Is the Land of the Free REALLY Free?

HOW IS THE LAND OF THE FREE #17?  The Cato Institute is a libertarian think tank and every year they like to measure freedom.  How do they do this?  I'll let them explain. 

The Human Freedom Index presents the state of human freedom in the world based on a broad measure that encompasses personal, civil, and economic freedom. Human freedom is a social concept that recognizes the dignity of individuals and is defined here as negative liberty or the absence of coercive constraint. Because freedom is inherently valuable and plays a role in human progress, it is worth measuring carefully. The Human Freedom Index is a resource that can help to more objectively observe relationships between freedom and other social and economic phenomena, as well as the ways in which the various dimensions of freedom interact with one another.

Sounds good, huh?  We should be on top, amiright?  But we are NUMBER 17!!!  SEVENTEEN!!!  Who is above us?  I'll let Cato's Ian Vasquez explain how we've fallen so far at 3. 

MY MOM GUILT MANIFESTS ITSELF IN PSYCHOSOMATIC ILLNESS  Sunday night The Q started barfing, which isn't really your problem, but she was still feeling sick Monday so she stayed home from school.  Upon learning she still felt bad, I immediately began to feel nauseous myself and remained queasy feeling the entire day, but never actually got sick.  Thanks to technology, I have the ability to broadcast from my house, so I decided to do that yesterday, so I didn't spread my "germs" to anyone else.  Only I didn't get sick and once The Q started feeling better, I was fine.  I've decided this is my mom guilt.  And Dave the Intrepid found an article that may explain why it's so powerful.  

HERE IS SOME FREE ADVICE ABOUT WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE STOCK MARKET RIGHT NOW Unless you are skilled day trader or someone who moves a lot of stock in the market regularly take this advice: look away.  Don't check your 401k, don't make any decisions, don't make any moves.  You're welcome. 

WHY IS THIS EVEN TAKING UP SPACE IN THE NEWS TODAY? Of course I'm talking about how celebrities are demanding that chefs stop boiling alive lobsters.  Yes, this is a new movement.  Because the lobsters can feel pain.  Can you imagine what would happen if we find out that babies can feel pain in the womb?  

JUSTIN TRUDEAU IS A MASSIVE TOOL.  THERE, I SAID IT. The Prime Minister of Nepotism Canada is swooned over by American Progressives because he's JUST SO DREEEAAAMMMMYYYYYY and he proved his allegiance to the Cause by interrupting a young woman asking a well thought out question to correct her un-pc language.  It's as bad as you might think.  

SO YOU MEDITATE?  IT DOESN'T MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON, SORRY And not only is meditation not going to bring us world peace, it doesn't even bring the person doing it peace.  Sorry hippies.  

SHOULD A POWERBALL WINNER HAVE TO DISCLOSE HER NAME?  A woman in New Hampshire won the $560 million Powerball.  She did what most people would have done and signed the back of the ticket.  She did so before she realized that when she signed the ticket, she gave up her ability to claim the money anonymously.  She wants to change that so her name won't be a part of the public record.  Considering how many lottery winners go broke because they become the bank for everyone they know, I don't blame her one bit.  Dave on the other hand, thinks she's being ridiculous.  

GREAT, NOT QUENTIN TARANTINO IS OFFICIALLY A TOTAL CREEP Although he has sort of creeped me out for a while.  But when you hear him defending Roman Polanski for raping a 13 year old girl because the girl wanted it you know he has jumped the shark completely.  Ew.  Just ew.  I will never forget this interview with Quentin where he was droppin' his g's so hard it was painful to the African-American panel.  

THE TRADITIONAL DADDY-DAUGHTER DANCE IS A VICTIM OF NEW YORK'S PC POLICIES Because don't you know that ALL events MUST be gender neutral from this point forward.  That means the Daddy-Daughter dance, which is traditionally scheduled the Friday before Valentine's Day, is off the table.  This is why central government making all of our decisions sucks.  

LIBERAL CONGRESSMAN PROVES HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT THE 1ST AMENDMENT ACTUALLY DOES By introducing a bill to protect journalists from having mean things said about them.  I'm not joking.  Rep. Swalwell from California has introduced the Journalist Protection Act, which seems to be designed to prevent certain kinds of mean speech about journalists and their noble profession.  It would make an attack on a journalist a federal crime.  Give me a break.  Half the stuff he talks about in this stupid intro is stuff I've dealt with for YEARS doing my job and I sure didn't hear anyone talking about how we need to protect talk show hosts.  I hate this guy right now. 

NOW YOU CAN READ HOW A KIND REDNECK MADE A RESIST LIBERAL RE EVALUATE HER LIFE If you have ever wondered what the mind of a staunch liberal is like, please read this.  A Charlotte, North Carolina woman on her way home from the Women's March had some car trouble and a nice redneck helped her EVEN THOUGH SHE DIDN'T HIDE HER RESIST STICKER ON HER CAR!  GASP!  The magic!  I hope she reads this and realizes the unhappiness and anger she has been attributing to the President might just be because she's a miserable person who acts like a spoiled brat when she doesn't get her way.  At least, that's how I see it.  

BE SURE AND TAKE YOUR VACATION TIME THIS YEAR lest you end up in an early grave.  Here is a great article with wonderful reasons to take a vacation and you should read it!  

MY LAST REASON TO VISIT BEST BUY IS GONE JULY 1ST Because that's the day when Best Buy is going to stop selling cds.  I realize that I'm a dinosaur since I still buy cds, but frankly, I don't have the time to learn how to digitize all of my other cds and I still listen to them.  Target is now considering making the same move.  I feel a bit like those clinging to the horse and buggy must have felt.  

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