Tax Day Stinks and Should Make You Angry

GET THOSE TAXES IN TODAY OR ELSE File an extension like I did.  Today is tax day, and while most of us get a refund (about 80% of Americans) you STILL pay taxes.  Do you know how much you paid this year?  Did you bother to look at the line to see how much of your hard earned money the government confiscate this year?  If not, do it.  Then prepare to get really mad at how they spend it.

THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T RUN OUT OF CREATIVE WAYS TO SPEND YOUR MONEY And Citizens Against Government Waste does their annual Pig Book outlining just SOME of the myriad ways the government takes money away from you and gives it to other people to blow on things like:

  • Earmarks to support a lavish mansion in New York where people pay around $80,000 to have a wedding
  • 66.5 million dollars to a private non-profit which says it support democracy around the world
  • 6 million for the East-West Center in Hawaii, a place created over the objections of the State Department in the 1960s
  • $5,000,000 for the Asia Foundation, which is “committed to improving lives across a dynamic and developing Asia.”
  • $30,000,000 for the Starbase Youth Program, which teaches science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to at-risk youth in multiple locations at or near military bases around the country

Oh there is more from the recent past, you can read it here and here and here.  

AND THIS JACKTARD SAYS IT'S CONSERVATIVES WHO MAKE TAX DAY PAINFUL Seriously, this guy is trying to make the case that the reason tax day is so miserable is because the IRS just doesn't have enough money to make it fun.  If I had any doubt that some people are utterly delusional this pretty much erases it.  

BUT MAYBE IT'S THAT THE IRS WEBSITE HAS CRASHED FOR THE DAY Hours before the midnight deadline, the new IRS online filing system is down.  Heh. 

AND THIS GUYS SAYS WE DON'T PAY ENOUGH IN TAXES IN THE US And he's not kidding.  Compared to European nations, we don't pay nearly enough he says.  Would you like to live in Denmark where the government sucks up 46% of your income?  Me either.  But this guy apparently would like to live in that tax scheme.  

JAPAN COULD SAVE US FROM A CHINESE MONOPOLY ON RARE EARTH METALS Because they are lucky enough to have a small island off the coast which has magic mud on it.  The mud on this island is full of enough rare earth minerals to supply the world for like 600 years or something.  It's sort of cool and made me think of what, exactly, my cell phone is made of.  


HERE ARE 10 QUESTIONS STEPHANAPOLOUS SHOULD HAVE ASKED COMEY And they are pretty darn good questions.  Of course they will never be asked.  Here they are

GOVERNMENT PENSIONS ARE GOING TO BANKRUPT CITIES AND STATES And not just in Colorado, where what to do about PERA is an ongoing debate.  This article talks about Oregon and it's very real pension problem, but this could be our future here in Colorado.  A future where pension costs choke out all other spending, forcing fewer cops onto the streets and fewer dollars to repair said streets.  We have been warned.  

HOW OLD ARE THE OLDEST HUMAN REMAINS EVER FOUND IN THE US OF A? A heck of a lot older than you might think.  Some of them are 13,000 years old!  Here is a list of the oldest remains found in the US.  It's just nerdy and cool. 

HIGH AND MIGHTY WOMAN IN CALI BREAKS THE LAW TO NOT SELL HOME TO TRUMP FANS And you read that right.  A woman in Sacramento says she will NOT sell her home to any Trump supporters.  It probably stinks of cats and patchouli anyway.  At least one attorney says 

THIS COLUMN ABOUT SANTA MADE ME YELL A CURSE WORD But then I did a little digging about these alleged "people" who want to change Father Christmas to Person Christmas and I find it's more of a gag than anything else.  BUT SERIOUSLY??? 

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE "IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID, YOU BETTER BE TOUGH" SKI STORY An idiot who had been drinking* decided to try to jump the crowd at the Copper Mountain pond skimming event may now face felony charges for the stunt which broke a woman's collar bone and injured multiple others.  The moron in question talked about jumping the crowd (Bloody Mary in hand) and was told it was a bad idea but did it anyway.  

AND NOW, HERE ARE TWO SUMO WRESTLERS FIGHTING IN SLOW MOTION Seriously, it looks like two jellyfish colliding at high speed.  But I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT.  

NEIL GORSUCH SIDED WITH THE HIGH COURTS LIBS BUT I HAPPEN TO AGREE WITH HIM This was a case about a vague wording in a law about deportation.  The liberals on the court sided with the legal immigrant who was fighting deportation because the law that would have deported him required a standard that was too vague to meet.  Gorsuch agreed with them, but from a position of worrying about tyranny due to vaguely worded laws.  And he's right. 


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