Armed Teachers and how to become a white nationalist

WHAT WOULD ARMING TEACHERS REALLY INVOLVE? There is a lot of nonsense flying around from people trying to act like kindergarten teachers would be cutting and pasting with an AK strapped to their backs.  Laura Carno knows that's simply not the case.  She's on today to talk about what the realities of allowing teachers who volunteer and attend training to have access to a firearm on campus.  And it's not what you think.  Find out more about FASTERColorado by clicking here

SO YOU'RE TELLING ME I'M NOT GONNA BE A YOUTUBE STAR? Kids today do not watch tv like WE watched tv.  They watch YouTube videos by young people who are trying to become stars the new way.  But does it pay?  Not really.  A tiny percentage of YouTubers are going to make a on YouTube.  A TINY percentage.  Have this talk with your kids now.  Please tell them that fame in and of itself should NOT be a goal.  

THE MORE I LEARN ABOUT SHERIFF SCOTT ISRAEL, THE MORE I DISLIKE HIM And in genuinely doesn't have a thing to do with his stance on gun control, because there are SO MANY other reasons to dislike him.  After reading this story about how he paid back political supporters with cushy jobs at the Sheriff's office, plus the nifty quote he gave about lions not caring about the lambs when accused, I have determined this guy is a CLASS A A-HOLE.  

WANT TO KNOW HOW SOMEONE BECOMES A RACIST WHITE NATIONALIST?  Read this.  It's sad and disturbing and I feel for this young man whose alienation and loneliness sent him down the rabbit hole of white supremacy and hatred.  He has nothing.  Nothing except his own belief in his own superiority that he has because of an accident of birth that saw him born white.  But at the same time, it's definitely time for momma to kick his ass out of the house.  If you're 21 and living at home with no job, you need  swift kick in the pants.  Period. 

TOXIC STRESS MAY BE THE REAL CULPRIT IN MISBEHAVING KIDS For years ADD and ADHD diagnoses have lead kids who don't really need them to be prescribed stimulants and drugs to calm them down.  Now one pediatrician says it's not really ADD or ADHD, but the toxic stress created by the environments these kids live in.  Drug addicted or abusive parents and uncertain home situations create a reaction in these kids that lasts.  This is heartbreaking on so many levels. 

WANT TO UP YOUR ENDURANCE TRAINING?  TRY INTERMITTENT FASTING You know me and my love of all the latest nutrition trends.  I've lately been investigating intermittent fasting, which is severely curtailing your calories for certain periods of time to inspire your body to burn fat instead of carbs.  This study says that what might seem counter intuitive, that if we skip meals and limit calories, it can INCREASE our ability to work out and actually increases our overall endurance.  I'm going to give it a shot, full report coming soon. 

NO, LEGAL POT DOESN'T MEAN MORE TEENS WILL SMOKE IT A pretty comprehensive study of studies was just published in Addiction magazine, and it says there is not an increase in previous months pot usage in teens after legalization.  I sort of laughed when I read that one of the doctors quoted is named Dr. M-J Malloy.  Heh.  

MORE TEENS ARE SEXTING AND THIS IS NOT GOOD NEWS Because I have seen story after story after story in the last few years of girls (and one boy that I can remember) killing themselves after one of their illicit sexts was shared with the entire school.  PLEASE tell your kids not to share anything compromising via text message.  It's just too risky, and once it's out there, it's out there forever.  I once asked a 14 year old girl if she ever thought about what it would be like if her nude picture turned up on the internet so an old greasy man could sit at his computer and pleasure himself to it.  She was horrified, but I think I made my point.  This is about controlling your own autonomy.  Read the story here

OMG ANOTHER MOVIE I'M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT!  Fahrenheit 451 is one of my favorite stories of all time.  A Ray Bradbury masterpiece.  And now HBO has made a movie!  

WHATEVER WILL YOU WEAR?  TO THE POLLS THAT IS.  The US Supreme Court will hear a case from Minnesota where a man is challenging a state law barring anyone from wearing political buttons or attire at the poll.  Minnesota argues that it is a matter of public safety, as political attire could cause a fight at the polls.  Seems like the penalties for fighting at the polling stations might be in order because this one is just stupid.  Honestly, I've seen people wearing political shirts who made me certain I was voting for their candidate just because of how annoying the person wearing it was.  

ONE PARENT ON WHY IT'S GOOD A STAFF MEMBER AT SCHOOL IS ARMED Read this column for the rational and emotional upsides to allowing a well trained staff member at school to carry

HERE'S A RECORD NO ONE WILL TRY TO BREAK Because no one loves the Big Mac as much as this Wisconsin retiree, who just finished eating 30,000 of them over his lifetime.  30 Freaking Thousand Big Macs.  Go ahead and click the link to see a photo, he's not fat and other than a pretty tragic haircut, seems to be a normal guy.  And he says Big Macs make up 90 to 95 percent of his daily calorie intake.  Nope.  Just nope.  

SCHOOLS TODAY ARE ACTUALLY SAFER THAN THEY WERE IN THE 1990s.  Don't take my word for it, read this study which gathered up data from multiple sources, including staunchly anti-gun advocacy groups, and yet it still found students are safer from gunfire today than they were in the 1990s.  Horrific mass shootings included.  I'm sure this is cold comfort to the families of those murdered in Florida, but there it is.  

HERE ARE SOME FUN IDEAS TO MAKE THE NEXT WINTER OLYMPICS REALLY SIZZLE!  I'm not saying that I'd be obsessed with Canada Shaming, but I might be.  Read these amazing suggestions here.


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