Cheap Travel, Nancy Pelosi worries me and More!

I'M CHEAP BUT I STILL LOVE TO TRAVEL I've got Russell Hannon on about his new book Stop Dreaming Start Traveling About how to travel more and spend less.  Buy it here!

I HAVEN'T WATCHED A SINGLE OSCAR MOVIE that is nominated for Best Picture, but Dave the Intrepid and Lori Lynn have seen them all.  They are in at 2pm to tell me who to root for and which drivel to ignore.  

Y'ALL, I'M FOR REAL WORRIED ABOUT NANCY PELOSI And I present this clip without commentary.  

SNOPES PROVES ONCE AGAIN TO BE STAFFED BY HUMORLESS MORONS And we now know that Facebook's new censors have outsourced their thinking to  What happened?  There is a news satire site called which posts ridiculous stories like this one. 

CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine To Spin News Before Publication

Funny, right?  And does anyone really think CNN ACTUALLY uses a huge washing machine to spin it's news?  Someone must have, because fact checked it.  A satire site.  They fact checked it.  We've clearly reached peak idiocy (although I keep saying that and I keep getting proven wrong). Another moron reported the site to Facebook and now Facebook is threatening the satire site with banishment for publishing satire.  

LET'S JUST SAY MANY IN BUSINESS DO NOT LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP'S TARIFFS Which he says will be levied on steel and aluminum imports beginning next week.  Read a firm editorial on the matter here.  By the way, don't think tariffs are new in the US.  Here's a list of categories which benefit from significant tariffs currently.

JUSTICE ALITO SCHOOLS A POOR LAWYER FROM MINNESOTA It must be difficult to be a lawyer taught to use logic and reason to defend a nonsensical law based on feeling and emotion.  That's what the Minnesota lawyer trying to defend a ban on political clothing at the polls discovered while taking a verbal thrashing from Justice Alito.  I feel a Manderpiece Theater coming on!  

IF YOU'VE EVER SAID, THAT GUY LOOKS RICH, YOU'RE PROBABLY RIGHT I used to play this game when I was a flight attendant that I affectionately called New Money/Old Money.  As passengers would board in first class, I looked for clues about their financial status.  I got very good at discerning a successful businessperson who had come from nothing from a person of great wealth that they had grown up with.  No, there was no particular point in this, it was just a fun human study I did to pass the time.  That being said, I could have just looked at their faces to see if they were rich.  

WHY PRESIDENT TRUMP, WHY??? This story about Trump fighting like a teenage boy with Alec Baldwin on Twitter today is so exasperating and the reason why this column I posted earlier this week is the 100% Truth. 

IF SHE DID THIS, SHE SHOULD SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES I am going to try to follow this story because I'd like to see how it turns out.  A young female student at Clemson accused a young man of rape.  Police investigated and determined the sex to be consensual and have charged the woman with filing a false report.  She still maintains she was the victim.  

PENGUINS THOUGHT TO BE IN DECLINE SIMPLY FOUND ELSEWHERE We're talking Adelie penguins which are small penguins who make their home in Antarctica.  They were thought to be on the decline because of climate change until scientists discovered a colony of more than 1.5 million of them.  Whoops. 

SNOWFLAKE BANS TOUCHING SNOW IN THE UK And this is almost as bad as the gorilla statue story yesterday but since most British people are white, I feel qualified to talk about it.*  A British headmaster has issued an edict forbidding his young charges from touching snow.  Ges Smith had this to say about his stupid new rules:

"It only takes one student, one piece of grit, one stone in a snowball in an eye, with an injury and we change our view," he said.

His concern seemed to be that snowflakes are the gateway drug to snowballs. "The rules are don't touch the snow. If you don't touch the snow you're not going to throw it."

These poor kids.  These poor, poor kids.  

 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A FORMER HILLARY STAFFER GOES TO CPAC?  Now what you might think.  This is a great story about what happens when someone expects a circus tent and gets a big tent instead. 


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