Hypnosis, Wayne Hagin and Offensive Movies!

IT'S TIME TO GO BACK TO THE GOOD OL DAYS IN BASEBALL Or back the beginning of the Rockies when Wayne Hagin and Jeff Kingery were the announcers.  Wayne is back in Denver and he's coming on at 3!  Touch base with Wayne at his website here

NO, OFFICE SPACE ISN'T AN ACCURATE REPRESENTATION OF HYPNOSIS I get funny emails from you guys and when I started doing ads for Colorado Hypnosis I can't tell you how many of them were about the movie Office Space. Dr. Jonathan Sheldon is coming back on to talk about the realities and the misconceptions about this works.  Find out more by clicking here

I WANT TO MAKE GRANT THE INTERN WATCH OFFENSIVE MOVIES And I need suggestion.  We've pretty much got all of Mel Brooks movies, but what else are we missing? 

THE WOMAN WHO SHOT UP YOUTUBE WAS A VEGAN BODY BUILDER NUTJOB And everything that's wrong with our society in one unhinged person.  She was SUPER mad because YouTube was preventing her from becoming the star she knew she was.  So she shot people.  Makes perfect sense to me.  And once again, her parents saw something and said something and law enforcement did nothing

FOR A MORON, TRUMP SEEMS TO BE HANDLING SOME PARTS OF THE ECONOMY OKAY The jobs report was pretty dang good, with the private sector adding 241,000 jobs.  And they are in good paying sectors.  Not too shabby for an idiot in the White House. 

WE COULD FREEZE OUR TUCHUSES OFF AT FRIDAY'S GAME Everybody I've talked to says this is the worst weather forecast they've ever seen for Opening Day for the Rockies.  I'm prepared.  Hoodie?  Check?  Rockies blanket?  Check.  Gloves?  Check.  Let's play ball! 

ROSEANNE KEPT A GOOD BIT OF HER NUMBERS With 15 million clocking in for last night's episode.  We'll see if she has staying power or if the novelty wears off.  Or if the relentless hounding by the lefties works.  I sure hope that last thing doesn't happen. 

I SURE HOPE SHE BLAMES ME NEXT OR I'LL FEEL LEFT OUT. The Hillary Blamarama Tour continues, as she's adding daily to the list of people responsible for her loss.  No, she hasn't added HER name, that would be ludicrous.  This week, it's misogyny, FBI, sexism, NRA, and still Russia.  What's a girl got to do to get noticed???  

WANT TO SEE DENVER FROM THE STRATOSPHERE? Then watch this video sent to me by listener Kevin, he's the guy who made it.


THIS IS WHY I LIKE TREY GOWDY AND AM SORRY HE'S LEAVING CONGRESS He flat out says that Congress isn't about doing right for the country, but just about winning.  

I HAVE A GUEST COMMENTARY I'D LIKE TO SHARE Because I got this email and it's really good. It's about this story about why Baltimore is dying and the liberal author imagining that a new museum downtown would solve things.  Read it here.  Now here are the comments of John from Littleton:

What's causing Baltimore's population loss? It's no mystery? Actually it IS still a mystery to the author of this article. Author David Placher says, "The city needs bold ideas, so I offer mine. The city should work with the Maryland legislature to turn City Hall and the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Courthouse into state museums by using both private and public funding. Both buildings have historic feels that are perfect for museums. This would inject more tourism into downtown and bring more people to the area."

Well, he's close, but missed it completely. It is the Democrat ideas inside those buildings that are relics of the past and should be locked inside a museum. Placher thinks increasing tourism would solve the problem? So decreased tourism is the real issue? Seriuosly? Why would a tourist risk their life to go to a hole like Baltimore? That's a really bold idea David! Very progressive and fresh!

Mayor Pugh wants to increase Police spending. That's not a bad idea, but she needs to get rid of gun control and safe zones first! But that would be blasphemy against the Democrat religion. Baltimore is one of many examples of the Democrat cancer, and the last thing that's ever going to happen is for Democrat policies to be blamed.

Here's my bold idea. Get rid of leftism. Help homeless people get off drugs and get jobs so they can get their own home instead of the government giving them one. That will clean up any downtown area of any town. Get rid of gun-free zones so that criminals can fear everyone once again - not just cops. Help the Police by letting good people with guns help them instead of spending more of those people's taxes on a bigger band aid. Start by voting in a Conservative replacement for Mayor Pugh. Get rid of leftism.

Ain't ever gonna happen...

SOME THINK IT'S WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE, BUT NOW IT'S A MOVIE And Ben Shapiro has a pretty good write up of the film Chappaquiddick about that time Ted Kennedy let a woman drown to protect himself.  Read it here




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