Could Gun Violence Restraining Orders Work?

COULD WE ALL AGREE ON THIS NEW GUN LAW? A gun violence restraining order is a court ordered measure that would remove a person's guns from their possession if certain lofty standards were met.  This is not a crazy idea.  As long as due process for the accused is protected, I would be okay with this, as I am okay with a normal restraining order.  In this case, guns could be removed TEMPORARILY if threats CAN BE DEMONSTRATED.  It could have prevented the Parkland shooting IF THE GOVERNMENT HAD BEEN DOING IT'S JOB. But I'm not convinced it will stop all shootings, it might be a measure that we can all agree on.  David French from National Review makes the case.  But the system needs to be well thought out to work and the new Florida law, hastily passed after Parkland, may already be showing some potential problems

THIS IS WHY I INCREASINGLY LOVE RAND PAUL AND HATE OTHER REPUBLICANS Has anyone looked over the massive deficit busting spending bill put forth by the Republicans?  It's obscene if you care about our massive debt or worry about how our debt will eventually be the end of our empire.  Rand Paul gets it, which is why he's on record with disgust and disdain for the way the GOP is governing. As he should be.  

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT FEE.ORG And read the article I just read from by clicking here

YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY SO MANY PEOPLE LOVE TIM TEBOW?  It's because regardless of his ability to play football in the NFL he is an OUTSTANDING human being.  Just read this.  And then watch this. 

TRUMP'S TRUST IN JARED KUSHNER MAY PROVE TO BE HUGELY SMART As Jared is slowly but surely working to build a coalition in the Middle East which may prove to be the necessary catalyst to move the Israeli-Palestinians conflict talks forward.  It's odd that he's getting credit already, considering nothing of REAL substance is happening....yet.  Could you imagine the head's around the world that would pop like a grape if the TRUMP administration managed to wrangle out a peace agreement??? 

HEY VEGANS, STOP PROMOTING WHITE MASCULINITY ALREADY! What the heck am I talking about?  I'm talking about yet another example of Peak Stupidity, that's what.  Now men who become vegans are reclaiming their

 “previously-stigmatized consumption identity” to wield power over women by framing their lifestyle as a rational, rather than emotional, choice.

Got that?  If you do anything rational, that's promoting white masculinity.  You can read the whole article here, but I'm not kidding when I tell you your IQ will drop if you do.  


THIS IS SORT OF ONE MAN'S VERSION OF THE #METOO MOVEMENT Only he's taking on his middle school tormentor who now happens to lead the school district they both attended.  It's kind of a remarkable story when you think about it, considering the man faced his tormentor at a school board meeting.  Dave and I both believe this man who was obviously traumatized and not so much the Superintendent who is denying it.  But what a moment this must have been for this guy.  

WE FINALLY HAVE VIDEO OF THE VEGAS SHOOTER And it's oddly unsatisfying because it's so mundane.  There is not hint of what he was planning, no hint to the motive behind it, just the methodical additions to the arsenal he used to commit his horrific act.  

HERE'S AN ARTICLE ABOUT MY FAVE JORDAN PETERSON And it's spot on when it talks about how he isn't just putting up YouTube videos, he's trying to save Western Culture.  If you're not subscribed to his YouTube channel, you are truly missing out.   

MY GENDER BETTER GET IT'S ACT TOGETHER WHEN IT COMES TO FREE SPEECH Michael Barone rightfully asks if women are against free speech after a recent poll shows that...well...women are against free speech.  This is somewhat horrifying and reinforces the (fairly accurate) stereotype that women are fueled by emotion.  

SOME PEOPLE ON THE LEFT SEEM TO THINK JOE BIDEN CAN BEAT TRUMP And they mean metaphorically AND literally. From The Daily Beast:

Liberals are generally criticizing Biden for this outburst of toxic masculinity—which helps explain why they lost to Donald Trump in the first place. It seems they have learned nothing.

They may be on to something there.  The namby pamby version of manhood promoted by the Left these days is...well...unattractive.  But wanting Joe Biden to run in 2020 is fantastic, because nothing says "we're hip and cool and NOW" more than a 77 year old white guy retread candidate who first ran for President before most millenials WERE EVERN BORN.  Go for it, Dems.  

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