Facebook is in the Hot Seat!

I LOVE CRAFTY AND INVENTIVE KIDS!  And I've got some of the best coming in today at 3 to talk about their inventions and the Gates Invention Program at Graland Country Day school.  These kids are AMAZING.

IS THERE ANYTHING YOU HAVEN'T EVER TOLD YOUR PARENTS?  The immediate answer is "of course" because I think we've all done things we haven't told our parents.  Dave saw this question at the hockey game this past weekend and I think it's interesting.  I wonder if any of you can be cajoled to call in with a fake name and share your stories?  

FACEBOOK IS IN THE HOT SEAT AND THIS COULD BE THE BEGINNING OF THE END I don't mean the end of Facebook, I mean the end of unregulated content providers.  It's a sad day for all of us, as any time government gets it's grubby mitts on something they stifle innovation and make things move much more slowly.  It's going to be interesting to see how the FTC responds to the latest accusations that companies used Facebook data outside the regular terms of service.  I'm even MORE curious to find out how pervasive the misuse of Facebook data is.  I will not ever believe it was ONLY this company misusing it.  Because that's just naive.  

THE SAN FRAN NANNY STATE IS COMING FOR YOUR MUFFS Your fur muffs, that is.  San Francisco may join uber liberal Berkeley and West Hollywood in banning the sale of fur.  Not oddly at all, retailers are not happy, but who cares, amiright?  Let them eat cake!  What do you expect from a city that banned Happy Meals.  Yes, yes, they did. 

THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER IS UTTER AND COMPLETE HACKERY And even the left leaning The Week has declared it so.  Now if only well meaning liberals would stop giving this place money all would be well with the world.  Oh, and they don't need any more money, trust me on this.  Or trust their Trust I should say.  It's UGE. 

JUST CALL HIM SIR RINGO Ringo Starr has been knighted, which is nice.  What I found even nicer was finding out he's still married to Barbara Bach.  They been hitched since 1981 which in Hollywood years, is four centuries.  

YOU KEEP USING THE WORD FREE, I DON NOT THINK IT MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS The Mayor of France, who unsurprisingly is a socialist, wants to make all public transport "free" in the city.  Of course nothing is really "free" so it require a tax hike for everyone to make it happen.  As the French currently have one of the highest tax rates in the world, I'm sure they won't mind.

I BROUGHT MY HULA HOOP TODAY Okay, I brought one in that I bought a couple of days ago so we could try this.  I sort of hate the ease with which this dame does this. 

OH BLESS THIS LITTLE AUTHOR'S LITTLE WOKE HEART Now Social Justice Warriors are ruining literature before it even has a chance to be born.  An author who wrote a young adult fantasy novel and was horrified to learn before it was even published that is was wildly offensive to everyone and she had to die.  Okay, I'm exaggerating that last point, but when early readers told her that her book was "racist" because of it's depictions of THE ENTIRELY MADE UP TRIBE OF PEOPLE. So what did she do?  She folded like a cheap suit and hired "sensitivity readers" to fix it up.  I could not make this up if I tried.  We should all admit we've lost this battle and just sign up for sensitivity training now. 

LOUIS FARRAKHAN MAY PROVE TO BE A REAL PROBLEM FOR SOME DEMOCRATS Because Republicans are forcing the Farrakhan issue with a resolution to condemn Farrakhan for being a total anti-Semite and racist.  This has created pushback from black lobbying organizations who say any Black member of Congress who condemns Farrakhan's anti-Semitism are caving to the Zionists.  Pop some popcorn, this one could be fun to watch. 

GENOCIDE?  NOT HARDLY WHEN IT COMES TO THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT This is a really, really great article full of things called 'facts" that lay the tired trope that Israel is committing genocide completely to bed.  You should read it! 

HERE IS AN ARTICLE THAT SHOULD TERRIFY YOU OUT OF FLYING WITH YOUR PETS As a former flight attendant I can tell you with complete and utter certainty that airlines don't do well moving your pets around.  When I flew, no pets were allowed in the cabin (except Lassie, who I was told curtly I could not pet when I asked) and I had more than one terrible mishap involving animals in the hold in my five years.  Only one involved the death of a puppy, but isn't that enough???  Leave. Them. At. Home.  Or Drive.  You're welcome.  Doubt me?  Read this


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