Veterans Passport to Hope Gala and More!

YOU REALLY NEED TO GO TO THE VETERANS PASSPORT TO HOPE GALA WITH ME! Well I'm going to be there emceeing the event and I'm super excited about the whole thing.  Buy a ticket by clicking here

RUSSIA IS OWING US RIGHT NOW FDD's Cliff May did a great piece on how bad Russia is owning us here. 

A FAKE TSUNAMI WARNING WENT OUT A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO And we all know what happened with that fake missile warning in Hawaii.  What if you got a warning that your life was over in the next half hour?  What would you do?  How would you spend the time?

ADAM SCHIFF GOT CAUGHT BY HIS OWN CONFIRMATION BIAS When he was pranked by two Russian comedians who called him and told him they had nekkid photos of President Trump with some Russian dame.  Schiff says he totally didn't believe it, but he did have someone from his office follow up.  I have to think that even if Schiff suspected it was a hoax there was at least a little tiny part of him that wished it was real so hard.  

I HONESTLY DON'T BLAME MEN FOR FEELING THIS WAY A new survey spells disaster for women hoping to move up in their careers, as men now say they are not comfortable mentoring women in the workplace.  They are also way less likely to work late with a female colleague now.  This is all since the birth of the #metoo movement.  This is bad news, as mentorships are a wonderful way to access institutional knowledge needed to succeed in many environments.  I have had a few really, really great mentors in radio, all of them men.  This is a real setback for women.  But totally understandable if you ask me. 

NO VIRGINIA, OUR INFRASTRUCTURE IS NOT CRUMBLING But it sure does make a neat talking point for politicians trying to figure out how spend more of our money with their cronies in the construction industry. Read this to get the facts

NO, I DO NOT WANT A GLORIOUS MILITARY SHOW OFF PARADE I've seen formal military events several times on bases around the country.  They are really cool and when you understand the history and meaning behind them they are even cooler.  But when I heard President Trump wants a USSR style military parade on the streets of DC I have to admit I felt a little horrified.  Do we really want to mirror the French and Russians?  Or the North Koreans or Chinese?  I think I feel like we should act like we've been there rather than marching around with our you-know-whats hanging out. 

MOVIE STARS ARE NOW FACED WITH THE SAME MORALITY CLAUSE I HAVE I have had a so-called "morality clause" in every contract I've signed with Clear Channel/IheartMedia.  It pretty much says that if do something stupid that brings disgrace on me and therefore IHeart, they can fire me with cause.  Well now actual famous people are going to have the same sort of clauses in their contracts because of the #metoo movement.  

ARE DEMOCRATS MAKING SAN FRAN NAN TAKE THE HIT ON DREAMERS? The Republicans say they have agreed in principle to a spending deal that would be a two year budget.  Nancy Pelosi is staking a claim for Dreamers by suggesting strongly she won't have time for budget talks until Republicans agree to take a vote on DACA.  Not sure this is a good idea for the Democrats and it seems like they are going to let Nancy from the Safe District take the stand other Dems don't want to.  

A QUICK BRAIN ZAP CAN INCREASE MEMORY IN ALZHEIMER'S PATIENTS!  A new device that shocks the brain seems to have some promise as a way to help Alzheimer's patients regain some memory.  There is a lot of good happening in the research area around this horrible disease.  

THIS KID MEETS AN EAGLE AND LOSES IT.  I love overwhelmed kids.  

THIS WILL MAKE YOU UGLY CRY AND RESTORE YOUR FAITH IN HUMANITY A German dad whose little son has leukemia gets the gift of a lifetime.  All his coworkers worked overtime and "donated" those hours to him so he could be with his son and not get fired. 

TIDE PODS ARE TOO SEXY FOR THEIR OWN GOOD ACCORDING TO LAWMAKERS And by sexy, I mean tasty looking.  And two New York Democrats are demanding Tide make them less appealing to the morons kids who keep trying to eat them.  

MOM OF DEAD ATTEMPTED ARMED ROBBER MAD EMPLOYEE HAD A GUN I can't even explain how stories like this make me feel.  The mother of a young man who decided to rob a Pizza Hut only to be met by an armed employee who stopped him is angry.  Is she angry her son made such a bad life choice as to rob a Pizza Hut?  Nope.  She's mad that the employee at the Hut had a gun.  Yup.  

WE SHOULD BE PROUD OF OUR COLORADO ATHLETES!  Because we have MORE athletes than any other single state in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games!  Go CO!  

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