Does Character Matter for Our President?

HE HAS A WAY WITH WORDS And Charles Harrington Elster is on today at 3 for Please Tell Me I'm Right!  Find out more about Charles and so much more by clicking here

THE STORMY CLOUDS ARE BREWING, BUT CAN TRUMP STOP THEM? This soap opera shows no signs of letting up, as porn star Stormy Daniels is trying desperately to tell her story of an alleged affair with then-businessman Donald Trump.  The Daily Beast wonders if the Trump legal team can stop her, but I'm wondering why they are bothering.  I ask again, does this even matter?  I've long given up on character mattering in the White House.  I do find it funny to watch Dems who voted for the wife of a sexual predator get the vapors about this though.  

I FEEL LIKE I AM PERILOUSLY CLOSE TO BEING IN THIS 25% And I'm not proud of it.  What 25% am I talking about?  The 25% who admit to being online pretty much constantly.  I like to tell myself that it's only because of my job, but if I'm honest, I'm lying about that.  It's all about having that little mobile computer in my hand.  I'm thinking of going to a flip phone and using a tablet for work, which would cut down dramatically for me.  But then how would I send emojis in my texts?  

I CALL THE Q MY LITTLE MONKEY SOMETIMES BUT THIS SEEMS A BIT MUCH There is a push to create a human-chimp hybrid.  Why?  To stop racism.  I know, I know.  You really should read this article about it, but be prepared for your IQ to drop a bit.  

I LOVE THAT DAVE SENT ME THIS ARTICLE ON HOW WOMEN CAN GET READY FASTER Because it's actually really informative and has some great life hacks on how to bring home the bacon and look good doing it.  

YES OUR COMPANY FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY, NO I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE KOA's parent company IHeartRadio filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection as we move towards whittling down our debt.  We should expect things to continue as normal, but be sure and follow me on Facebook JUST IN CASE.  

COULD SAN FRAN NAN BE OUT AS POTENTIAL SPEAKER?  Considering that Dems are already redecorating the Speaker's office based on the Pennsylvania special election this might be worth paying attention to.  Nancy Pelosi could very well be Boehnered by her own party should they take back the House.  

I'M SERIOUS, YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW.  I'M SERIOUS. If you aren't watching Planet Earth II on BBC or Netflix, you MUST.  It is the most beautiful show I've ever seen that will open your eyes to the beautiful world we live in.  It's made me realize I could never wear a leopard skin coat.  

HEY STARBUCKS DRINKERS, YOU'RE FILLING UP THE LANDFILLS WITH YOUR CUPS As recycling becomes more mandatory prevalent, people who buy recyclable materials (mostly China at this point) are making demands on WHAT they buy.  Those nifty paper cups Starbucks promised would be recyclable way back in 2008 are NOT recyclable because of the plastic lining inside the cups.  So they end in a landfill.  Read it here

DENVER TEACHERS WANT TO BE PAID LIKE PROFESSIONALS And are longing for the days when all teachers were paid the same simply for being in the building the same amount of time.  Currently, they employ a merit based system based on a combination of factors like test scores and reviews.  I say give them what they want and end the charade that they want to be seen as professionals.  Oh, and nothing says we care about the kids more than a possible strike, amiright?  


IN THE SADDEST NEWS FOR KIDS WHO DON'T WANT TO GROW UP EVER ToysRUs is closing all of it's stores.  

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