Australian Gun Laws, a really smart letter and Dave

WE AREN'T THE FIRST GENERATION OF HIGHLY NETWORKED PEOPLE Niall Ferguson is a pretty brilliant historian and political commentator.  His new book is called The Square and the Tower: Networks, Hierarchies and the Struggle for Global Power and it's a thought provoker for sure.  He's on at 3pm to discuss how networks of many types and varieties have been disrupting the hierarchies since, well forever, and many times with very unsatisfactory results.  Buy the book here, but know this, it's not beach reading so slap your thinking cap firmly in place for this one.  

Nevermind, he's cancelled on me for today

THIS IS THE EMAIL I READ YESTERDAY And many of you have asked for it, so here it is in it's entirety.

Re: school shootings                                                                                                                                  


      You asked yesterday, "How can we stop shootings like Florida's from happening?" The answer is...we can't. As a public school teacher and administrator of forty years, my guesstimate is two tenths of one percent of all students are screwy (reflective of the general population).

     Considering the manifold billions of cellular constructs necessary to form a human, it's astounding any of us grow to be what could be called "normal." As people's bodies vary with gnarled toes, awry teeth, skin blotches, limps, cow-lick hair, stammers and stutters, limps, imperfect vision, hearing, and reflexes, so do brains form various learning paths, moral codes, motivations, ambitions, talents and deprivations. Any teacher worth the title knows out of every thousand kids two or so should be permanently boxed and forgotten. They're time bombs potentially destructive, eruptive. No counseling, home circumstance, medication or social constraint will direct them to society's advantage.

     Why can't we stop all car, motorcycles or plane accidents, poisonings, drownings, suicides, fatal lightening strikes or falls? Why can't we prevent latent heart disease, kidney failures, diabetes, and cancers? In a population of 320 million, the answer is...we can't. The waywardly formed school shooter is one such imperfection. 

     The real question is, given the complexity of humans, the comparatively sudden density of their population and the grandiose technologies at their disposal, why aren't there more accidents, more illnesses, more murders? Hand wring over our current conditions? Cry, "In my day..." and "early intervention woulda..."? But remember, the advances humans have made in the last ten thousand years are incomprehensibly amazing, staggeringly profound and prophetically inconceivable in comparison to the statically insignificant misgivings of one crazed gunman as to make that gunman comparatively non-existent.

      How can we stop school shootings? We can't. really. Do we need to accept them? No, but endless anguish isn't the answer either. Reduce populations, cull early potential dissidents, retard technology and legislate normality and maybe then...maybe then we'll have a start.


Sort of says it all, doesn't it?  

SPEAKING OF AUSTRALIAN GUN LAWS Because so many on the left are saying "We should do what Australia did" after it's mass shooting in Tasmania.  I've decided to present the reality of what that might look like.  Australia bought back approximately one million guns for approximately 500 million dollars.  That's roughly 500 bucks per gun on average.  Australian law requires a "fair market" compensation to gun owners.  There are roughly 320,000,000 to 350,000,000 guns in circulation in the US.  That is $160 Billion to $175 Billion assuming a $500 average.  Plus, how do you get gun owners who are concerned about criminals not turning in their guns to turn them in?  And what do you do with criminals with guns?  Are you willing to make illegal ownership of a gun an offense that garners 14 years in prison, as it does in Australia?  Because there is a good chance that will disproportionately affect minorities.  I'm just trying to work this all out.  By the way, gun ownership rates in Australia are back up to where they were before the gun buyback and they still haven't had a mass shooting.  How is that? 

WELL OF COURSE TRUMP'S NETWORK COVERED UP HIS AFFAIRS Just like Clinton's protective detail covered up his, and JFK's covered up his, and so on, and so on, and so on.  I think it's fair to say that Trump supporting Americans aren't going to care about the latest revelations from a former Playmate who is now mad that a friend of Trump's at the National Enquirer paid her a hefty paycheck and then didn't run the exclusive.  Sorry sweetie, you should really take the check and live up the contract you voluntarily signed with the Enquirer.  This story is utterly unsurprising. 

DAVE'S DIET IS FINALLY ALL GROWN UP NOW He went to the movies last night and decided to treat himself to some delicious popcorn and ordered extra, extra buttery topping.  He regretted it.  Immensely and he's apologizing to his daughter now.  

HE GOT SHOT AND STILL RECOGNIZES THAT LAWS WON'T DO MUCH Steve Scalise was shot by a crazed Democrat while practicing for a baseball game, and yet even he says some of the feel good bills being talked about would do nothing to stop the next madman.  

THE WORLD'S WORST GAME SHOW CONTESTANTS And it made me laugh really hard even though I've seen most of them already.  Enjoy!  

YOU KNOW I'M OBSESSED WITH US BEING AN EMPIRE IN DECLINE And I will keep referencing the Fall of the Roman Empire again and again until people begin to understand.  Read this bit on the similarities to where we are and where the Roman Empire was before it fell.  And get ready to join me on the gloomy train.  

ARE YOU NOT WATCHING THE OLYMPICS???  If not, you've missed some really spectacular stories of athlete comebacks and redemption.  But apparently not everyone is as enthusiastic as I am, as ratings are down this year.  

DID YOU EVEN KNOW THERE WAS A TIME WHEN SLICED BREAD WASN'T A THING? And a small town in Missouri wants to create Sliced Bread Day to honor the first time sliced bread was sold in America.  God Bless the USA!  


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