CDOT's Michael Lewis and The GOP is bailing.

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PAUL RYAN IS OUT As he's not running for re election.  This continues a pretty big mass exodus of Republican members of Congress and the Senate.  Why is this?  Mid terms are always tough for the party of the sitting President, and there is a lot of value by going out on your own terms rather than being booted by the voters.  I have to think that Trump has a LOT to do with this, as even members who publicly support him truly hate the guy behind closed doors.  What does this mean for Trump?  And more importantly, what does this mean for America?  

HOLY COW THIS IS A REALLY COOL SOLUTION FOR PLASTIC WASTE And I have to thank a listener who posted a similar video on my Facebook page (thanks, Jamie!).  This guy has figured out a way to use recycled plastic to make better asphalt that he says lasts longer and is less prone to potholes.  Super cool! 

THE JOBS MARKET IS BOOMING, SO WAGE INCREASES CAN'T BE FAR BEHIND The McDonald's near my house is staring people at 12 bucks an hour.  And they've had that starting wage for some time now.  The jobless claims are on the longest streak ever at 162 weeks of under 300,000 new claims.  Unemployment is really, really low.  This is really good news for the American worker, as this means wages and benefits will increase as people try to hire and retain great people in a highly competitive labor pool.  Good news for sure!

HA HA, NOW DEMOCRATS ARE TREATING DEMOCRATS LIKE THEY'VE TREATED REPUBLICANS FOR YEARS And this time it's happening to Senator Claire McCaskill in Missouri.  A black Democratic State Senator from Missouri has targeted McCaskill as not doing enough for black people in her district while also calling for reparations.  Of course she is.  Have fun with this one, Claire!  

I KNOW PUNK WHO DO THIS VERY SAME THING!  Which is rock green hair and breathe through their genitals.  Okay, I'm not sure about that last part, but a turtle with green hair which breathes through it's genitals has been added to the endangered species list.  That is all. 

DEAR MILLENIALS, YOU CAN BE IGNORANT OF A LOT OF STUFF, BUT NOT THIS This survey in my humble opinion is a damning indictment of our educational system in the United States.  How in the WORLD can 4 in 10 millenials NOT KNOW that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust?  That's what a survey just showed and this is shameful on SO MANY levels.  TWO THIRDS couldn't tell you what Auschwitz was.  SERIOUSLY???  

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE GAY JOKES AS LONG AS YOU SAY YOU SUPPORT THE GAYS My friend Christian Toto rightfully points out in the column that if you're a staunch and well known left winger you can make gay jokes with pretty much no blowback at all.  Must be nice to have your cake and joke about it too. 

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