China Owns us Through Facebook

CHINA IS CONTROLLING WHAT OUR INTERNET COMPANIES SHOW US At least they are trying very, very hard.  China has long been a censor in it's own country and tightly controls what it's people can see.  Even apps we take to be "safe" from snooping, like WhatsApp, are being infiltrated by the ChiComs to control the population and maintain power.  As companies try to establish a market foothold in one of the single biggest populations on Earth, they are willing to bend to the will of the Chinese censors to get it.  But now we find out it may not just be within China, as the Chinese government flexes it's muscles to demand censorship outside it's borders.  Read this article and begin to wonder what else you aren't seeing because it's being censored.  (Trick question, as we all know conservatives are being censored too!)

HERE'S THE MYANMAR STORY I WAS TALKING ABOUT And it's long and you need to read it

SO I'M GUESSING YOU DIDN'T WATCH THE OSCARS Which is really fine because not nearly as many people as in previous years did either.  Ratings in the early numbers were down 16% from last year after several years of declining viewership.  This may be the lowest rated Oscars ever but we'll find out just after my show starts.  Christian Toto is on at 3pm to discuss what we missed.  Find his blog by clicking here!  

WHY ARE SPERM COUNTS IN THE WESTERN WORLD DROPPING SO MUCH?  And dropping they are, as latest studies of developed nations find sperm counts have dropped a whopping 50% in the last 40 years.  The current study doesn't speculate on specific reasons for this drop, but this article offers some clues.  One thing they seem to have left out is exercise.  As developed nations move away from physical labor to service economies that require more brain than brawn, I think men aren't doing the physical activity that keeps sperm counts and testosterone up. Just a theory. 

FINALLY I FOUND THE ONE DUDE WHO DOESN'T HATE TRUMP'S TARIFFS ON STEEL But make no mistake, this writer goes to great lengths throughout his Op-Ed in the New York Times to assure his friends he DOES NOT LIKE TRUMP.  He does give a pretty good overview of how and why these tariffs on steel and aluminum are not the end of the world and could lead to a better position for US manufacturers going forward.  I am prone to believe that for Trump, tariffs are a means to an end and I'm hoping we get to that end soon.   Let's just say this Op-Ed is not in sync with Rep. Paul Ryan on this

"THERE'S A DEFINITE AIR OF CHICAGO STYLE CORRUPTION IN THE CITY AND COUNTY" What lucky city and county was this said about?  Denver, of course.  In this article from Westword, questions are being asked about whether or not Mayor Michael Hancock has lost the respect of the police after his text message scandal was uncovered.  Who said it?  Nick Rogers, president of the Denver Police Protective Association, that's who.  He's none too happy about the Mayor's handling of a situation involving Chief Robert White.  You really should read the whole thing here and not be offended about being compared to Chicago, but concerned.  


I KNEW REI WAS RUN BY HIPPIES, BUT THIS IS DISAPPOINTING REI is no longer selling Camelbak or Bell bicycle helmets in it's stores.  Why?  Because the parent company of both brands also owns brands which make rifles and shooting supplies and ammo.  So it's not enough for REI to not sell firearms, which is fine, but now they are using their buying power to extort one of their suppliers to bend to REI's will.  Phooey on this.  I may have to cancel my REI membership and buy the stuff I used to buy there from Amazon.  It's easier for me anyway. 

WE ALL NEED ANOTHER MISTER ROGERS TODAY I know more than a handful of people who met Mister Rogers when he did events at his alma mater Rollins College.  They all can't say enough good things about the man and all say he was JUST LIKE his on screen persona.  And now PBS has a lovely documentary about him.  And no, he wasn't a badass killer in Vietnam.  

THIS EDITORIAL IS NOT FOND OF A UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME Universal Basic Income, or a check for everyone below the poverty level to bring them to the poverty level, is having a moment.  This editorial is not excited about this because it's been tried, and the disincentive to work is too strong.  

TIME TO BRING BACK WORK REQUIREMENTS FOR FOOD STAMPS Because the labor market is tightening and people need to be working towards self sufficiency, we need to drop the waivers for work at the federal level.  I'm all in favor of making sure people don't starve as a long as they are making sure I won't be feeding them any longer than necessary.  

WE NEED TO MAKE IT EASY FOR KIDS TO CHOOSE TRADE SCHOOLS The best thing we can do for kids is give them good options for life.  Trade schools have long been the red headed step child of high schools.  Only pitched to the kids "not smart enough" for college, they have gotten a bad rap.  But now they are making a comeback!  This article from the Wall Street Journal makes a good case for even "smart" kids to go to trade school.  


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