PC Warriors Ruin Literature

JUST IN CASE YOU THOUGHT THERE WAS ANY CHANCE THE PC WARRIORS WOULDN'T WIN I regret to inform you that they already have.  It is well established that college campuses, long bastions of free and challenging speech, have caved to the demands of the Angry Crowd to stifle and censor ANY thought that ANY person MIGHT find disagreeable.  Now we know that that art world, which also long has claimed to be the home of in-your-face truth has caved as well.  Case in point: 

Social Justice Warriors are ruining literature before it even has a chance to be born.  An author who wrote a young adult fantasy novel and was horrified to learn before it was even published that is was wildly offensive to everyone and she had to die.  Okay, I'm exaggerating that last point, but when early readers told her that her book was "racist" because of it's depictions of THE ENTIRELY MADE UP TRIBE OF PEOPLE. So what did she do?  She folded like a cheap suit and hired "sensitivity readers" to fix it up.  I could not make this up if I tried.  We should all admit we've lost this battle and just sign up for sensitivity training now. 

DR. GARY IS ON TO TALK REGENERATIVE MEDICINE And he'll have the latest news and take your questions about whether this could help you at 2.  Find out more about Downtown's Healthcare by clicking here

THE AUSTIN BOMBER IS DEAD AND NO ONE KNOWS WHY HE DID IT Although I'm going to go ahead and call this white kid from the suburbs a terrorist, because that's what he was.  No one is offering up anything in the way of a motive.  I sure hope this story doesn't fall off the pages like the Las Vegas shooter did.  Does anyone else think it's weird that we still don't have any video of that guy while he stayed in a city with cameras everywhere???  Back to the Austin Murderer/Terrorist Condit.  I checked his Instagram page and he posted nothing but seemed to follow every account with scantily clad, big bootied women ever made and nothing else.  It does make me want to contact these women and find out if it creeps them out to know this guy was looking their photos.  

NOAA IS JUST MAKING STUFF UP AND USING IT TO PROVE THEIR LIE And I wish I wasn't sharing with you another analysis showing that NOAA has been manipulating numbers and making up temperatures.  NOAA "refined" their data some years ago and have been trying to explain away the changes to the early 20th century data since then.  Now we find out that up to 50% of NOAA's temperature readings from weather stations are "estimated" which means "made up".  This author says NOAA still has a lot of explaining to do. Lest you dismiss this because "everyone" has said this is no big deal, read this blog post by climatologist Judith Curry, who initially dismissed it.  


Do you think it's acceptable or unacceptable to vote for a presidential candidate who has done immoral acts in his or her own personal life?

Surprise, surprise, it's DEMOCRATS who are now prudish and unhappy.  A whopping 53% say it is UNACCEPTABLE.  The GOP on the other hand is super fine it with only 25% saying it's unacceptable.  This is a far cry from 1998 when Republicans supported impeachment for Bill Clinton and his sexual acts with Monica. (I know, I know, he was impeached for lying, but still)  I can't wait for the next Democrat sex scandal to break so I can remind outrage Republicans that they ceded the high road long ago on these matters.  As I remind Democrats of the utter and complete hypocrisy right now.  

GOOD FOR THIS COLLEGE!  AND GOOD FOR THE STUDENTS! A Wisconsin college is thinking of doing away with some majors that don't have a whole lot of future in the job world.  Say goodbye to English, Philosophy and other degrees that have little practical purpose in the Real World.  The University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point wants to focus more on practical careers like Graphic Design and Marketing to make sure kids are hireable when they graduate.  Since this is only one of 11 campuses in the UW system, there are plenty of other opportunities for students to spend a ton on a worthless degree.  

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!  Because Mr. Rogers was the man.

And I just saw this and I'm so glad I watched it.  I wish Hollywood would watch this.  I totally ugly cried.

WHY JUST EARNING SIX FIGURES ISN'T WHAT YOU THINK IT IS How much do you have to earn in Colorado to actually TAKE HOME six figures?  USA Today has a handy guide on what your gross needs to be to net 100k.  In Colorado, the number is roughly $144,000 bucks.  

COULD GUN VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDERS BE A MEASURE WE CAN AGREE ON? A gun violence restraining order is a court ordered measure that would remove a person's guns from their possession if certain lofty standards were met.  This is not a crazy idea.  As long as due process for the accused is protected, I would be okay with this, as I am okay with a normal restraining order.  In this case, guns could be removed TEMPORARILY if threats CAN BE DEMONSTRATED.  It could have prevented the Parkland shooting IF THE GOVERNMENT HAD BEEN DOING IT'S JOB. But I'm not convinced it will stop all shootings, it might be a measure that we can all agree on.  David French from National Review makes the case. 

BUT CAN YOU WALK AND CHEW GUM?  The city that used to be tough as nails where you could make it anywhere if you could make it there is now thinking of banning smoking while walking because it's "unpleasant".  Got that?  If something is unpleasant to someone, we need government to ban it.  I vote we ban flesh colored leggings next because I often find those unpleasant.  

DEAR JOE BIDEN, SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE PLEASE For whatever reason Old Joe decided to throw down about how HE would have beaten Donald Trump up in high school for disrespecting women.  Seriously?  Joe is a super creepy woman mauler.  

THAT GUY WHO CALLED MARINES THE LOWEST OF THE LOW HAS BEEN CANNED He was a high school teacher who was recorded telling a student that people who join the military are the "lowest of the low".  He's been on leave ever since.  Now he's been fired, but he has the chance to appeal.  

HERE'S WHY COCKROACHES SHOULD DIE BUT WON'T If we can learn how to regenerate limbs studying cockroaches I will hate them a little less, but until then reading that they are genetically indestructible just makes me angry.  

KIDS DON'T LIKE TO READ?  FORCE THEM UPON PENALTY OF DEATH! I love this tongue in cheek column so very much.  At least I think it's tongue in cheek.  But I agree 100%.

HEY REMEMBER WHEN BARACK OBAMA CONGRATULATE VLAD PUTIN? No?  Well he did pretty soon after he made fun of Mitt Romney for saying Russia was our biggest geopolitical foe.  So stop with the vapors about Trump doing it. 


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