Do We Really Need to Listen to the Kids?

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS A LOUSY NEIGHBOR And my guest today is suing the Feds for not taking care of a dangerous structure on federal land that ended up on a private citizen's yard.  William Perry Pendley from Mountain States Legal Foundation joins me at 3pm with all the details.

KIDS ARE TAKING TO THE STREETS OVER GUN CONTROL TODAY And the media is giving them plenty of fawning coverage for their bravery.  I am not going to condemn these kids because I believe many of them truly believe this is what's necessary to make a difference.  I don't condemn them for not knowing what they don't know.  But what happens if they get their way?  This column shares the reality of what gun control looks like.  People don't die less, they just die in different ways.  

HERE'S WHY KIDS SHOULDN'T BE MAKING POLICY, BUT YET, THE NEWS THINKS THEY SHOULD Several columns today outline how preposterous it is to consider letting kids vote at age 16 while demanding the age to own a firearm to 21.  Ben Shapiro does it well here, Michelle Malkin (who is on the show tomorrow) does so here.  This is so completely insane and I'm deeply ashamed of any adult who seizes on the grief of young people to push a political agenda, and I don't care which side of the aisle they are on.  As the mother of two men who used to be teenagers, I can tell you the overall decision making of many teenagers demonstrates completely how stupid these ideas are.  

THE JEFFCO SCHOOL SUPER HAS SOME IDEAS FOR SCHOOL SAFETY And they aren't all bad, like reconfiguring schools to make them harder to breach.  Except the Parkland shooter pulled the fire alarm so the kids poured out to him.  So that's not the best idea.  Then there is the idea of having an armed resource officer on campus at all times.  Except there was a SRO on the Parkland campus but he couldn't get there in time because the campus was so big.  So that's not super effective.  Then he wants a federal bureaucracy to study school safety, which I'm totally not sure what that would do.  And lastly, more funding for mental health services, which is great if someone SEEKS help, but there was no indication any mass shooters save the Virginia Tech shooter and the Aurora shooter ever sought.  But these things will probably make people FEEL better, so maybe we should consider them. 

NO, WE'RE NOT THE WORST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD FOR MASS SHOOTINGS And I hate even having to make this distinction, but per capita, we're simply not.  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GEORGE WASHINGTON!  EARLY.  Dave is off tomorrow because it is the actual birthday of one Mr. George Washington, otherwise known as the father of our great nation.  Here are some fun facts about George, and you should bake a cake or something for him tomorrow. 

BLACK PANTHER HAS A DIVERSITY PROBLEM No, it's not that white people are pretty uniformly evil, it's that there are no gay characters in the film.  Seriously, this is now a thing. 

RIP BILLY GRAHAM, I'M GUESSING YOU GOT QUITE THE NICE WELCOME IN HEAVEN The Reverend Billy Graham has gone home to meet his Maker at the age of 99.  That's a pretty good ride.  Rest in Peace, Reverend.  


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