The First Lawsuit Over Gun Sales is Filed.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT INTERSECTIONALITY IS? The official definition looks like this:




  1. the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.

Let me make this easy.  Intersectionality is the assumption of shared victim hood status at the hands of white, heterosexual men.  And it is the new religion on the left.  David French of National Review wrote a stunningly good column about it.  From that column:

Interestingly, however, the emphasis on experiential authority applies mainly to the leaders and activists. Their experiences give them very real power. Their experiences define the narrative. Contrary experiences, then, represent a threat that must be extinguished. Dissenting women (such as Christina Hoff Sommers) or dissenting people of color often find that they’re vilified, shamed, and “no-platformed.”

For the in group, it’s easy to see the appeal of the philosophy. There’s an animating purpose — fighting injustice, racism, and inequality. There’s the original sin of “privilege.” There’s a conversion experience — becoming “woke.” And much as the Christian church puts a premium on each person’s finding his or her precise role in the body of Christ, intersectionality can provide a person with a specific purpose and role based on individual identity and experience.

The faith is fierce. Intolerance in the name of tolerance is the norm. Debate and dialogue are artifacts of scorned “respectability politics.” I’m reminded of the worst sorts of fundamentalist Christian sects, the kind that claim to take the Bible literally yet live as if mercy is alien to Scripture and that commands to “love your enemies” or “bless those who persecute you” somehow fell off the page. In the church of intersectionality, grace is nowhere to be found.

Hmmm.  I've long argued that the furor around man made global warming was in part a response to people looking for a cause bigger than themselves to fill the God size hole in their hearts.  But this has taken over as the scientists and politicians who called death and destruction have proven repeatedly to not know what they are talking about.  Just ask Emma Stone, who wanted to virtue signal her alliance with other women by calling the nominees for Best Director at the Oscars "four men and Greta Gerwig".  Only she forgot to see what Victim Boxes the other nominees checked and has been called out for her White Feminism that left a black and Hispanic director unnamed.  So we don't need God, as long as we worship the right victim class.  Got it.  

THE FIRST LAWSUIT HAS BEEN FILED OVER RETAIL CHANGES RELATED TO THE PARKLAND SHOOTING In the shadow of the murders in Parkland, Florida, several retailers made the decision to raise the age of who can buy rifles.  A 20 year old in Oregon tried to buy a .22 rifle at two different stores, one a Walmart and one a subsidiary of Dick's Sporting Goods.  He was denied because of the new rules and now he's suing for discrimination.  Because he's suing in Oregon, he can largely argue that the arbitrary age change is age discrimination, which is against the law in Oregon.  This is not as cut and dry as Walmart and Dick's would like it to be.  

NOW WE GET TO HEAR ALL ABOUT DONALD TRUMP BANGING A PORN STAR.  DELIGHTFUL.  Because Miss Stormy Daniels is suing to be released from her non disclosure she signed when she took a big check to not spill the beans about banging Mr. Trump when he was just a married businessman.  Whoopee.  Maybe now we can put to rest exactly how big Mr. Trump's Lil' Donald is.  I can hardly wait.  I try not to judge women who make adult films, but if she took a big check to not talk about sex she had, but probably wants another big check to talk about sex she had with a married man with a pregnant wife I'm pretty okay with judging her.  She is not the type you'd want your son to marry.  

WE MUST INSURE OUR AIR FORCE IS READY TO GO Not to sound like a cliche, we must shore up our Air Force.  With aircraft readiness declining year over year, we have to make sure our Air Force has what it needs.  Now more than ever.  As we fight more wars that require less boots on the ground (a very good thing) and more air power from above, finding out the Air Force is having issues should concern us all. 

SOMEONE MUST BE DRUNK AT THE LA TIMES Because they are giving President Donald Trump...yes THAT Donald for bringing North Korea to the bargaining table.  WHAT??? Is this a sign of the Apocalypse?  Maybe.  But rather than bringing nuclear war as so many pundits (HERE and HERE and HERE for example) posited in the last months, it seems the tough talk and unwillingness to yield to the North Korean dictator actually worked.  As some *ahem* said it might.  But to see this in the LA Times was somewhat stunning.  

THIS IS A PRETTY GOOD EXPLANATION OF STRING THEORY You should watch it.  Don't be sad if you're still a bit unclear when it's over.  

IT SEEMS ALEXA MAY BE DATING HAL And I'm dying to know if any of our Alexa owning listeners have wondered if maybe they got the extra creepy version.  It seems some owners are reporting that their Alexas are bursting out in creepy laughter for no reason at all.  It's bad enough that you're letting the world spy on you, but now you could be murdered by your Alexa in your sleep.  PROBABLY NOT, but you don't know for sure, do you? 

PUT ONE IN THE TRUMP COLUMN FOR TARIFFS As US Steel is restarting a blast furnace to deal with they believe will be a significant increase in demand for US steel in light of the Trump tariffs.  That's 500 employees getting their jobs back in Illinois.  

ESPN IS A CESSPOOL OF A FRAT/STAG PARTY VARIETY According to a pretty fiery lawsuit filed by Adrienne Lawrence, who used to work there.  She accuses certain hosts of behaving in an unprofessional and sexualized manner.  She accuses host Bomani Jones of looking at her with "elevator eyes" in a very sexual manner.  She says men regularly watch porn and keep scorecards on the women in the office they want to hit on.  I have no idea how much of this is true, but I do know women who have worked for ESPN who would agree that the place is a Boy's Club that probably needs to be reigned in.  

COCA COLA IS MOVING INTO THE BOOZE BUSINESS For the first time in it's 130 year career.  I don't find it remotely shocking that a company which used to sell COCAINE drinks would make this move and frankly, I'm surprised it took so long.  Here's the best part.  They are thinking of buying a Japanese beverage maker who mixes shoshu, which is 45% alcohol, with seltzer water and flavor.  I just had my first taste of the legendary shoshu this past Christmas and it has NO. FLAVOR. WHATSOEVER.  It is dangerous stuff.  But a quick and convenient way to get sloshed quickly.  

JOHN WILLIAMS NO LONGER FEELS THE FORCE And will only be scoring the last of the nine episode Star Wars arc and then moving on.  He's had a pretty good run, eh? 

 YOU SHOULD WATCH KENTUCKY GOVERNOR MATT BEVIN TALK ABOUT GUN CONTROL  Just as a point of order, Gov. Bevin's oldest daughter, who he references in this talk, died in a car accident at the age of 17. 

RUSSIA IS THE HONEY BADGER OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT You have to read this because it's freaking epic.  A woman complained about sexual harassment by a prominent member of the Chamber.  Is there an investigation?  A vote to kick him out?  Well, here is what the Speaker of the Parliament had to say about it.

 “Do you feel in danger working at the Duma? If so, then get another job.”

Let's just say that Russia isn't exactly woke to the #metoo movement. 

THIS IS THE STINK BUG STUFF NIGHTMARES ARE MADE OF I am not a fan of bugs.  After reading this I'm even less a fan of bugs.  

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