Teachers are shutting down schools

WE DO NOT NEED BABIES ON THE SENATE FLOOR I get it.  Senator Tammy Duckworth is woman, here her roar and now she's got a new baby that she wants to bring onto the Senate floor.  So they changed the rules and now babies up to age 1 are now allowed on the floor of what is supposed to be the "deliberative body" of Congress.  This is a horrible idea.  Simply rotten.  There is NOTHING more distracting than a baby.  Okay, a toddler is definitely more distracting.  This is a nod to PC/#metoo/3rd wave feminism that is completely out of whack.  And totally elitist.  Do you know how many women are allowed to bring their babies with them to work?  Mostly none.  You know why?  See my earlier comment about babies being distracting.  But virtue signaling is all the rage these days in politics.  

A PREGNANT WOMAN TRIPS A FOUR YEAR OLD AND INTERNET IS SUPER JUDGY Watch this video and then tell me if she deserves death threats and wishes there is something "wrong" with her own baby. 

WHY DID WE NORMALIZE RELATIONS WITH BURMA WHEN THEY ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN? A listener sent me this horrific story about the ongoing ethnic cleansing in Myanmar/Burma.  THEY CUT BABIES IN HALF.  And Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell lead the effort to normalize relations with this country because they elected a woman President.  A woman who continues to let this happen even today.

WILL YOU GUYS HELP ME MAKE A WIKIPEDIA PAGE?  A listener asked why I didn't have one, I didn't even know I didn't have one, but we should remedy that, dontcha think? 

DUDE, THIS GUY GOT STABBED IN THE HEAD WITH A KEY!  And not just a glancing blow, like all the way up the hilt of the key was in this guy's head.  You must click here so I'm not the only one who sees it. 

I HAVEN'T TALKED ABOUT KEVIN WILLIAMSON BEING CANNED AT THE ATLANTIC But I've been following the fallout for the entire time.  Kevin Williamson was the doomed writer hired by The Atlantic to demonstrate how open the editors and ostensibly Atlantic readers were to opposing opinions.  It did not go well.  Williamson is finally on the record about what happened, and it's a stellar examination of how the Twitter mobs really work when you aren't "one of them".  From his column:

On March 22, the Atlantic announced that it had hired me and three others as contributors to its new section “for ideas, opinions and commentary.” In no time, the abortion-rights group Naral was organizing protests against me, demanding that I not be permitted to publish in the Atlantic. Activists claimed, dishonestly, that I wanted to see every fourth woman in the country lynched (it is estimated that 1 in 4 American women will have an abortion by the age of 45). Opinion pieces denouncing me appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Republic, Slate, the Huffington Post, Mother Jones, the Guardian and other publications.

The remarkable fact about all this commentary on my supposedly horrifying views on abortion is that not a single writer from any of those famous publications took the time to ask me about the controversy. (The sole exception was a reporter from Vox.) Did I think I was being portrayed accurately? Why did I make that outrageous statement? Did I really want to set up gallows, despite my long-stated reservations about capital punishment? Those are questions that might have occurred to people in the business of asking questions. (In preparing this account, I have confirmed my recollection of what Mr. Goldberg said with Mr. Goldberg himself.)

Instead of interviewing the subject of their pieces, they scanned my thousands of articles and found the tidbits that seemed most likely to provoke. I was half-amused by progressive activists’ claims to have “uncovered” things that were, after all, published. Goodness knows there’s lots to choose from: I have unpopular and contrarian views about what we used to call sex-reassignment surgery and are now expected to call “gender-confirmation surgery,” and I have argued that the much-remarked upon epidemic of sexual assault on American college campuses does not in fact exist (check the numbers).

We are trying to get Kevin on the show in the near future. 

IT'S TOUGH TO BE LITTLE IN HOLLYWOOD This is something I had never really considered, but could people with dwarfism be more prone to depression and the accompanying self medication?  If you are someone with dwarfism trying to make it in Hollywood, you should proceed with caution.  

REALLY MEL BROOKS, YOU DON'T SAY When we started the list of Offensive Movies we wanted our intern Grant to watch, Mel Brooks found his way to the top six spots.  And now we know the legendary director is officially not a fan of PC culture.  This is my shocked face.  

THE LARGO PD HAS A PR NIGHTMARE FOR USING A DEAD GUY'S FINGER TO UNLOCK HIS PHONE Which isn't necessarily the issue.  The issue is that they did it at the funeral home when his family was present.  And it gets worse.  He was killed by cops after trying to run them over.   And it didn't even work. 

THAT DUDE WHO SHOT UP WAFFLE HOUSE HAD HIS WEAPONS TAKEN FROM HIM And in what will surely be discussed in great detail very shortly, HIS FATHER GAVE THEM BACK TO HIM.  What the actual *BEEP*????  If the government catches your son outside the White House armed up, do you think it's a good idea to GIVE THE GUNS BACK???  This kid has a long history that would indicate he has some serious mental health issues.  UPDATE:  They caught the guy.

MAKING UP NEWS IS OLD NEWS AT THE BOSTON GLOBE Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story, amiright??  A columnist at the Boston Globe has been placed on leave after it has come to light that he made up quite a few "facts" about the Boston Marathon bombing in order to place HIMSELF in the thick of things.  But good news, the Globe knows how to handle it as they've handled it multiple times in the past.  

SO NOW WHAT WITH STATE SENATOR RANDY BAUMGARDNER?  Now it appears that two different investigations found that State Senator Randy Baumgardner acted super creepy with women at the Capitol.  There were some questions about the first report being a bit biased, but this report's veracity seems to have the approval of Senate President Kevin Grantham.  So now what?  

DOUGCO SCHOOLS ARE CANCELLED THURSDAY...UNLESS.... Your kid goes to a charter or magnet school, where apparently the teachers are going to find another way to express a desire for more money for schools (more on that later this week).  DougCo schools are going to be closed Thursday for the teacher march at the Capitol to demand more money for schools.  Check with your school to find out if you're affected.  

WANT TO LOWER DRUG PRICES?  READ THIS AND LOOK TO THE MARKET This is a stellar column that will surprise people who believe Nationalized Healthcare doesn't come at a cost in terms of patient care.  And this is only about drugs.  This author has some very good, very simple suggestions on how we can put consumer pressure on prices.  But first, the drug companies have to be honest. 

PEOPLE ARE LEAVING HIGH TAX STATES IN DROVES And it's not speculation, it's fact.  


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