Intersectionality = The Olympics of Oppression


DO YOU KNOW WHAT INTERSECTIONALITY IS? The official definition looks like this:




  1. the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.

Let me make this easy.  Intersectionality is the assumption of shared victim hood status at the hands of white, heterosexual men.  And it is the new religion on the left.  David French of National Review wrote a stunningly good column about it.  From that column:

Interestingly, however, the emphasis on experiential authority applies mainly to the leaders and activists. Their experiences give them very real power. Their experiences define the narrative. Contrary experiences, then, represent a threat that must be extinguished. Dissenting women (such as Christina Hoff Sommers) or dissenting people of color often find that they’re vilified, shamed, and “no-platformed.”

For the in group, it’s easy to see the appeal of the philosophy. There’s an animating purpose — fighting injustice, racism, and inequality. There’s the original sin of “privilege.” There’s a conversion experience — becoming “woke.” And much as the Christian church puts a premium on each person’s finding his or her precise role in the body of Christ, intersectionality can provide a person with a specific purpose and role based on individual identity and experience.

The faith is fierce. Intolerance in the name of tolerance is the norm. Debate and dialogue are artifacts of scorned “respectability politics.” I’m reminded of the worst sorts of fundamentalist Christian sects, the kind that claim to take the Bible literally yet live as if mercy is alien to Scripture and that commands to “love your enemies” or “bless those who persecute you” somehow fell off the page. In the church of intersectionality, grace is nowhere to be found.

Hmmm.  I've long argued that the furor around man made global warming was in part a response to people looking for a cause bigger than themselves to fill the God size hole in their hearts.  But this has taken over as the scientists and politicians who called death and destruction have proven repeatedly to not know what they are talking about.  Just ask Emma Stone, who wanted to virtue signal her alliance with other women by calling the nominees for Best Director at the Oscars "four men and Greta Gerwig".  Only she forgot to see what Victim Boxes the other nominees checked and has been called out for her White Feminism that left a black and Hispanic director unnamed.  So we don't need God, as long as we worship the right victim class.  Got it.  

But I'm talking about it today.

EVEN THE WOMEN'S MARCH FALLS VICTIM TO INTERSECTIONALITY.  OR DOES IT? The Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is an anti-Semite who hates white people.  I was going to link to examples but you can google him if you want.  Two of the leaders of the Women's March have ties to Mr. Farrakhan and have continued to associate with him as he continues to spew hate about "Satanic Jews" and whatnot.  Now some in the movement are demanding Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour step down.  They don't seem to be willing to comply.  

I GAVE THE NEW INTERN A TASK And it's a test of sorts to see what he comes back with.  His assignment was to find videos for me to put on the blog.  I gave him no parameters other than they could be funny, or informative, but they had to be interesting.  When he came back with this first, I knew he was going to work out. 


NOW SOMEONE IS SUING DICK'S SPORTING GOODS IN MICHIGAN Which is going to be inconvenient as Michigan, like Oregon where Dick's is also being sued over new age restrictions for buying rifles, has an age discrimination law in place.  An 18 year old man is the plaintiff in this case and I would expect a case like this, if not more than one, to pop up in every state with an age discrimination law on the books.  

IF YOU'D LIKE TO READ A BRILLIANT ARGUMENT IN FAVOR OF MASTERPIECE CAKES You need only click here to read an essay by one of the most respected First Amendment scholars in the country, Stanford's Michael McConnell.  Here's a sample worth reading if you don't want to read the whole thing:

Once we recognize that the creation of symbolic objects like inaugural gowns and wedding cakes can be expressive, it ceases to be surprising that the First Amendment extends its protection—even to what one Justice during oral argument derisively dismissed as mere "food." The Supreme Court has long recognized that nonverbal conduct, such as the burning of a draft card to protest the war, sleeping in a park to protest treatment of the homeless, or wearing an army uniform in an anti-war film is entitled to a measure of constitutional protection. To be sure, the government can regulate the material impacts even of expressive conduct, but it cannot use its power to regulate conduct as a back-door way of punishing its communicative content. And it cannot force people engaged in an expressive activity to create or convey messages they disagree with.

