Public Unions Could Be On the Way Out!

COULD THE SUPREME COURT FINALLY CURTAIL PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS? There is a very real chance they could in June when they issue a ruling on Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.  What is this?  It's a challenge to the rules forcing public sector workers to pay "agency fees" if they choose to not belong to a union.  Blue state LOVE agency fees because they allow them to keep buying supporting politicians of their choosing.  But when agency fees are overturned, as they did in Wisconsin, a funny thing happens.  People drop out of the unions.  I'll talk to Dan DiSalvo from the Manhattan Institute at 2 about how this ruling could actually end up helping nearly bankrupt blue states our of their troubles.  From his column today in the Wall Street Journal:But just as raising taxes becomes harder, Janus may give blue states a whole new range of fiscal choices. Wisconsin’s experience shows the potential. In 2011 Gov. Scott Walker signed Act 10, which eliminated most collective bargaining in the public sector. Then in 2015 the state passed right-to-work legislation that eliminated agency fees. Together these laws have caused membership in government unions to drop by over 60%. The state has also trimmed spending on health benefits and retirement programs for public workers, saving billions.

Those reforms were more far-reaching than the Janus decision can possibly be. Still, if blue states capture only a share of Wisconsin’s savings, it would go a long way toward stabilizing their budgets.

The principled defense of the blue-state model, with high taxes and strong unions, is that people who prefer big government should have the right to pay for it. But that choice is being short-circuited by government unions that can extract agency fees even from workers who oppose their agendas. In many states, the rising costs of health and retirement benefits for government workers is already crowding out other spending. Public unions steadfastly oppose any efforts to rein in costs.

GAMING DISORDER IS NOW A THING At least according to the World Health Organization, which says it's characterized by a

"pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour" online or offline.

The description goes on to say that gaming disorders can include the following: "1) impaired control over gaming (e.g., onset, frequency, intensity, duration, termination, context); 2) increasing priority given to gaming to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other life interests and daily activities; and 3) continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences."

Guess what?  If you do anything despite the occurrence of negative consequences it's a problem.  This could be a thing.  Considering that games are designed to create dopamine loops for the gamer, this is a rational argument.  

CAN WE STOP SAYING THE PARKLAND SHOOTER IS MENTALLY ILL FOR A MINUTE?  This has been bugging me BIG TIME.  After the Parkland shooter was arrested it was reported for a hot minute that he claimed he had been "hearing voices".  Then IMMEDIATELY everyone started talking about how we need more mental health help in schools and how mental illness was the real problem (along with guns, of course).  Pardon me for doubting this kid is mentally ill.  He formulated a plan, talked online about killing lots of people, pulled a gun on his own mother and according to his own public defender, knows exactly what's going on in court.  Maybe this kid is just a sociopath.  Which isn't mental illness.  Did you read the FBI transcript of the call about him?  He was killing animals and doing all kinds of things psychopaths and sociopaths do.  I wouldn't be surprised to find out he was born to a drug or alcohol addicted mother before he was adopted.  Yes, he has issues, but he may just be a bad seed.  Or just plain evil.  I'm tired of these shooters being able to try and hide behind mental illness.  

THAT GUN CONTROL SHERIFF IN BROWARD COUNTY SEEMS TO BE TRYING TO DEFLECT  I predicted the day after the shooting that Sheriff Scott Israel from Broward County was aspiring to higher office, but as more and more information comes to light about how ineffective his agency was during the school shooting, I'm thinking he may have problems.  Jake Tapper absolutely GRILLED the Sheriff on what his deputies did or did NOT do as children were being slaughtered.  We know the School Resource Officer hid outside, and now there are significant reports that four Broward Sheriff's Deputies were ALSO outside during the shooting.  Watch this interview and begin to wonder how we ever solve this problem.

THE DEMOCRAT MEMO DOESN'T REALLY SAY WHAT SOME THINKS IT SAYS I know that the Nunes memo was a partisan document.  But those who are looking to the newly released Democratic memo, already nicknamed the "Demo" to answer all the questions, you may have to keep looking.  Here is the memo, you can read it here.  Here and here and here are some columns which ask good questions about this Demo.  

YOU THINK OUR CHILDREN HAVE IT ROUGH HERE?  Turkey's President is a strange man.  He was recently videotaped "comforting" a crying six year old girl wearing a military uniform by assuring her that if she was martyred they would lay a flag on her body.  But I'm sure our culture is the problem.  

