Jennifer Lawrence is going to save the world.

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THE SUCCESS OF BLACK PANTHER AT THE BOX OFFICE PROVES ON THING We are a nation DESPERATE to shed any semblance of being a racist society.  My friend and comic book loving nerd friend Lori Lynn is on with her review.  

IF YOU CAN'T PROVE YOUR POINT WITH THE FACTS, JUST CHANGE THE FACTS This appears to be the working motto for NOAA who keeps monkeying with flat out changing temperature records to make us worry about global warming.  Unfortunately people keep checking their math and it's not good

IF YOU WERE WATCHING THE OLYMPICS YOU MIGHT HAVE SEEN A BOOB And for ONCE I'm not talking about Bob Costas, as this year's Olympics are being commentated by Mike Tirico.  During Saturday's short program in ice dancing, the female skater's top came undone right at the beginning and I, like millions of others, watched in agony because we knew what was going to happen.  And it did.  Left Boob popped out right at the end.  But you know what?  She knew that was probably going to happen and she skated anyway because it was the Olympics and you don't let up no matter WHAT happens.  Life would be nice if more people applied this their daily lives.  

ARE YOU HAVING A BAD DAY?  YOU'RE PROBABLY NOT ALONE.  I find a study about 'bad days' interesting only because I rarely have a bad day.  It's not that I don't have daily frustration which annoy me, because I do, but that I rarely have an ENTIRE day which I would put in the "bad" category.  Is it odd that someone would let a bad hair day ruin the WHOLE day?  Apparently not.  

HOW TAXED ARE WE IN COLORADO?  Good news, we aren't the highest taxed citizenry in the country!  We are a respectable #17 when it comes to our state tax burden.  Want to see something really interesting?  Check to see where the socialist utopias of California, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey are on the list.  Hint, you can skip to the bottom.   I do have a follow up question though.  Do you feel like your money is well spent in Colorado?  

SO DOES THIS MAKE MY NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TSHIRT A COLLECTIBLE?  The NCAA has turned down the University of Louisville's final appeal and their 2013 National Championship will be vacated because the coaching staff either lost control of some rogue assistants or created a culture where hiring hookers for recruits seemed like a good idea.  I never liked Rick Pitino after his OWN sex scandal in Louisville.  I'm very sorry for the passionate fans and the players who really truly did work hard and win that tourney that year.   They are now paying for Pitino's scumbaggery.  

THE ARGUMENT OF "SAFETY" VERSUS LIBERTY RAGES ON In the wake of the latest horrific crime in Florida.  As students march out of school to demand gun control because they believe that's going to make them safe (hey, they probably didn't learn about Prohibition and the War on Drugs in school) the age old question of "How can we protect a free society?" is in the forefront.  This column does a good job reminding us that the answer is "you can't".  Not from every threat, not every time.  

FINALLY WE HAVE SOMEONE TO FIX OUR DEMOCRACY!  MAY THE ODDS FOREVER BE IN HER FAVOR.  I generally don't give a crap what Hollywood types say about politics, but this BEGS commentary.  Current Hollywood It Girl Jennifer Lawrence has announced she's taking a year off from acting to, ahem, 

"I'm going to be working with this organization as a part of Represent.Us ... trying to get young people engaged politically on a local level," the 27-year-old Academy Award winner said. "It doesn't have anything to do with partisan [politics]. It's just anti-corruption and stuff trying to pass state-by-state laws that can help prevent corruption, fix our democracy."

Got that?  Jennifer Lawrence is going to "fix our democracy".  As if "our democracy***" is a car with a bad alternator.  Bless her little heart.  Good luck sweetie.  For real.  

*** we are actually a constitutional republic, which isn't at all a democracy, but I'm sure she'll fix that too.

Y'ALL.  I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING QUITE LIKE THIS And I hope to never see it again. 

I THINK WHERE YOU FALL ON THIS ISSUE DEPENDS ON HOW YOU VIEW THE ROLE OF PRISON I have changed my opinion on this topic over the years.  The topic is education behind bars.  For a long time I fell into the camp of "prison is punishment" and those in prison should be responsible for themselves.  Then I interviewed a man who had been in and out of jail for 15 years before he served some hard time in a prison with a robust education program.  It truly changed his life.  The one thing he said that stuck with me is this.  People in prison ARE learning something.  They are learning how to be better criminals unless you give them hope to learn something different.  Now I'm all for these programs.  By the way, in the program he was in, you had to earn your way into the program through work and good behavior.  For some reason I think that matters too. 

KNOWLEDGE ABOUT WIND ENERGY IS GOOD RIGHT?  UNLESS IT MIGHT BE BAD NEWS. This story is intriguing because you've got a legislator who wants to create an information clearinghouse on the impact of wind energy.  Not revolutionary, right?  Until you realize he wants a database on the impact of wind energy production on people. Then is gets a little more tricky.  But I'd love to hear someone argue that too much information is a bad thing.   

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