Rex is Out, Stormy Wants Out and students Walk Out

BUH-BYE, REX, DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YA WHERE THE GOOD LORD SPLIT YA Rex Tillerson is out as Secretary of State and he was fired via Twitter this morning.  Mike Pompeo has been nominated from CIA Director to Sec of State, and a woman who apparently has a long history with the CIA's alleged torture program is being elevated to the CIA Director, the first woman to be in that position.  Who can keep up with the revolving door of this Administration?  Why would someone who is truly the BEST in their field want to work in this White House?  Here is a fun list of who has been fired from the White House in the LAST YEAR.  Former Acting CIA Director Mike Morell is a fan of Gina Haspel, as he writes here.

DOES ANYONE THINK TRUMP DIDN'T SLEEP WITH A PORN STAR?  And I'm asking this question seriously as we watch porn star Stormy Daniels try to undo the non disclosure she signed before the election when she took a big check to keep her affair with businessman Donald Trump quiet.  I'm genuinely curious about whether or not any Trump supporters even care about this.  I know Democrats don't really care about this, as they told me repeatedly in the 90s that "it's just sex".  They only care because they think it will benefit them strategically.  Let's chat, shall we? 

HILLARY CLINTON IS UTTERLY CLUELESS And when she appeared this past weekend at the India Today Conclave she showed her true colors.  You know why she lost?  Because white women vote the way their husbands tell them too.  Yep.  It's true.  Just listen by clicking here.  She also said that she lost because the backwards (and racist) states voted for Trump.  

I have two words for Hillary Clinton.  Bitch, please.  Women didn't vote for you because they don't trust you.  They don't like you.  They think you covered for YEARS for your sexual predator of a husband.  They wanted someone who would shake things up and you represent the Status Quo so hard it should be your middle name.  You lie when you don't have to, you used the Secretary of State's office to dole out favors to donors and you are utterly unlikable.  THAT'S WHY YOU LOST.  Now please, go away. 

TERMINALLY ILL PATIENTS DESERVE THE RIGHT TO TRY And I'm talking about trying experimental drugs or off label uses for existing drugs.  This is very important legislation and is really about freedom.  I'll explain today. 


COLLEGE STUDENTS WANT TO PROTECT FREE SPEECH AS LONG AS IT ISN'T MEAN OR SOMETHING That is my takeaway from this survey of college students on free speech.  If you ever needed proof that men and women ARE DIFFERENT, look at the gender breakdowns in this thing. Men are FAR more concerned about protecting free speech than protecting feelings.  But I'm sure that's because THE PATRIARCHY. 

THAT POWERBALL WINNER WILL BE ALLOWED TO STAY ANONYMOUS After a New Hampshire judge ruled she could.  "Jane Doe" sued after winning because she found out after she signed her ticket that by doing so she gave up her right to remain unnamed.  Now a judge says she doesn't have to be named.  Good for her. 

IS YOUR CAR ON THIS LIST?  IF SO, I'M SORRY Consumer Reports doesn't always get it right (they named the fugly Pontiac Aztec as a good choice once) but they get it right often enough.  So you best check this list to find out if your car is on the 10 Worst Car Brands list.  Mine is not.  Because I read Consumer Reports. 

DOES THIS MEAN IF YOU READ NAT GEO YOU'RE A RACIST TOO? Because National Geographic has come out to apologize for it's ongoing depictions of black people from around the world as unintelligent savages.  They reached way back to demonstrate their point and promise to be better in the future.  Good for them. 

GOOD NEWS A COLLEGE PROFESSOR IS TEACHING A CLASS ON THE VIOLENCE OF WHITENESS! I would write something super snarky here but I can't be bothered because the sheer stupidity of this whole thing isn't worth my time but you can read about it here.  

THIS IS PRECISELY WHY I TAKE GUN CONTROL NUTS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT Because they just don't know what they are talking about.  Check this story about how one GCN made a list of the scary looking guns SHE DEMANDS WE BAN.  And one of them is a simple .22 target rifle with some fancy add-ons that make it look scary. 

NEED TO GET ACROSS TOWN?  CALL A HELITAXI! And this one is environmentally sound as it is electric.  It's a self driving little helicopter and it's cute, but I'm not sure I'm ready to hop in.  Maybe if they made it sound like Thomas the Train or something.

THIS STORY IS SIMPLY DELIGHTFUL And it's about smart boy identifying a problem and solving it for his dad. 

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