ONCE AGAIN, FRUITS AND VEGGIES PROVE TO BE MAGIC But not just for our bodies, for our mental health.  Researchers have shown that increasing your intake of whole grains, veggies and fruits can actually decrease your chance of developing depression.  So not only does the Western diet make us very fat and physically unhealthy, it's also messing with our brains.   

A MILLENIAL MILLIONAIRE GIVES HIS SECRETS AND THEY'RE HARD WORK AND DEDICATION. If you are one of those who worries that the millenial generation is full of entitled slackers, you need to read this.  And if you are one of the Gen Xers or Baby Boomers who worked your butt off to succeed, be ready to smile about how the formula is exactly the same now as it was then.  Read it here

CIVIL DISCOURSE IS DEAD AND MORAL SUPERIORITY KILLED IT.  I get emails on a regular basis from a guy named Joe.  He always sends me stuff I can use and it's well sourced and researched.  I got this email from him this weekend:

From time to time, I visit both conservative and liberal Facebook sites. and will frequently find misleading and/or outright false claims made on both.  Although I should know better, I will occasionally put up a civil and professional post with the correct information, frequently complete with a link to an official source confirming the correction noted in my post.  Never do I chastise any individual but will point out if the headline is a lie that has been posted by the page's owner.

While I occasionally get a rude or vulgar reply on  the conservative sites, when I post to the liberal sites, I  will invariably and immediately be deluged with dozens of the most vulgar personal attacks from those on sites such as Think Progress, The Daily Kos, Being Liberal, etc. Those attacks frequently include terms such as:

  • F**Ktard
  • Trumptard
  • Asshat
  • Dimwit
  • Moron
  • Repugnican
  • Ammosexual
  • Gun for a penis
  • Moron
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc

My puzzlement is why do those on the left feel the need  to personally attack and denigrate those that may have a differing opinion or provide data that contradicts their inherent confirmation bias? 

Can this be related to the Left brain (Logical) / Right Brain (Emotional) difference that so often differentiates the majority of  conservatives from the majority of liberals? 

It would appear the age of rationale discourse is dead and if so, is there any hope of ever achieving rational, bi-partisan solutions to so many of our key issues?

I have an answer for why this is happening and why is now okay for many on the Left to hurl all sorts of invective at anyone they disagree with. I shall discuss today. 

THIS SINGLE DAD NEEDS VACATION HELP!  And if you're reading this, you can always email me suggestions to so I can pass them along.  Here is his email:

Hi Mandy,

First off, I love your show and views on most things. I am emailing you because I know you have kids around my sons age. I am a single dad and every year I do one big vacation a year with my boy. One year I did Mount Rushmore road trip, another I did LEGO land San Diego and the beach. I am wondering if you have any advice you can give me for a fairly priced trip idea. I’m thinking maybe a cruise but I’ve read bad reviews too.

Just FYI, his mom and I do share custody. Every year I go through a stressful time trying to plan our trips. Not to sound like a whiner or anything. I’m just really not good at planning trips! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I'm gonna get your suggestions at 3 today!  

I'M PRETTY SURE THE FACT I LAUGHED AT THIS MEANS I'M GOING TO HELL But how can you not when you hear a family adopted a pot belly pig from the SPCA in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada and then it misbehaved so THEY ATE IT

MY DAUGHTER WOULD HAVE CHOSEN "PUPPY" FOR HER CATEGORY The state of Delaware is thinking of letting kindergartners to pick their gender.  It gets better.  The school won't have to inform the parents of the gender or race of their own children.  Read about it here

BECAUSE I CAN'T UNSEE THIS I'M GONNA SHOW IT TO YOU TOO A dude has spent 10 years tattooing his entire body black.  Even his eyes.  Now you have to look at it too

MILLENIALS ARE ON TRACK TO OUTFAT US ALL And that is nothing to brag about.  Each generation is fatter than the one before it, but Millenials seem to be on track to be the fattest by a good margin. Here's hoping we can change our food industry before they all end up dying young and fat.  I blame the fat acceptance movement.  Not because I want fat people to suffer indignities because of their size, but because being overweight leads to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and increased cancer risk.  It's not just about how you look, but what those extra pounds are doing over time to our bodies.  Don't even get me started on how physically damaging carrying around too much weight in on your joints.  

CAN MOVIEPASS SAVE THE CINEMAS?  Dave and Lori Lynn both have Movie Pass memberships.  Movie Pass is $9.95 a month and you can go see 1 movie per day for that flat fee.  Here is a great interview about how the service works and how they hope to make money soon. 

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