Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, Our Official Astrophysicist!

SUPER STAR ASTROPHYSICIST DR. HAKEEM OLUSEYI JOINS ME AT 3!  And I am BEYOND excited! Here he is explaining Infinity in 3 minutes.  Find out more about him here.

THE COMEY MEMOS ARE OUT AND HE'S STILL NOT HELPING HIMSELF Because they don't say anything horrible or that we don't already know.  My overwhelming feeling is Meh.  And that he should be charged for leaking classified documents.  But we all know that highly placed officials are held to a different standard. 

WHY DO WE STILL HAVE POTHEAD GATHERINGS ON 4/20? At this point, the whole thing feels like an unnecessary victory lap.  It's legal.  Act like you've been there before already. 

WOULD IT BE WEIRD TO CREATE MY OWN WIKIPEDIA PAGE? I got an email asking me why I don't have a Wikipedia page.  First off, it never occurred to me that I needed a Wikipedia page.  But it got me thinking...what kind of outrageous stuff should I put on my Wikipedia page and how long do you think it will take before it gets flagged?  I feel a bit of skullduggery coming on.  Heh.

COPS IN FLORIDA MURDERED WITHOUT WARNING OR APPARENT MOTIVE And it happened not too far from my hometown in an even smaller town.  No one knows why a 59 year old man from an even smaller town opened fire on two deputies who were sitting down to eat in a restaurant.  He shot them through the window and then apparently killed himself.  The sheriff has a thought though:

“What do you expect happens when you demonize law enforcement to the extent that it has been demonized?” he asked. “Every type of hate. Every type of put down you can think of -- the only thing these men were guilty of was wanting to protect you and me.”

He's got a point. 

THE DEMOCRATS ARE REFUSING TO GIVE UP ON THE DREAM OF TRUMP COLLUSION And now they've filed a lawsuit alleging the Trump campaign, Russia and Wikileaks conspired to throw the election.  There is a zero percent chance this will succeed, but they will be able to run around the spout off about this during the mid terms I guess.  Because they think it's going to help them win?  Seems like a dumb strategy to me, but I'm sure they know what they're doing. 

THIS IS ANY PARENTS WORST NIGHTMARE COME TRUE TWICE IN ONE NIGHT Imagine having your kids come home from a graduation party, say goodnight, and then die of opioid and alcohol overdose overnight.  It happened to one family TWICE in one night.  Her boys were not big partiers but someone had handed out some sort of oxy pills and the boys mixed them with booze.  One night of really bad decision making cost this family everything.  Talk to your kids about this story, please.  

YOU KNOW THAT ANNOYING VEHICLE REGISTRATION FEE YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR E-470?  It's gone.  From the press release I got this morning from the E-470 Board:

E-470 BOARD VOTES TO ELIMINATE VEHICLE REGISTRATION FEE (VRF)April 19, 2018—The E-470 Board of Directors unanimously voted to remove the Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF) for Colorado motorists living in counties where the fees have been imposed. The vote took place on Thursday, April 12. E-470 staff will now work with the counties to discuss and execute the next steps.

The fees were originally approved by the electorate in Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas Counties in 1988. At that time the revenues from the $10 VRF were essential for the construction and operations of E-470. The bonds pledged by the VRF were originally set to be retired in 2026. The Board refinanced these bonds in 2001 and reduced the final maturity with a scheduled payoff on September 1, 2018.Heidi Williams, Mayor of Thornton and Chair of the E-470 Board of Directors, is pleased with the Board’s decision. “The E-470 Board is proud to fulfill the promise of ending the fee once the debt is paid off, and we thank Colorado drivers for their support over the past 30 years.”

So that's 10 bucks you can put back in your pocket! 

COMPANIES AREN'T UP TO SPEED WITH THEIR SEXUAL HARASSMENT TRAINING Although it does seem odd they'd have to TRAIN people to sexually harass.  Heh.  Of course I kid.  Many companies are not up to speed with their training.  And are still of the old school belief that sexual harassment issues should be kept private.  They don't know anyone accused must be tarred and feathered in the public square.  

OMG I AGREE WITH CHUCK SCHUMER.  DO I LOOK FEVERISH?  I MUST BE FEVERISH. But I completely agree with Senator Chuck Schumer's new bill to take marijuana off the schedule of narcotics so states (like this one) can make their own decisions about weed.  Read the whole article here, and I bet you click through at lease one link in this story.  Which one?  

NO CONSERVATIVES DON'T NEED TO GET THAT VILE FRESNO STATE PROFESSOR FIRED Because we BELIEVE IN FREE SPEECH, right?? This woman is a nasty bit of business but the fact she took to Twitter to prove she's a nasty bit of business doesn't mean she should lose her livelihood.  Now if you wanted to work with your Fresno State student to make he or she doesn't end up in her class, that's entirely your prerogative.  

NOW WE HAVE WORMS THAT EAT PLASTIC!  Yesterday I was talking about microbes that eat plastic, and now Grant the Intern found a video about worms that eat plastic.  Maybe we can save the straws after all!

THE ANSWER TO THIS IS A FIRM NO And there should be no further discussion about whether or not pineapple belongs on your pizza.  But apparently it is.  And it's made the Wall Street Journal


WE'RE CLONING PETS SO WHY NOT CLONE HUMANS? I imagine eventually we will be able to clone human beings and it will be no big deal, although I'm not sure why we need to clone humans.  Are we running short?  Pet cloning, though stupid expensive is happening now, so can human cloning be far behind? 

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