Andrew McCabe Gets Canned and Whatnot

THERE ARE A LOT OF QUESTIONS SURROUNDING THE FIRING OF ANDREW MCCABE And I don't mean to say anything than just that.  Can I please tell you that I am almost more incensed that an FBI agent can retire at age 50 with lifetime benefits????  You want to know why government is so expensive, let's start there.  Anyway, Andrew McCabe is claiming Trump is just trying to discredit him and the FBI, while Trump says McCabe was corrupt and had to go.  The Washington Post is wondering what he REALLY did to get fired.  From what I can tell, he did exactly the same thing Michael Flynn did, only Michael Flynn didn't JUST get fired, he had to plead guilty to an obstruction charge.  So as far as I'm concerned, he got off easy.  Considering Rep. Adam Schiff, no friend of the President, says the firing may be justified, this story is not completely over.  

ADDICTION CAN BE A TOUGH THING TO BEAT But I've got a guest today who is not only winning the struggle but creating a space for women to join her in beating addiction.  Find out more about Zen Mountain House by clicking here

IT'S TRANSPORTATION MONDAY WITH CDOT'S MICHAEL LEWIS So join us with your transportation questions today at 3! 

DID YOU HAPPEN TO SEE FLORIDA STATE UPSET NUMBER ONE SEED XAVIER?  This game is the sort of stuff that makes March Madness so magical.  

PROM DRESSES ARE BACK IN THE NEWS As I feel like they are every year.  I was at the mall this weekend and frankly, I was shocked at some of the prom dresses I saw.  I feel like a prude saying it, but does a teenage girl need to wear a dress that is cut down to almost her belly button?  I'll answer that for The Q now by emphatically stating "no".  A high school in Kaui is dealing with a student rebellion for it's rules about prom dresses.  From where I sit the school only erred in not posting these limitations earlier in the school year.  Perhaps in the student handbook would be good.  

REMEMBER THAT SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE IN CHINA?  IT'S BEING USED AS A WEAPON ALREADY By the Chinese government.  Imagine sharing a story about terrorism online and then finding out you can't ride public transport for a YEAR.  If you bruise your social credit score by doing something awful like mistreating your parents or not paying your social insurance, your score goes down and your actual ability to move freely about society is curtailed.  You need to read this article to truly understand how the Chinese government has taken over the lives of it's citizens.  And don't think you this can't happen here. 

JIM CARREY IS POSTING HIS ART ON TWITTER AND PEOPLE ARE MAD Because it's anti-Trump and anti-Sarah Sanders and ultimately when you look at this, remember it's this Jim Carrey.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE INTERNET DOES NICE THINGS They help identify an unnamed woman in a photo from 1971 who was unidentified even as she stood among some of the world's best marine biologists of that era.  Her name was Sheila.  

IS WORRYING ABOUT THE REST OF THE WORLD IN YOUR BEST INTEREST?  This video says so, and you should watch it.  

SAY A PRAYER FOR THE PEOPLE IN AUSTIN AND FOR THE COPS That they might catch what they are now calling a serial bomber.  So far these attacks do seem to be random, but the bomber is showing more sophistication on the last one.  I hope they catch this guy soon.  And we should be demanding bomb control immediately.  (That last comment was sarcasm inserted into a serious story)

FACEBOOK IS ON THE HOT SEAT AND STOCKS ARE TAKING A HIT As stories broke over the weekend about an analytics firm that gained improper access to millions of Facebook profiles in order to manipulate people into voting for Trump.  Today the stocks are in the crapper as investors fear that this could spell increased regulation of Facebook and problems with the underlying business model.   And now a former Obama staffer has come forward with info that Facebook let them use data they perhaps shouldn't have had access to.  

WHERE'S THE BEEF?  WHY RIGHT HERE IN THIS RIDICULOUS RESTAURANT CHALLENGE A British restaurant seems hell bent on making everyone in the UK fat with a 200 ounce steak challenge.  Now to be fair, this one is for four people to consume in one hour, but HOLY CRAP.  Talk about the meat sweats.  This is like a meat sauna.  

IF FINLAND IS SO HAPPY, WHY ARE THEY SO SAD?  I'm always leery of these Happiest Places in the World lists for a variety of reasons.  First, people don't always tell the truth about their situations and some cultures are less pre disposed than others to complain.  We, for example, like to complain about EVERYTHING.  People in Finland not so much, which could explain why they have been named the Happiest Country in the World, even as their suicide rates and anti depressant use would indicate otherwise.  Not to mention, everyone is migrating here, not there. 

HERE'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU RUSH TO FACT CHECK TRUMP SOMETIMES You actually end up proving that's he's definitely more right than wrong when it comes to James Comey lying to Congress about authorizing leaks about the Clinton investigation.  

TRUMP'S USDA TRIES TO MITIGATE OBAMA'S ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL MANDATES In what I will use often as a perfect example of the failure of central planning, the USDA is giving relief to small school districts when it comes to hiring people to head up their Nutrition Directors.  Also announced was a program to streamline free and reduced lunch programs while requiring evidence of need.  Good steps in the right direction.  

A SELF DRIVING CAR HAS KILLED A PEDESTRIAN And it was an Uber self driver, so expect a big fat huge lawsuit.  Uber has suspended tests of it's self driving cars pending the investigation.  The woman was killed crossing outside the crosswalk.  I'm not saying in any way she deserved to be hit, but why can't we all just follow the stupid rules??? It makes it far less likely that you will be hit.  

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