Michelle Malkin, Lost in Space, and Devil's Club.

MICHELLE MALKIN IS A WOMAN WITH FIRM OPINIONS And in addition to building HotAir.com and selling it, she is now on CRTV with Michelle Malkin Investigates.  She's on today at 2pm to talk about her appearance tomorrow at CCU and her latest column on the kids calling for gun control.  Buy tickets to the CCU event by clicking here.

I CREATED A DEVIL'S CLUB FIRESTORM THE OTHER DAY When I mentioned the Devil's Club salve that Chuck and I brought back from Alaska.  I sent so many people the website for Silverbear Sundries I figured I'd have them on to talk about this magical stuff.  Chris and Ember Haynes join me at 3.  Find their whole line of products and order your own here

EMOTIONS WERE ON DISPLAY LAST NIGHT ON CNN And I didn't watch.  I don't need to see people suffering demanding that SOMETHING be done. I don't need to see Senator Marco Rubio excoriated for telling the truth about gun control.  And I don't need to see people accusing NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch of murder.  Although it may have been great tv in CNN's opinion, it does nothing to move the conversation forward.  By the way, here is a Michelle Malkin column from 2016 on CNN's long and illustrious history of audience plants at town halls.  

ARE MORE ANTI-DEPRESSANTS REALLY THE ANSWER?  I am somewhat horrified by this news article that says a million more Britons should be on anti depressants.  What?  We are now at a point where 14 year olds are being diagnosed with depression at alarming rates.  Shouldn't we be asking WHY rather than writing another script?  Shouldn't we be trying to figure out what in our modern society is causing this drastic uptick?  I'm not across-the-board-Scientology-style opposed to anti depressants, I know they can help people who truly need them, but dang kids, we have to figure out why we're all running around miserable now when we didn't seem to be before.  Maybe we were and we just figured it out.  One point of good news though, suicide rates in the UK have ticked DOWN since 2007 so maybe this is a better idea than I initially thought.  

A SUSHI JOINT FINDS OUT PEOPLE IN DENVER DO NOT HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR Full disclosure, I love Hapa Sushi's food but their loud restaurants do not entice me.  Their ad campaigns, however, ALWAYS entertain me.  Their latest campaign has been pulled from those big boxes full of ads downtown because people complained about them.  What were they?  Quotes from Donald Trump about nuclear war followed by a tagline along the lines of "Eat Well Before it All Ends" which is pretty funny if you ask me.  I found this quote to be the most telling from the owner of Hapa Sushi:

Hapa's Van Grack said he was happy to comply with the city's wishes. He understands the heightened political climate in which "everybody gets a little nervous" when Trump is involved.

"Denver being a sanctuary city, they're very concerned that anything negative or perceived to be negative toward the Trump administration puts them under a microscope," he said. "We're OK with" the decision.

So Denver's fear of being called out for ignoring immigration law ended this campaign?  Sad! 

CONGRATS TO MIKAELA SHIFFRIN, AND I'M NOT A LINDSEY VONN FAN Don't get me wrong, Lindsey Vonn is a legendary skier who leaves behind a remarkable legacy.  However her pre-Olympic comments about Trump annoyed the crap out of me and I've not been able to root for her these games.  Mikaela Shiffrin however, has been a joy to watch as she added a silver medal to her gold.  Yay, Olympics! 

AND WHAT'S UP WITH ALL THE FEMALE SNOWBOARDERS' HAIR? Has anyone else noticed that they ALL have two little tendrils of hair framing their faces even when they have the rest of their hair pulled back?  I guess it's a thing, but I'm not sure why?  Like this one:

I WAS MAD AT NICO PORTEOUS UNTIL I READ THIS If you watched last night's men's skiing half pipe freestyle, you might have been annoyed like I was when New Zealander Nico Porteous didn't do any tricks on his third run, opting to believe his high score would keep him on the podium.  The gamble paid off, but I was frosty at him.  Then I read this and remembered he's a 16 year old kid on the world's biggest stage and now I think he's adorable again.  We'll see this kid at the next Winter Games where hopefully he can work on his nerves a bit.  


HAD A BAD ROOMMATE?  I GUARANTEE HE OR SHE WASN'T THIS BAD This is a long read but totally worth it.  It's about a man who was a serial squatter and it should terrify anyone looking for a roommate on Craigslist.  Read the whole sordid tale here

WHAT THE HECK, GUCCI? Models walked down the runway in Milan carrying copies of their own heads.  I read this entire article and I'm still not sure what the heck that's supposed to mean.  Fashion is stupid and full of it's own self importance.  There I said it.  

YOU MEAN HIRING STRIPPERS TO UP ATTENDANCE AT A FUNERAL IS WRONG?  It's happening in China with great regularity and now the government is cracking down.  I am totally not making this up.  They have set up hotlines to report such things.  

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