Resiliency and Gunsmithing on the show today!

HOW CAN SOME PEOPLE OVERCOME ENORMOUS CHALLENGES?  It's called resiliency and it's a concept many have studied.  Meg Jay has a new book called Supernormal: The Untold Story of Adversity and Resilience and it is a remarkable collection of stories of greatness from people who didn't have a great foundation.  Buy it here and be inspired to overcome your next challenge a big easier!  She joins me at 2 to discuss it. 

IT'S A LIVING: GUNSMITH EDITION! What does it take to fix a firearm?  My 3pm guest Parker Wiley knows and he's on to talk about gunsmithing.  

SO WHAT'S IN THE FBI MEMO?  I just read it.  I have some questions.  Read the whole document here, it's not very long or read a quick synopsis here.  Now they need to release the Democrat memo and let the FBI respond FREELY and we can find out what really happened.  

DO YOU WATCH THE SUPER BOWL FOR THE COMMERCIALS?  Well you don't have to this year, because this is pretty much all of them.

Okay, it's not ALL of the spots because some of the advertisers are still looking for that Super Bowl Surprise magic for their grossly overpriced time on big show.  

MANY MANY HUGELY BIG JOBS WERE ADDED LAST MONTH! The jobs report came in at 200,000 jobs, which was about 30 grand more than was projected.   And you know what else?  Wages went up.  That's supply and demand at it's finest!  

IS AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION INTO CHIEF WHITE REALLY INDEPENDENT? This one isn't about cooking the crime stats, THIS investigation is about a woman arrested for a crime the DPD detectives KNEW she didn't commit and some issues regarding a letter sent to the Chief.  Read the story here, and add it to your memory banks.  

I ALREADY FORESEE DISASTER FOR THIS PROGRAM UNTIL PEOPLE (AND BY PEOPLE I MEAN ME) GET THE HANG OF IT King Soopers is rolling out the Scan, Bag and Go program at the Boulder Soopers.  What is this sorcery?  Well it works like this, as you add things to your cart, you scan them with your phone, and then just pay at a self pay kiosk on the way out.  Except I GUARANTEE you I will forget to scan SOMETHING while I'm shopping and then I'll either be accidentally stealing it or digging through my bags to figure out what I forgot.  I'm a creature of habit people.  

YOUR BEST SEX MAY STILL BE AHEAD OF YOU! Because a new survey from Match about sex says the BEST sex is happening for women at age 66 and for men, 64!  Woo hoo, I've got miles to go before I get there!

I'LL TAKE HUMILIATION FOR $1000, ALEX Alex Trebec has a little fun with some football-clueless contestants on Jeopardy.  

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