It has been argued, nonetheless, that the Masterpiece Cakeshop case is not really about freedom of expression. The Colorado law, according to an amicus brief written by a distinguished lawyer and academic, "does not regulate the creation of messages," but only the selection of customers. The challengers to the Colorado law "have a First Amendment right to pick their message, but not to choose their customers based on sexual orientation."

That is a plain misstatement of the facts. The record shows that the Colorado baker, Jack Phillips, happily produces goods for customers without regard to their sexual orientation. He does not discriminate among types of customer; instead, he (like the dressmaker) refuses to create cakes that celebrate ideas of which he disapproves.

He is the mirror image of a gay photographer who refuses to provide his services to an evangelical rally againstsame-sex marriage. The photographer is not discriminating on the basis of religion; he is not anti-evangelical; he is opposed to the message of the rally. By the same token, Jack Phillips does not discriminate against customers on the basis of their sexual orientation. He refuses to bake cakes that celebrate a same-sex wedding, which he regards as contrary to God's will.

The State of Colorado is regulating the services of bakers on the basis of their ideological viewpoint. Three pro-same-sex-marriage bakers were approached and asked to bake cakes to be served at anti-same-sex events, and all three refused. When the disappointed customers complained to the Colorado authorities, invoking the theory that businesses have an obligation to serve all comers, the state responded that these bakers were not discriminating against particular customers but simply refusing to assist events they found "offensive." Exactly the same is true of Jack Phillips. The inconsistent treatment of the cases makes clear that the state is simply playing favorites: punishing speech with which it disagrees, protecting speech with which it agrees. That violates fundamental principles of the First Amendment.

ONE OF MY NERD DREAMS IS COMING TRUE!! WELL SORT OF ANYWAY  There is a real live trial going on in San Francisco that I would love to sit and watch.  It involves the cities of Oakland and San Francisco suing Big Oil for creating a public nuisance.  The judge is known to the sort who really wants to understand the technicalities of the cases he hears, so he has asked each side to present information about the history of climate science.  It's not EXACTLY a trial to determine if man made warming is overblown or pure hooey, but I'll take it.  

IF THE REVIEWS I'M SEEING ARE ACCURATE I WILL NEVER FORGIVE OPRAH Because it appears she ruined my favorite book from childhood.  I hate her if this is true.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR PENSION SITUATION IS A MESS I moved here from Kentucky where I thought they had the worst retirement problems ever.  Little did I know about PERA.  But now Kentucky has a Governor in Matt Bevin who is tackling the pension issue.  And I mean TACKLING it.  Teachers, whose pension system is only funded at a level of 56%, are being asked to give up .5% of a Cost of Living Adjustment per year to fund the shortfall to shore up their own pension fund.  That is POINT FIVE PERCENT per year.  And of course teachers don't want to give it up.  This could very well be our future here in Colorado if we don't figure out PERA now.  

DUMMIES DON'T UNDERSTAND INITIALS CAN MEAN MORE THAN ONE THING And the National Restaurant Association is now being confused with the National Rifle Association.  

WELL THIS SHOULD BE AWKWARD AT THE NEXT DNC Dreamers are not happy with their Democrat Overlord who they say are more concerned with hurting Trump than getting immigration reform to protect Dreamers done.  Heh.  They are tired of being lied to, they say.  Imagine that, a constituency who expects results instead of rhetoric.  If the GOP were smart they would seize on this moment in time to bring immigration reform for Dreamers to the table and then make a HUGE issue if Dems won't play ball on the compromises needed to get it done.  Just a thought. 

IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF SAVING THE MALL?  Amazon is opening a book store in Park Meadows soon.  If I were Park Meadows, I'd have Amazon create a pick up location in the mall for non-Prime packages so people without Prime could ship for free.  Just a thought.  

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