Reflections on Israel and whatnot.

ISRAEL IS NOT AT ALL WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS And you need to go.  For real.  Today I'm going to give you a rundown of everything that I think I learned and I hope you want to go after I'm done.  This was a real paradigm shifter for me. 

LET'S TALK ABOUT PROCRASTINATION.  BUT LET'S DO IT LATER. I've got author Andrew Santella on today at 3pm to talk about his new book SOON: An Overdue History of Procrastination, from Leonardo and Darwin to You and Me.  Buy it here.  Sooner rather than later.

AND THIS IS WHY I DON'T WANT SYRIAN REFUGEES IN THE US I hope you heard me talk about his as I talked about Israel.  After seeing the Syrian border and talking to a Syrian immigrant I have a tremendous amount of compassion for the Syrian people.  There is no easy solution to what is happening there, and other than Damascus, where Bashar lives, the entire country is destroyed.  Completely.  However, the hatred that has lead Syria to this place is not the sort of hatred that goes away with a move.  As Germany is now finding out.  

WHEN DID DAVID HOGG BECOME KING OF THE WORLD? I was off Twitter most of last week and when I dialed into the Internet's Cesspool it was all David Hogg all the time.  And I must give it to him, he's pulled off the remarkable. He's officially a Man-Child, able to switch back and forth between "New Leader of the Western World" and "Adorable Little Scamp Being Bullied by Big Meanies" with ease.  I feel sorry for this kid, actually.  Kids his age are simply not well developed mentally to handle the intoxicating nature of fame and when the camera moves on to the next Kid With a Message he's going to be hit hard by his own irrelevance.  I'm not wishing it, but I suspect he will struggle mightily in early adulthood.  

DNA TESTS FOR IQ ARE COMING AND YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE ONE I am against anything that tells someone "this is what you are and will always be because your DNA says it".  Other than things like eye color of course.  Now there is a DNA test that allegedly can tell you your IQ.  Or more importantly, that can tell you your child's IQ.  This is a BAD idea.  IQ is only one measure of success and if we are going to box kids in to thinking they can't achieve at a high level because of genes we are sentencing them to failure.  

HERE I THOUGHT HOLLYWOOD LOVED THE GAYS And if it's a chick who says she' bi, well that's HOT, amiright?  But leading men who are gay are still afraid to come out publicly for fear it will hurt their careers.  

WHEN YOU WANT TO TRADE YOUR FREEDOM FOR SOME SECURITY, THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.  SORRY KIDS.  The kids from Parkland are finding out that when you demand safety, your freedom gets dinged.  They are upset about having to use clear backpacks and wear id badges at school all the time.  Be careful what you wish for, kids, you just might get it. 


ANYONE WHO THOUGHT MITCH MCCONNELL WOULD CHANGE IS SILLY Because he is old school politics through and through and there is NOTHING he wants more than power.  And now members of the Senate are mad at his Harry Reid like dictatorial style


In case you missed the ‘condom-snorting challenge’ — and didn’t know it’s a bad idea

Yep.  We goners for sure. 

IT WASN'T A TRAGEDY, IT WAS A CRIME, BUT WHATEV This Politico review of the new movie about Ted Kennedy leaving a young woman to die in his car after he drove it off a bridge is disgusting.  That is all. 

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