We are All Eagles Fans Today! Without the Rioting.

I GUESS ACT LIKE YOU'VE BEEN THERE IS A FOREIGN CONCEPT IN PHILLY Because Philly fans TORE UP their town after last night's glorious victory over the Hatriots (not an accidental misspelling).  First, I'm happy for Philly, I was rooting for them for Vince Papale.  However, not every Philly fan has class.  Here's some video from early this morning of post-looting.

Why do people do this?  I genuinely, truly, honestly  don't understand why breaking things is an appropriate response for your team winning.  When I see things like this, I can't help but wonder if this is another significant sign of the downfall of society.  But hey, congrats Philly, you freaking heathens.  


MICHAEL BARONE IS SUPER SMART ABOUT POLITICS AND STUFF And he's on today to talk about the Almanac of American Politics which is the most comprehensive guide to every politician on the national stage EVER.  I'm going to ask him about some other political stuff too.  Buy the book here.  Find out more about Michael Barone's new course about government by clicking here.

EVER MISHEARD A SONG LYRIC?  It's called a mondegreen and today is Mondegreen Monday!  This Brit comedian made a whole bit about it. Get yours ready today at 3! 

HOLY PRICE GOUGING, MINNEAPOLIS! If you go to a pro sporting event these days you pretty much expect to pay ridiculous prices for mediocre food and drink, but Minnesota shows us ALL how to gouge.  Check out the crazy prices ($35 for an alcoholic tea drink named after Justin Timberlake???) Super Bowl goers found when they got to the game.  

ARE OPEN BORDERS DANGEROUS?  THIS COLUMN SAYS SO And it's not xenophobic or racist, it just points out the realities of the consequences of mass migration to the new host country.  It's very interesting and would provide some very nice rational talking points for those who read it.  It's very sad the author felt he/she had to use a nom de plume because of this,

 "Given the current climate surrounding political expression his name is being withheld."

Think about that in what used to be the freest nation in the world with the greatest free speech protections.  Sad! 

ONE TEACHER TOOK MATTERS INTO HER OWN HANDS WHEN A STUDENT WOULDN'T STAND FOR THE PLEDGE.  And she really, really shouldn't have done it, but the parents of this jackass are doing the world no favors by raising such a jerk.  The teacher is on leave and police are involved

EW AND BLECH AND BLECH AND EW This story.  Blech. Ew.  But I don't want to be the only person to know this.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE SETTLED SCIENCE IS WRONG???  Because I follow nutrition news like others follow sports, this is the least surprising story of the year.  It seems the government has FINALLY decided to recognize actual SCIENCE on nutrition instead of bowing to the first well spoken guy in a white coat to make unfounded accusations against fat.  Now multiple reviews of multiple comprehensive studies plus new studies using multiple cohorts with different diets show that FAT IS GOOD FOR YOU.  We need fat to live and the government has made us all huge by helping us get addicted to sugar instead of eating fat like we need to.  But I'm SURE they have it right on climate science.  

PETRI DISHES OTHERWISE KNOWN AS SELF SERVICE KIOSKS At the airport.  A new swabbing study of gross places we all put our hands show that the inside of airplane cabins are gross, but the self serve kiosks you get your boarding pass from is WAY, WAY worse.  Is this a surprise to you?  Really?  

FUN STORY FROM STEPHEN KING'S PROGRESSIVE TALK STATION IN MAINE The station has officially flipped to Oldies instead of Progressive Talk.  Although no one will be able to tell the difference, imo.  Now all those lunatics who kept telling me Clear Channel "killed" progressive talk because it was "too dangerous" can see it's not a conspiracy, it's money.  Progressive talk has failed almost everywhere it's been tried.  Because it's awful.  If Stephen King ditched it, you know it has to be bad. 

JOHN MCCAIN OFFERS PILE OF HOT GARBAGE AS DACA SOLUTION And I'm not sure why he's even bothering trying to sell "a comprehensive study of which border security measures are most needed." as some sort of win on border security.  I agree with earlier John McCain,

"I think the fence is least effective. But I'll build the g..damned fence if they want it."

That's what he said so long ago to Vanity Fair, and yet, we still have no g..damned fence.

MCDONALDS FRIES COULD HELP GROW HAIR?  There is a little more to it than that, but yes, sort of.  Read it here.

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS PLAYER KILLED BY DRUNK DRIVER WHO HAS BEEN DEPORTED TWICE And of course was back in the country illegally.  I sure hope there are more people here illegally at the next State of the Union address.  

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