College Students don't understand Free Speech.

WHAT'S HAPPENING AT THE CAPITOL THAT WE SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO? Jesse Mallory with Americans for Prosperity-Colorado is today at 3 to discuss some issues they would like you to pay attention to.   Read more about it here

THERE ARE SOME THINGS WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT TODAY, DANG IT And here they are from previous blogs.  Again.  

DEAR PRESIDENT TRUMP, LET STORMY DANIELS TELL HER STORY Because the longer you drag this whole disgusting story out, the closer it's going to get to the mid term elections.  Let her do her interview, let her sell her story of being a sleazy woman banging a powerful man and let us all move on.  Because no one in America is the least bit surprised by the allegations, so let's just rip off the bandaid, k? 

COLLEGE STUDENTS WANT TO PROTECT FREE SPEECH AS LONG AS IT ISN'T MEAN OR SOMETHING That is my takeaway from this survey of college students on free speech.  If you ever needed proof that men and women ARE DIFFERENT, look at the gender breakdowns in this thing. Men are FAR more concerned about protecting free speech than protecting feelings.  But I'm sure that's because THE PATRIARCHY. 

IT SUCKS WHEN PEOPLE DON'T LIKE THE FACT YOU RUINED A CLASSIC BOOK The director of the new Wrinkle in Time movie is all mad because she thinks racism is why people think her movie sucks.  Which is sad because she'll probably make more bad movies and blame racism rather than do a little introspection on why this movie was a stinker.  Read a column on how she ruined the movie, but here's a spoiler: they removed one of the central tenets of the film because it was God.  

NOW THAT THE PRECEDENT HAS BEEN SET, I'D USE IT TO MY ADVANTAGE If I were the sort to create a problem, I'd be figuring out a way to get students to walk out of schools for causes I believe in.  Of course most of the causes I believe in have to do with freedom and liberty, so maybe I inspire students to walk out over forced attendance at school.  The Gazette did an editorial about the walkouts that makes a lot of the same points I made yesterday, but it's still worth a read. 

STEPHEN HAWKING OUTKICKED HIS COVERAGE, BUT IT FINALLY CAUGHT UP TO HIM. Extremely famous physicist Stephen Hawking has passed away, a mere 50 years later than he was supposed to.  After being diagnosed with a Lou Gehrig's Disease and given two years to live, Mr. Hawking wrote a bunch of books and make physics something people actually wanted to learn about.  But now he's off the the Great Nothingness, as he was an atheist.  I may have to watch The Theory of Everything again this weekend in his honor.  

WALMART EXPANDS IT'S GROCERY DELIVERY SERVICE And I can't help but think that everything old is new again, as I remember our local grocery store offering grocery delivery when I was a kid.  Have you tried this yet?  It's bound to keep your from overspending if you're on a budget.  

TRAFFIC CAMERAS COULD BANKRUPT AN OHIO TOWN After they were ordered by an Ohio court to pay back $3 million dollars in fees from what a lawyer successfully argued was an unconstitutional scheme to pad the small town's coffers.  Now New Miami, Ohio, which is north of Cincinnati and only has about 2,600 people in it, will have to declare bankruptcy if the Ohio Supreme Court doesn't reverse the decision.  

I SAY GOD BLESS YOU AND IF YOU TAKE OFFENSE YOU CAN POUND SAND I should be feeling a tremendous burden of guilt about all the times I might have offended someone who doesn't believe in God, or who believes in Allah, or some other deity.  First, I don't care if me saying, "God Bless You" offends you.  I do it because it's customary in the United States to do so (and yes, I realize some people think this is a stupid custom but it is what it is) and I'M A NICE PERSON. A group of librarians in Boston, however, have created a handy guide to tell me I'm wrong.  From the stupid missive:

Assumption of One's Own Religious Identity as the Norm: Comments or behaviors that convey people’s presumption that their religion is the standard and behaves accordingly (e.g., greeting someone “Merry Christmas” or saying “God bless you” after someone sneezes conveys one’s perception that everyone is Christian or believes in God).

This is part of their riveting Anti-Oppression: Anti-Islamomisia document.  So saying God Bless You is now oppression?  Than I am happy being part of the problem.  It reminds me of this insane blog I read yesterday where a woman railed against a guy holding a "Smile it's Sunday" sign outside a church. WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL, PEOPLE.  Let me say this very clearly.  I am NOT responsible for YOUR feelings.  Learn it, live it, love it and your life will be much happier. 

OKAY REPUBLICANS, IS  IT TIME TO FREAK OUT YET?  A Democrat appears to have won a special election in a district which helped deliver the White House to Trump.  Are you freaking out yet?  Are you motivated for the midterms?  This might be just the thing to get Trumpers off their duffs. 

SO WHAT IF COLLEGE PRESIDENTS ACKNOWLEDGE IT, WHAT WILL THEY DO ABOUT IT? A recent survey of college presidents shows that about 1/3 of them admit their schools have a serious problem with conservative views on campus.  So?  Now what?  Change it and then I'll be impressed.  Or I'll be impressed when the rest of them admit it too. 


HAPPY PI DAY!  Here is a fun song to explain why this is a thing.


STOP FEELING GUILTY ABOUT MISSING YOUR KID'S PERFORMANCE Not going to lie, I needed to read this today.  I missed a school event last week because I'm talking to you people.  

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