The Mayor Leans In After Text Messages Come Out

MAYOR HANCOCK SENT SOME SOMEWHAT NAUGHTY TEXT MESSAGES And now he's caught up in the #metoo movement.  I've got to tell you, I can't necessarily get on board with this one.  I get that he was the Mayor when he sent suggestive (and they aren't explicit or REALLY suggestive, just inappropriate as I see it) text messages to a woman on his security detail in 2013.  Now her story is out because of an anonymous letter someone sent to the news stations in town.  I am completely ambivalent about Michael Hancock (though I think some of his policy positions are literally just dumb) but I'm not sure he should be run out of town on a rail.  Let's have a conversation about where the line is, and what needs to happen if someone crosses it ONCE.  And guess what, this is once, but I didn't hear Tony ask if the Mayor ever sent OTHER text messages to OTHER women he now regrets.  One part I'd like followed up on is how much money has been paid out to women or men in settlements for stuff like this, because this officer already pocketed 75 grand of taxpayer money.  Bring back due process, even for guys who may be scumbags. 

THIS IS WHAT STANDING UP FOR YOUR PRINCIPLES REALLY LOOKS LIKE No, wearing  vagina hat isn't principled.  Going to jail before offering testimony which might insure a man goes to death when you are staunchly pro life is.  This story breaks my heart.  An investigator who worked on the defense case of Robert Ray, who was convicted of murder and sent to death row, has been ordered to testify in his appeal about the competency of his defense team.  Because he is already on death row and her testimony could likely keep him there Greta Lindecrantz is refusing to testify based on her deeply held religious beliefs that the death penalty is wrong.  She's now been held in contempt and jailed by the judge until she testifies.  Read the story here and wonder if you too would stand for your principles like this. 

FORMER SHERIFF TERRY MAKETA IS OFFICIALLY OFF THE HOOK After two hung juries prosecutors have dropped all the remaining charges against former El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa.  This ends the saga that ended what was a promising political career for Maketa.  Seeing as how the juries were hung 11-1 and 10-2 in favor of conviction, I'm not inclined to believe this demonstrates innocence.  But that's just me. 

Y'ALL, THERE ARE EVEN WORDS FOR THIS STORY Because if people see a man using a pressure washer and they call the cops and tell them he's got a rifle I can't even bend my brain to be that stupid.  And yet, here it is.  

YOU CAN'T BUY AN ASSAULT RIFLE AT DICK'S SPORTING GOODS ANYMORE And I have no issue with a private company making this decision.  My guess is that in addition to the heartbreak the CEO says the company felt over the school shootings in Florida there is a liability component to this as well.  I'm speculating but I'm guessing Dick's has some concern over having to defend themselves over a lawsuit should someone buy a rifle at Dicks and uses it to hurt people.  

PBS GIVES BALANCE A SHOT But only for eight weeks.  They are launching a new "conservative" show on Friday nights, because erebody knows conservatives don't do anything on Friday nights anyway.  The show will discuss issues from a conservative perspective.  Countdown to PBS donor freakout in 3...2...1...


IT'S TIME FOR OUR MANDATORY WORK WORKOUT! Drop and give me 10, Dave!  Sweden is blazing a healthy trail because companies there are moving to MANDATORY workouts.  During the workday even.  I would actually love it if my company paid me to workout.  I'd probably do it more.  

LOVE OSCAR MOVIES?  YOU DON'T LOVE THEM THIS MUCH. Have a desire to see EVERY Oscar nominated film, no matter how obscure?  Then you long to be a "Completist".  What the heck is that?  It's someone who has achieved the dream of seeing all those films.  It also means they have WAY too much time on their hands.

OPRAH DOESN'T REALIZE TALKING TO GOD DISQUALIFIES HER FROM THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY  She may not realize that God was booed at the DNC, they heckled a pastor offering the opening prayer, mocked a celebrity for offering prayers to a friend on Twitter, and have elevated agnostic physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson to deity status.   When Oprah told People magazine that she asked God for a sign to run, she immediately signaled she could never be the nominee.  If they are consistent anyway. 

THIS BRILLIANT COLUMN BY JOSEPH EPSTEIN PERFECTLY ENCAPSULATES HOW I FEEL ABOUT TRUMP And if you aren't familiar with Epstein, you're welcome.  He's a brilliant essayist who uses words you may have to look up and they will all be worth the effort.  Read this column at the Wall Street Journal. 

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