Trump Deserves Credit and Chloe Kim Rocks!

WHEN DOES TRUMP GET CREDIT FOR THE ECONOMY?  Because by all accounts, the economy is booming.  People are FINALLY starting to get raises as a result of the tightening labor market and news is out today that the first month of the Trump tax cuts brought in record revenue.  I'm genuinely curious as to when the credit shifts for all this?  

CHLOE KIM IS EVERYTHING RIGHT ABOUT THE OLYMPICS  If you didn't watch 17 year old American of Korean decent OWN the half pipe snowboarding championships you missed out.  Chloe Kim is adorable and she's AMAZING on the half pipe.  Her parents are Korean immigrants who got to watch their daughter win gold in their homeland.  There is so much to love about this story!  By the way, Colorado has won more medals so far than 81 other countries.  Woot. 

BY THE WAY, YOU NEED TO VISIT THE OLYMPIC TRAINING CENTER IN THE SPRINGS As I did yesterday.  It is INCREDIBLE to see the high tech training available to our elite athletes.  One negative takeaway for me is that some athletes are barely getting by as they train for the more obscure sports.  We need to do more to support the team, no matter which team they play for!  Find out more about the OTC and how do the tour here

TALK ABOUT NOT HAVING A DOG IN THAT FIGHT a dog who wanted to run for Governor in Kansas has been barred from doing so.  It was a hairy situation when a women decided to file for her dog to run after she found out that six teenagers have filed to run.   Now the courts have decided she was barking up the wrong tree while trying to make a point.  Her candidate remains in the doghouse.  

AND YOU THOUGHT YOUR FAMILY WAS DYSFUNCTIONAL Would your parents donate the maximum allowable contribution to your political opponent?  One Republican candidate in Wisconsin's did.  

HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN TO LEAVE A RELATIONSHIP?  It seems like it should be simple, and yet, it's not.  My personal favorite thinker Jordan Peterson lays it out.

PERA IS A HOT MESS AGAIN AND IT'S TIME WE ACCEPTED THE TRUTH And the Denver Post ran a big story about it on Sunday.  The long and short of the article?  That the PERA board was more concerned with being a target in the press than telling the truth and sounding the alarm bells when they needed to.  And they also lied and painted a rosy picture that simply was a lie.  

YOU'RE AN ORGAN DONOR WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT If you're Dutch, that is.  I'm an organ donor because if someone else can use parts of me to keep on living when I'm dead, that's lovely.  And now the Dutch have passed a law that says you are signed up to be an organ donor unless you actively opt out.  This would solve a lot of problems in the US, and if your religion forbids it you can always mark the box on the form to opt out.  What would you do? 

GOT A SCRAPE?  RUB SOME DIRT ON IT! Because now a new potentially powerful antibiotic has been discovered guessed it...dirt

RETIRING EARLY MAY KILL YOU.  SERIOUSLY.  At least that's the tentative conclusion being reached after studying the death rates of men who retire at 62.  I think this is altogether a possibility as I know MANY men who have retired and died shortly thereafter.  

THE ONLY NEGATIVE ABOUT THE OLYMPICS IS THE COVERAGE OF NORTH KOREA And it's been embarrassing to watch people fawn over the sister of the vicious dictator because she gave some side eye to Mike Pence.  Are there any murderous fascists someone on the Left won't fawn over?  National Review breaks it down here

IMMIGRATION REFORM NO LONGER IMPORTANT TO CHUCK SCHUMER  Isn't that weird?  But that seems to be what he is saying when he says,

“Now is not the time nor the place to reform the entire legal immigration system. Rather, this is the time for a narrow bill” 

I'm guessing what the subtext here is "We don't want to let the GOP set the terms of immigration reform so we can run against them with it indefinitely"

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