Lots of Experts and cutest little VDay Cynic!

I'M BRINGING ON AN EXPERT IN SCHOOL VIOLENCE Because Dr. John Nicoletti has a lot more experience in dealing with things like violence in schools than I hope to ever have.  He joins me at 1:35 to discuss yesterday's horrific crime and what we should all know going forward.

GARY BELL AND BRAD POLLOCK ARE IN FOR ASK THE LAWYERS AT 2PM Don't be hating on me for wanting normal.  Get your legal questions, the wackier the better, answered today at 2pm.  Contact the guys with your more personal questions by clicking here

CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER WILL BE A WELCOME DISTRACTION AT 3 So get your word and grammar annoyances ready for "Please Tell Me I'm Right with Charles Harrington Elster" today at 3.  

THE NIPPLE IS FREE NOW IN FORT COLLINS And I sure hope the young and not-so-young women who are hell bent on "desexualizing" women's nipples freeze theirs off soon.  Not literally, of course, although I sort of mean literally.  A federal judge says laws requiring women to unfree the nipple are unconstitutional.  Yippee.  I can hardly to wait to see how this all turns out. 

THIS PERFORMANCE IS WHY I LOVE THE OLYMPICS This woman has been in FIVE Olympic games.  This is widely expected to be her swan song, her last shot to win the gold which has eluded her thus far.  Her partner made some mistakes in the short program.  This is the free skate that won her the gold.  Talk about leaving it all on the ice.  Simply beautiful.  I can't embed it, so click here


A SNOOPY GRANDMOTHER MAY HAVE STOPPED ANOTHER SCHOOL SHOOTING By reading her grandson's journal and calling the cops when she became alarmed at his stated wish to shoot students and blow up the school.  

WILL HOLLYWOOD GIVE UP THE GLAM?  One German actress wants other actresses to eschew the high heels and low cut gowns usually sported at film festivals and awards ceremonies to 

'challenge the “patriarchal gaze” women habitually face at film festivals and award ceremonies, and to inspire actors to wear what they want instead."

Mmkay.  I can just hear it now,

Reporter on red carpet:  "who are you wearing?"

Actress: "Juicy couture sweats with a pair of Chuck Taylor's from when I was in high school"

ONCE AGAIN I'M REMINDED I'M THE LAZIEST MOTHER EVER By a woman who spent 100 hours making life size cake twins OF her twins for their first birthday.  I only had one and no WAY am I doing this.  It is really impressive though.  

PLEASE DON'T BUY THAT 18 SCHOOL SHOOTINGS STAT BEING BANDIED ABOUT It is based on some seriously dubious record keeping by the anti-gun group Everytown Against Something or other and it's ridiculous when you find out the actual facts, which you can here

A LITTLE OLD FLUFF BALL WON BEST IN SHOW Check out how adorable this little guy Flynn is.

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