Great Customer Service Stories!

ROSEANNE MAY HAVE ANOTHER HIT ON HER HANDS We'll see if the stunning numbers (now about 25 million viewers) from last week hold up, but the reboot of the Roseanne show has struck a nerve.  On the Left, people are losing their minds that someone who is sort of crazy sometimes but WAS A DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTER *gasp* has a show that people are watching.  On the right, there seems to be a collective high five that there might finally be a show that won't lecture them on everything in every scene.  Hollywood would do well to take note, but much like the news media which refuses to possibly even CONSIDER that their own biases are showing, I'm not holding my breath.  

DAVE HAD A GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE SO good that it is inspiring us to share GOOD customer service stories.  It's a mad props kind of day! 

DO MORE GUNS EQUAL MORE MURDERS?  MAYBE NOT This author did a pretty fair job with a bird's eye view on private gun ownership and murder rates.  His conclusion?  The most dangerous places in the world (war torn areas excluded) are overwhelmingly those with the most restrictions on private firearm ownership.  

DID YOU KNOW LONDON JUST SURPASSED NEW YORK IN MURDERS FOR 2018? And here's a fun fact, they were mostly knife attacks.  As a matter of fact, knife attacks are up dramatically in London.  They should just ban knives and call it a day.  But they will also have to ban acid too, as 2017 saw a record number of acid attacks

TRUMP SAYS HE'S SENDING TROOPS TO THE BORDER As a mass of people are marching through Mexico to invade our country.  This is going to be very interesting to watch and I hope no one gets hurt.  He has to do this however, or the influx will be massive and relentless.  

COULD POT HELP WITH OUR OPIOID EPIDEMIC?  Two new studies seem to suggest the answer is yes. They both showed that opiate prescriptions dropped in states that have easy access to marijuana.  The researchers say this suggests that people who would have otherwise used opiates to manage pain are using pot instead, which we all know has very little risk of addiction and pretty much zero chance of overdose.  

WHOA.  Scientists found a star 9 BILLION LIGHT YEARS AWAY.  NINE. FREAKING. BILLION.  When the light left that star, we didn't even exist as a planet yet.  Whoa.  

IF THESE KIDS ARE BORED I CAN FIND SOMETHING FOR THEM TO DO Generation Z is SO BORED.  And they are bored with the entire internet apparently.  There is even a neat name for it: Phone Bored.  It's the internet equivalent for that time you spend flipping channels for an hour and nothing is on.  Poor kids, maybe you should go outside or, I don't know, have a conversation.  



NFL CHEERLEADERS LIVE UNDER DRACONIAN RULES AND PEOPLE ARE SURPRISED Women vie to be cheerleaders for NFL teams all over the country.  They try out, they practice hard and make almost NO money.  And now the New York Times is working to uncover just how stupid some of the rules put forth by the men of the NFL for cheerleaders really are.  None of this surprises me, as I was a flight attendant who had to be weighed annually to keep my job.  If we're all entirely honest, no one wants to see a slovenly, overweight cheerleader in a little costume, do they? 

WANT TO GET THAT OLD TIMEY TYPEWRITER FEEL FOR YOUR KEYBOARD?  Now you can!  A genius made a computer keyboard that is just like it.  

IS THE DENVER CITY COUNCIL COVERING FOR MAYOR HANCOCK? I can't think of another valid reason for them refusing to even do an investigation into the sexual harassment allegations the Mayor has already copped to.  The victim has requested an examination, and yet the City Council is simply saying no.  Why?  Why not air all the dirty laundry in a timely fashion and put this whole thing to bed?  Maybe because this isn't all there is to the story?  

Mandy Connell


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