Trump Attorney gets Raided and Syria. Oh My.-+

IF THEY RAIDED TRUMP'S ATTORNEY, THERE BETTER BE SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT And it better come out really, really fast.  Attorney-client privilege is a pretty big deal in our legal system, perhaps the biggest deal other than a trial by your peers.  By raiding the offices and home of Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen, the Special Counsel (who did the raid via the US Attorney's office in Manhattan) has definitely upped the ante.  It remains to be seen what the heck this has to do with Russia.  It seems to have something to do with the payment to Stormy Daniels, the porn star who threatened to go public unless she officially got paid to keep quiet, but it doesn't have anything to do with Russia.  Can we stop giving Special Counsel carte blanche to just keep digging until he or she has some sort of some kind of crime?  To say Trump is rightfully angry is an understatement.  Lest you poo-poo the importance of this raid, read this breakdown of how difficult it is legally to do what they just did here.  And now we know that Rod Rosenstein signed off on the search.  

WHAT TO DO IF YOU BUMP INTO A MOUNTAIN LION OR SOMETHING Rachel Levin's new book is perfect for all of you hiking newbies who never really thought about what to do if you bump into a bear, or a mountain lion or any other huge animal who can eat you.  Her new book Look Big: And Other Tips for Surviving Animal Encounters of All Kinds tells you exactly what to do and she joins me today at 3 to discuss it!  Buy her really good book here

CONGRESSMAN KEN BUCK IN DRAINING THE SWAMP IS ON TODAY He's on today at 2pm to talk about his appearance in a new documentary about DC.  

IT'S NATIONAL SIBLINGS DAY!  Time to give your stupid brothers and sisters a call and thank them for not killing you when you were young.  

DID CHINA JUST BLINK?  I am not convinced that Donald Trump thinks tariffs are the end-all-be-all for the US of A.  I believe they are simply a tough negotiating tactic.  And now it seems that China may have blinked.  President Xi Jinping has offered some concessions on auto tariffs and do more to protect intellectual property rights in China.  That's kind of a big deal.  This could be the beginning of a better trade situation for the US.  

SYRIA CROSSES ANOTHER RED LINE ONLY THIS TIME IT MATTERS And the "red line" this time was rhetorically drawn by French President Emmanuel Macron who said in February that Syria should not cross the "red line" of chemical weapons.  After what is believed by everyone except Russia and Bashar Al Assad's government to be a chemical attacks in which dozens were killed in a horrific manner, Macron is already talking to President Trump about an appropriate response.  We'll see what that ends up being.  


MIGRANTS ARE ABUSING THE ASYLUM SYSTEM BUT THERE'S NO GOOD WAY TO STOP IT This column does a nice job of breaking down the stats of who is claiming asylum as they make their way into the US.  There has been a HUGE uptick in people trying to claim asylum from Latin American countries as of late, most of which will be denied asylum.  But in the meantime, this has created a HUGE backlog which the government must try to wade through, which means that people who legitimately qualify for asylum are left in limbo by those who don't.  

THIS IS THE KIND OF LONGEVITY PLAN I CAN GET BEHIND! The new World's Oldest Man is a Japanese man who credits his long life to soaking in hot springs and eating sweets.  YES!  

CALIFORNIA SENATOR WANTS ALL NEWS CHECKED BY GOVERNMENT MINDERS At least online news, which is odd since I'm sure the LA Times has published several items I could point to as potential fake news.  The bill pushed by hard core lefty State Senator Richard Pan would require any social media platform to verify the news that appeared on the site and run it all by a government approved fact checkers.  Just the social media platforms that have a physical presence in California, that is.  I'm guessing there would be a mass exodus of company headquarters if this passed.  

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE FAKE BLACK LIVES MATTER FACEBOOK PAGE?  The one that ripped off a bunch of people who thought they were donating to support Black Lives Matters events in the US?  It was set up by an Australian who took the money and one knows what with it.  Please be careful and do your due diligence before you give ANY group money, on Facebook or otherwise.  Because Facebook is not going to protect you from scammers.  

THIS IS WHAT KNIFE CONTROL LOOKS LIKE!  AND IT'S RIDICULOUS. As London grapples with a skyrocketing murder rate they are grasping at straws to stop it.  And needle nose pliers, and scissors and other household items they deem too dangerous for the average Joe to have.  I'm not kidding.  Read this

NO ACTION TAKEN BY THE NON-INVESTIGATED MAYOR AGAINST CHIEF WHITE I'm very happy I don't live in Denver, where the Mayor is not investigated after sexually harassing a member of his protection detail (but he apologized, that makes it all okay, amiright??) and no action is taken after the Police Chief refuses to release records that are unflattering to him and improperly has a police chase and had a couple of people arrested for no reason apparently.  The Denver Police Department has been declared "dysfunctional" but the man who is probably responsible for that is going to keep his job.  Sounds like a great place to live, doesn't it?  

WANT TO DRIVE UP PIKES PEAK?  BETTER DO IT SOON. Because private vehicles could be a thing of the past up the mountain, at least while work is being done to the Summit House at the top.  And did you know the Cog Railway closed??? Me either.  But it did, maybe for good.  

COULD WALKER STAPLETON'S CAMPAIGN BE DERAILED BY A PETITION GATHERING COMPANY? He's now rescinding the petitions he filed to get on the ballot because the company he paid to gather them has been accused of wrongdoing while working for Rep. Doug Lamborn.  Stapleton now says he's going to try to qualify for the ballot at the GOP state convention this weekend.  

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