's a definition of communism if you've forgotten. 

AND THE BIGGEST STORY OF THE DAY IS MACRON'S DANDRUFF And the fact that Trump did him a solid and brushed it off his shoulder.  STOP THE PRESSES, THIS IS THE BIG ONE! 

IF YOU'RE LIVING IN YOUR CAR IS GETTING YOUR AMAZON DELIVERY YOUR TOP CONCERN? Okay, this new delivery-to-your-car thing at Amazon ISN'T meant for auto dwellers SPECIFICALLY but I can't be the only one to think that.  

THE UK IS ALL IN FOR KNIFE CONTROL BECAUSE GUN CONTROL DIDN'T STOP CRIMES I've mentioned the situation in the UK where London overtook New York City in murders this year.  The weapon of choice?  Certainly not a handgun, although those illegal items make a solid appearance even though they are pretty much illegal to own in most circumstances.  It's the humble knife.  And now Londoners are embracing knife control.  Because...I have no idea, actually.  



FINLAND ENDS IT'S UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME PROGRAM WITHOUT COMMENT Which I find very interesting.  Not that it surprises me they quit it, but that they did so without comment. I'll keep an eye on this.  

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