Congressman Ken Buck!

CONGRESSMAN KEN BUCK IS NOT HAPPY WITH THIS SPENDING BILL And I'm thrilled to say he voted against it (as did Rep. Coffman, Rep. DeGette, and Rep. Polis, although we aren't sure of their specific reasoning).  Buck is on at 1:35 to discuss.

WHO VOTED FOR THE BILL?  Here is who voted for and against the Spending Bill in the Senate and here are the vote totals for the House

GLOBALISM VS. NATIONALISM DEBATED BY TWO HEAVY WEIGHTS This event promises to be spectacular, with former Mexican President and Super Trump fan (that's sarcasm) Vicente Fox debating Brexit fan and European Parliament member Nigel Farage on the merits of Nationalism vs. globalism.  I'll talk to Jennifer Schubert-Akin,  Steamboat Institute Chairman and CEO at 3pm about it.  Buy your tickets to watch by clicking here

THE BILL MAY SINK AMERICA BUT AT LEAST CONGRESS GAVE ITSELF A RAISE!  And raised their expense allowances and gave staff a raise.  Because don't these hardworking folks deserve more of your money?  

SOMEONE SHOULD TELL TRUMP THE MILITARY WON'T SAVE US FROM OURSELVES He is signing the crap sandwich budget bill today and in his comments this morning he droned on and on about how we HAD to bust the budget in order to shore up our military.  Someone with a rudimentary knowledge of history needs to explain to him that it's never being invaded which REALLY ends an empire.  Maybe he should read this excellent column on how empires fall before he signs any more spending-us-into-oblivion bills again. From this most excellent work:

The Greeks, too, with the example of the sack of Troy before them, were morbidly aware how impermanent greatness might be. Herodotus, the first man to attempt a narrative of how and why empires succeed one another that did not look primarily to a god for its explanations, bookends his great history with telling passages on the precariousness of civilisations. “Human foundations both great and insignificant will need to be discussed,” he declares at the start of his first book. “Most of those that were great once have since slumped into decline, and those that used to be insignificant have risen, within my own lifetime, to rank as mighty powers. I will pay equal attention to both, for human beings and prosperity never endure side by side for long.”

Then, in the very last paragraph of his history, he provides what is, in essence, the first materialist theory as to why civilisations should succeed and fail. The Persians, having conquered a great empire, want to move from their harsh mountains to a richer land – but Cyrus, their king, forbids it. “Soft lands breed soft men.” It is a perspective that Herodotus has been tracing throughout his account of civilisational vicissitude, using it to explain why the Persians were able to conquer the Lydians, the Babylonians and the Egyptians, only to come to grief against the poverty-stricken but hardy Greeks. Implicit in his narrative, written at a time when Athens was at her peak of glory, is a warning: where other great powers have gone, the Athenians will surely follow.

Sound familiar?  You really should read the whole piece and yes, I know it's long.  Stop complaining about me helping you be smarter.  

HOLY COW IS THIS VIDEO TERRIFYING. And I usually just link to the video, but you need to read the context that is posted at YouTube first, because THIS WEAPON DOES NOT EXIST YET.  Yet. 

Perhaps the most nightmarish, dystopian film of 2017 didn't come from Hollywood. Autonomous weapons critics, led by a college professor, put together a horror show. It's a seven-minute video, a collaboration between University of California-Berkeley professor Stuart Russell and the Future of Life Institute that shows a future in which palm-sized, autonomous drones use facial recognition technology and on-board explosives to commit untraceable massacres. The film is the researchers' latest attempt to build support for a global ban on autonomous weapon systems, which kill without meaningful human control. They released the video to coincide with meetings the United Nations' Convention on Conventional Weapons is holding this week in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss autonomous weapons. "We have an opportunity to prevent the future you just saw, but the window to act is closing fast," said Russell, an artificial intelligence professor, at the film's conclusion. "Allowing machines to choose to kill humans will be devastating to our security and freedom." In the film, thousands of college students are killed in attacks at a dozen universities after drones swarm campuses. Some of the drones first attach to buildings, blowing holes in walls so other drones can enter and hunt down specific students. A similar scene is shown at the U.S. Capitol, where a select group of Senators were killed. Such atrocities aren't possible today, but given the trajectory of tech's development, that will change in the future. The researchers warn that several powerful nations are moving toward autonomous weapons, and if one nation deploys such weapons, it may trigger a global arms race to keep up.

HER VERSION OF "ASHAMED" IS MUCH DIFFERENT THAN MY VERSION OF ASHAMED I have done things I am ashamed of.  I try to learn from my mistakes, never repeat them and most importantly, I keep them to myself.  Not Karen McDougal, one of the women who slept with Donald Trump when he was a married businessman playboy.  Where does this fall on the Spectrum of Feminism?  How do the feminists respond to a woman so desperate for attention she's doing interviews about a consensual relationship with a married man?  Yes, I am judging her.  

UNITED AIRLINES IS APPARENTLY WHERE YOU WANT TO GET BUMPED Because one woman was given a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR voucher to use on future flights.  I wonder when it expires?  I'd be booking a first class seat somewhere far away for sure.  

REP. KEITH ELLISON KNOWS HOW MUCH YOU SHOULD MAKE And he's advocating for a "maximum wage" for CEOs he believes are simply "greedy" because they make so much more than the entry level workers in their companies.  This guy sucks. 

STUDENT DAVID HOGG WANTS CONTROL, BUT NOT ANY CONTROL WHICH MIGHT EMBARRASS HIM. Just read this story and understand completely why I am not getting my policy advice from the survivors of the Parkland shooting. 

AND NOW, AN OCTOPUS HIDES FROM A SHARK USING A DISGUISE And you really need to watch Blue Planet II. 

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