It's All About Valentine's Day

SURE IT'S A HALLMARK HOLIDAY But why not take a moment to express your love to your sweetie ANYWAY?  I've got three guests today who can help make your Valentine's Day a GREAT one!

CAN'T SEEM TO PLAN THE PERFECT DATE?  Gretchen from Denver Date Night is on today to help you plan the perfect date for your sweetie.  If you still can't swing it, just click here and let Gretchen plan one for you

CHOCOLATE IS ALWAYS THE BEST GIVE EVER And the best chocolate EVER (honestly and truly) is RIGHT HERE in Littleton.  My friend and chocolatier Julie Nygard joins me to talk all things chocolate, from health benefits and how chocolate first became associated with love in the first place.  You MUST go visit her store on Main Street in Littleton, or find out more or shop for chocolate by clicking here.

A LITTLE WINE AND SONG GOES A LONG WAY FOR ROMANCE And if you are stumped by the whole picking-of-the-wine things, tune in at 3 for a return visit by Kristal Alfonso.  She's a sommelier and cheese monger and she can help you out.  Go visit Kristal at The Wine Gallery in the Springs.  Find out more by clicking here!

KBPI'S WILLIE B IS A MAN WITH A BIG HEART And he's turned his Saturday event at Gasoline Alley in the Springs to a fundraiser for Deputy Micah Flick who was killed in the line of duty this week.  Find out all the details by clicking here!

YOU THINK THERE'S NOT ENOUGH POLITICS IN SPORTS? I FOUND YOUR TRIBE I have to thank Zachary for emailing me this link because I laughed really, really hard this morning watching it.  The NFL brass should watch it too.  

YOU REALLY SHOULD READ THE GRASSLEY MEMO Because it is FAR more specific than the Nunes memo and full of some really important and challenging questions about the FBI's use of unverified dossier funded by an opposing political candidate's team as the basis to spy on an American citizen.  Even if you hate Trump, even if you loathe Republicans, this should concern you greatly.  If you are the least bit concerned about Russian interference in our elections you should be supremely concerned about the FBI being used as a political pawn.  Read the Grassley letter to the DoJ here.

YOU CAN EAT THE SNOW A HALF DAY LATER.  IF IT'S NOT YELLOW.  Someone in Romania actually did a study to find out how long snow was safe to eat.  Short answer, a half day.  Long answer here

HERE'S A GOOD STRATEGY IF YOU EVER GET SWALLOWED BY A TOAD Just do what this beetle thing does, which is shoot poison out of it's butt into the toad's stomach.  The poison makes the toad throw up and the beetle walks away. Sounds good to me.  

IF YOU AREN'T WATCHING PLANET EARTH: BLUE PLANET II ON BBC AMERICA Holy cow you are missing out.  This is the most beautiful footage of the ocean and everything in it I've ever seen.  

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