Trump Talks to North Korea

DONALD TRUMP IS GOING TALK TO THE NORTH KOREANS Yesterday it was announced that North Korea has decided to come to the table with President Donald Trump and South Korea.  It's still unclear whether or not North Korea has accepted pre conditions to the talks.  This article from Reuters is so full of sour grapes it's insane.  Read their spin:

Now, as a summit unexpectedly appears possible, analysts fear U.S. President Donald Trump’s understaffed administration may lack the expertise to successfully turn a political spectacle long sought by Pyongyang into a meaningful opportunity to convince North Korea to abandon its nuclear program.

SERIOUSLY?  We are actually getting the table and this is what they came up with?  Who got them to the table in the first place???  This ragtag group of diplomatic morons have moved the needle more than the previous two administrations.   I hope they continue to do things their way, because it seems to be working.

BETWEEN NORTH KOREA AND THE JOBS REPORT, TRUMP'S HAVING A PRETTY GOOD DAY Because the jobs report was EPIC.  And even better news, more people are trying to get back into the workforce.  Check the data here.  

AND IT'S NOT JUST WHITE FOLKS WORKING MORE It's black and Hispanic folks as well

OPRAH RUINED MY FAVORITE BOOK EVER By making A Wrinkle in Time into a pile of pc garbage.  What favorite books of yours have been ruined by Hollywood?  

MILLENIALS ARE BEGINNING TO HATE THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA OVERLORDS This is extremely bad news for social media.  Millenials are taking their lives back from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and this could be a very serious issue going forward.  But they still love Snapchat.  And I still can't figure out Snapchat or why people use it.  

WHEN YOU'VE LOST MOTHER JONES....And perhaps, just maybe, Obama has lost Mother Jones.  Read this expose about the Obama Administration's orders to "stand down" when it came to Russian meddling in the election.  

POOH IS COMING!  POOH IS COMING!  And of course I mean Winnie the Pooh, you dirty, dirty people.

THOSE FIGHT FOR FIFTEEN PEOPLE ARE SAFE FOR NOW As Flippy the Robot seems to be failing it's first test working in fast food.  Seems Flippy missed the memo on what "fast" means.  

THE GUY WHO DIDN'T HELP THOSE KIDS IN PARKLAND KNEW WHERE THE SHOOTER WAS And the fact he tried to spin the whole disaster as "I though the shots were outside" has now proven to be utter hot garbage.  This guy is a real piece of work, and I mean that in the worst possible way. 

WILL THE DEMOCRATS FINALLY HAVE TO RECKON WITH LOUIS FARRAKHAN?  Considering this is from the Washington Post, it seems maybe.  

GOOD NEWS, NOW YOU CAN EAT A WHOLE PINT OF ICE CREAM IN ONE SITTING!  Because ice cream makers are making ice cream that only has 280 calories for the whole pint.  I'm still now sure this is a good idea. 


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