Rep. Steve Lebsock May Be Out and Confetti Cannon!

REP. STEVE LEBSOCK MAY BE OUT OF THE COLORADO HOUSE SOON Because he has been accused by multiple women of truly revolting behavior.  I think I've embedded the full report presented to the House below (we'll see if that works when I publish) and you should read it.  Be forewarned, there is some SERIOUSLY offensive content in it.  It seems Rep. Lebsock viewed many women as potential sex partners rather than professionals who deserve to be treated as such.  He is refusing to step down, so the House will vote to kick him out this week.  This one SEEMS to be pretty cut and dry, but I'm wondering what sort of defense Lebsock will offer when the House begins to debate his future.  

Becker Investigation into Lebsock

WE AREN'T THE FIRST GENERATION TO BE CONNECTED BY NETWORKS And Niall Ferguson has a new book out about how and when networks come into conflict with existing hierarchies and the results of the conflicts.  It's very interesting and nerdy and Niall joins me at 3 today to talk about it.  Buy the book here

THE COLORADO GOP IS ASKING FOR OFFICIAL INTERVENTION With accusations flying around the State House about sexual harassment and impropriety the Colorado GOP is taking action.  They have requested that accusations of sexual impropriety be investigated by the Denver DA's office. From the statement released by Senate President Kevin Grantham:

"As representatives of the people of Colorado, elected officials should be held to a higher standard. When allegations of unwanted sexual contact are raised, we have no doubt they should be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law. That is way today, we are calling on Denver District Attorney, Beth McCann, to launch a full scale investigation into these allegations of sexual harassment by both Republican and Democrat lawmakers in both chambers of our legislature,"

Sounds like a good idea to me.  We shall discuss.

THE WAR ON BOYS EXPLODED IN MY EMAIL YESTERDAY After I talked to Dr. Michael Gurian about the Helping Boys Thrive Summit (BUY YOUR TICKETS BY CLICKING HERE) I got a lot of email from parents of boys shouting AMEN.  Many parents are seeing their boys labelled as bad kids because they are young and active little boys and they see what it does to how those boys feel about school and it's not good.  One listener wrote a very thoughtful blog posting about this very thing and I think you should read it!  

JOBLESS CLAIMS ARE AT A 40 YEAR LOW But I'm sure Trump had nothing to do with this.

I WONDER IF GORILLAS KNOW THEY ARE RACIALLY INSENSITIVE A fake gorilla statue which had been part of a zoo themed playground has been removed.  Why?  "Some people" complained that it was racially insensitive.  It was there for 19 years before it suddenly became insensitive.  There are so many follow up questions I have, such as, what was the race of the complainants?  If they were white, REALLY????  Most of us are able to understand that a gorilla is an animal and not in any way shape or form a commentary on race.  And if they were black, REALLY?  The only way to be offended is to assume others see a gorilla and secretly think "black person" WHICH IS REALLY, REALLY DUMB.  I hate people.  There is a move afoot to return Dobby to his rightful location, so all is not lost. 

SORRY COACHED, YOU'RE PERMANENTLY BENCHED A coach from Texas Wesleyan's baseball program it out after sending a potential recruit from Colorado an email rejecting him because Colorado has legal pot.  Not because the kid failed a drug test, but simply because our state has legal pot.  The coach was let go.  But no word on if the kid still has a chance to go there and play ball.

HEY GUYS, SIGN THIS MEANINGLESS PLEDGE TO SIGNAL YOUR #METOO WOKENESS!  This is the kind of thing that makes me so very happy I am not single and dating.  Some dude says he used to be a scumbag, but now he's realized the error of his ways and is urging other men to join him in his newfound femanism (I just made up that word for male feminists.  Heh.) and sign a pledge to make sure every part of a sexual encounter is consensual.  Wow, how romantic.  Haven't we seen enough dudes who claimed to be on the size of feminism who have turned out to be scumbags?  

BOYS WEARING MAKEUP IS A THING NOW AND I'M HEAR TO HAVE AN INTERVENTION Because wearing makeup is a very expensive, time consuming waste of time.  Trust me on this, run away.  Run far, far away from this, guys.  

AND NOW HERE'S A GUY FOLLOWING HIS DAD AROUND WITH A CONFETTI CANNON There is some bad language, but honestly, it just makes it funnier to me.

Mandy Connell


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