It's Word Nerd Day and NYC's Mayor Can't Kill Rats

YOU'VE GOT WORD QUESTIONS, HE'S GOT WORD ANSWERS It's time for another stellar edition of "Please Tell Me I'm Right" with Charles Harrington Elster!  Find out more about Charles and buy his outstanding books by clicking here

OH MY, YOU MEAN GUNS COULD BE PORTRAYED AS THE USEFUL TOOLS THEY ARE???  Hollywood critics aren't used to having to watch movies which mess with their confirmation biases.  So imagine their collective shock and disgust when they have to review a movie about people who use GUNS to fight ALIENS.  This is the Herculean challenge many critics are facing when they watch The Quiet Place. But that's not all.  Read this column on RedState for more.  I'm actually going to see this movie now, just because of the reviews shared in this column.  

THINK YOU KNOW A LOT ABOUT POLITICS?  THERE'S A CHANCE YOU DON'T KNOW JACK A new study which frankly doesn't surprise me one iota says that people with LESS political knowledge think they know a LOT about politics.  And when the discussion is injected with partisanship, the effect gets even worse.  All you have to do is look at Facebook to see this in action Every. Single. Day.  

MAYOR DE BLASIO MAY SMELL A RAT BUT HE SURE CAN'T KILL ONE And you have to watch this video of the Mayor of NYC doing a big press event to announce that New York was using dry ice to "humanely" kill rats while they were still in their burrows.  Let's just say one rat didn't get the message.  Skip to the five minute mark to see the fun begin. 

THERE IS A PLAN TO DEAL WITH COLORADO'S OPIOID PROBLEM But the news here is not all bad.  Meaning, we have a problem, but it's not nearly as bad as MANY states on the East Coast.  But here is the outline of how Denver is planning to address the issue.  


GREAT, NOW WE GET TO HEAR FROM ANOTHER DAME WHO SAYS SHE SLEPT WITH TRUMP I know, I know, he slept with Karen McDougal BEFORE he was in the White House so it doesn't matter.  She's been released from the non disclosure she signed with American Media, the owners of the National Enquirer to talk about her trysts with the married businessman.  I can hardly wait.  That was sarcasm. 

OH. MA. GERD. TWO OF MY FAVORITES IN ONE INTERVIEW! This is John Stossel interviewing Dr. Jordan Peterson.  Be still my heart.  

JUST ANOTHER LITTLE TAXES POST TO MAKE YOUR HEAD EXPLODE I love because they do super nerdy articles like this one, where they take insane government expenditures and break them down by EXACTLY how many taxpayers taxes it took to fund it.  It's pretty terrific.  And it will make your head explode.  Hopefully. 

CUBA HAS A NEW PRESIDENT WHO'S NAME ISN'T CASTRO But Raul is still the head of the Communist Party in Cuba, even as Miguel Diaz-Canel is elected President.  So what happens now?  No one really knows, but we shall see.  I wouldn't expect significant change on any front.

THIS RESTAURANT USES COLOR CODES TO BATTLE SEXUAL HARASSMENT A California restaurant is using a color coded alert system to help protect servers from sexual harassment by customers or vendors.  If a server walks up to a manager and says, "Code Yellow at table so and so" the manager will ask if they should take over the table.  A "Code Orange" means the manager will immediately take over the table.  If there is a "Code Red" the customer is asked to leave.  I actually like this, although it is ripe to be made fun of. 

THEY CAME FOR MY STRAWS, AND I SAID NOTHING.  THEN THEY CAME FOR MY COTTON SWABS! I don't know if you know that if you use a straw now, you are the Devil.  In the UK there is a move afoot to ban NOT ONLY plastic single use straws, but plastic cotton swabs as well!  STOP THE MADNESS, PEOPLE.  

THE PUBLIC APOLOGY WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES MEANS NOTHING.  I'M LOOKING AT YOU MAYOR HANCOCK. This column has nothing to do DIRECTLY with Mayor Michael Hancock's sexual harassment situation, but holy cow is most certainly is applicable to his bad behavior and subsequent apology.  This column makes a GREAT point that we have no gotten into the habit of letting famous bad actors simply apologize and get absolution with no other consequences.  This needs to change.  I DEMAND PENANCE!  

UGANDAN PRESIDENT SAYS YOUR MOUTH IS MADE FOR EATIN' FOOD AND NOTHING ELSE And stories like this one, which says the President of Uganda is thinking of making oral sex illegal make me more grateful than ever I was born in America.  Because there is a ZERO percent chance any of our recent POTUS would propose this.   

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