James Comey Does Himself No Favors

TRUMP'S TARIFFS ARE NOT THE FIRST TARIFFS EVER And my guest today has written extensively about the history of tariffs.  I promise you'll learn something when I talk to David Pietrusza, Editor of the Cooledge Quarterly on his article The History of Tariffs, which you can read by clicking here

JAMES COMEY BELIEVES WHAT HE IS SELLING And his earnest belief that he is answering to a higher power than Donald Trump was on display in last night's interview with George Stephanapolous on ABC News.  I watched it last night, you can watch it below.  Do I believe what he's selling? We shall discuss today. 

BARBARA BUSH IS NEARING THE END OF HER LIFE AND TWITTER IS HORRIBLE It's a sad state of affairs when the news that Barbara Bush is ailing and has chosen "comfort care" (read: hospice) over further treatment brings out the total scum on Twitter.  Think what you may about her husband and son, but wishing her a quicker death because she "deserves to suffer" is an indication that our humanity has been completely lost.  Thankfully a quick check on Twitter today shows the tide has shifted and good wishes are overwhelming the miserable scumbags who can't let someone they disagree with politically die in peace.  

WALKER STAPLETON WALKS OUT OF THE STATE CONVENTION.  CYNTHIA COFFMAN, NOT SO MUCH.  Walker Stapleton's gamble to throw out his petitions, which were done by what we now know is a company with some issues, and try to get on the ballot at the GOP State Convention paid off.  He won a solid 44% of the votes and is on the primary ballot.  Surprise vote getter Greg Lopez, former Mayor of Parker, also made the ballot with 33% of the vote.  Who didn't make the ballot?  Attorney General Cynthia Coffman.  She garnered a measly 5% of votes, which was pretty embarrassing if you ask me.  Doug Johnson and Victor Mitchell are already on the ballot after petitioning to get there.  

AND IT'S JARED POLIS AND CARY KENNEDY OUT OF THE DEMOCRAT CONVENTION And Cary Kennedy won a LOT more votes than Polis, but that doesn't really mean much except the uber liberal voters of the convention liked her more.  

CONGRESS HAS ONCE AGAIN CRAPPED ON THE CONSTITUTION How this time?  Well in theory, according to our old, crusty founding document, Congress should pass a resolution of war before the President hurls missiles or bombs at Syria.  But he did Friday night, and they didn't.  But I'm sure our founders were just idiots who were overly cautious about allowing one man to essentially declare war.  

BUT WILL THEY DELIVER TO A YURT IN THE MOUNTAINS?  Dominoes is upping it's delivery game by adding a bunch of "hot spots", like the beach or a park bench in the city, to places they will deliver.  Because I guess even that homeless guy deserves fresh pie! 


ANDREW MCCABE TOTALLY DESERVED TO BE FIRED And you can go and read the entire report from the Inspector General or you can just read this very well done overview of what it says.  The long and short of it is Andrew McCabe LIED to the FBI under oath and otherwise and it got him fired.  What remains to be see is whether or not he will face the same charges as Michael Flynn.  If not, I sure hope someone asks Jeff Sessions why not.  

INSTEAD OF USING AID FOR IT'S PEOPLE, HAMAS BUILDS TUNNELS INTO ISRAEL And too bad for Hamas, Israel keeps finding them and "sealing" them, which I would reckon means collapsing the tunnel well into the tunnel to keep a workaround from being done.  The tunnels are used to smuggle weapons and terrorists into Israel.  I'm sure the money used for these tunnels could have gone a long way to help the people suffering in the Gaza Strip. 

HERE'S AN APP THAT WILL CHOOSE THE RIGHT MUSIC WHILE YOU GET BUSY And honestly, I'd get it, but I'd be afraid there would be too much pressure to make it play something rather than just enjoy what it chooses.  You know what I mean? You can try it however, right here.  Although you really should worry about Facebook targeting you with ads based on the words that come out of your mouth. 

WHEN SHOULD YOU BUY YOUR SUMMER AIRFARE?  Here's an article with some ideas on how to save money on your summer vacay airfare.  

THE TEACHER'S UNIONS SHUT DOWN A FEW SCHOOL DISTRICTS TODAY Right here in the Denver Metro.  The teachers are demanding an increase to the 26% of Colorado's budget spent on education currently.  Three categories make up 75% of our budget: education, healthcare, and pensions.  Considering teachers are part of PERA, that means teachers and education likely make up a large part of our budget.  And yet they want more.  So the unions arranged walkouts that shut down districts that don't have a deep substitute bench.  And they are planning more disruptions next week too. 

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